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Caution: Do NOT type your Phone Number in the Complaint. Do not upload any image which has your Phone Number. You may get a call from fraudsters asking for your debit/ credit card details, CVV, date of expiry, bank account number, UPI address etc, on the pretext of giving you a refund. Do NOT reveal any of this information or the fraudster will withdraw money from your Bank. NEVER download any mobile app such as ANYDESK Remote Control, TeamViewer etc because fraudsters can use this to access your Bank accounts and withdraw money

Note: If your complaint is against fraud committed by a seller of goods then, in addition to filing the complaint here, you should also immediately contact the payment gateway (e.g. PayTM, PayU etc) and demand a refund. This is called a chargeback. The payment gateway will block the payment to the fraudulent vendor and return the money to you.

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Complaint: Deposited money into 1xbet account still not received
By: Kartik
Complaint: Deposit is not credited even after 4 days
By: Abhijith C
Complaint: Deposit is not credited even after 4 days
By: Abhijith C
Complaint: 1xbet deposit issue
By: Ashok kumar
Complaint: Withdrawal not credited
By: Suresh Thammineni
Complaint: deposit failed
By: srinu
Complaint: 1xbet deposit update issue
By: Shubham
Complaint: 1xbet deposit fraud
By: Syed shoheb
Complaint: deposit not credit to my 1Xbet account
By: Dheeraj sharma
Complaint: 1Xbet deposit problem
By: Muskan
Complaint: Deposit not received
By: Rahul sharma
Complaint: Delivery boy
By: Bulbul vaishnav
Complaint: Wrong product received
By: Sneha Patil
Complaint: Product showing delivered but not received and not doing refund either
By: Zoya Khan
Complaint: Product not delivered but marked delivered in app
By: Himanshu Tyagi
Complaint: Completely different product got delivered and they are guiding the delivery partner to not pick it rather customer is a fraud
By: Anusha Upadhyay
Complaint: 1Xbet deposit problem
By: Muskan
Complaint: online scam by meesho
By: Ankita Raj
Complaint: Not doing return pick up for product
By: Suvarna
Complaint: Ra 48000 not credited in 1xbet account since 4 days
By: Anuj panchal
Complaint: Deposit not credited
By: Rajesh Reddy
Complaint: 1xbet
By: Jack
Complaint: 1xbet account not since 3 days
By: Anuj panchal
Complaint: deposit not credit to my 1Xbet account
By: 1. Name - Monu Singh
Complaint: 1xbet account not credited yet
By: Anuj panchal
Complaint: Deposit issue
By: Leelaprasadreddy
Complaint: 1xbet withdrawal not received for 50000
By: Gaurav Singh
Complaint: Deposit done money not received
By: Ayush
Complaint: 1xbet withdrawal not credited in my bank account already 19days
By: Karma Sonam
Complaint: 1xbet withdrawal amount not received 19 days gone
By: Karma Sonam Bhutia
Complaint: Complaint on 1xbet withdraw
By: Shaik Riyaz basha
Complaint: Skill lync education scam
By: M r dinesh Reddy
Complaint: Complaint on 1xbet
By: Shaik Riyaz basha
Complaint: Fraud by Meesho
By: Susmita Das
Complaint: FD Refund
By: Subhransu Sahoo
Complaint: deposit not credit to my 1Xbet account
By: satnam singh
Complaint: deposit not credit to my 1Xbet account
By: satnam singh
Complaint: Deposit amount not credited
By: Hitesh
Complaint: Meesho refund scam [RESOLVED]
By: Smruti Ray
Complaint: electronic mosquito killer machine
By: Sofi singh
Complaint: Product is marked delivered, but not received by me.
By: Saraswati R Bhusanur
Complaint: [RESOLVED] Meesho sent me product with missing items and didn’t refund me.
By: Smruti Ray
Complaint: Order is showing delivered in the App but in actual I didn’t receive any product.
By: Priyanka
Complaint: [RESOLVED] Meesho send defective and products and my return pickup accepted but they not attempted any pickup from last 7 days.
By: Smruti
Complaint: Delivery boy not deliver the product
By: Kaviyarasu
Complaint: wrong return from the customer and meesho approves the wrong return
By: 8329136197
Complaint: Won the bet but it shows i lost it bet slip Nº 48527699379 1 – Over, Total Runs Team 1 Over 4.5 Be
By: Mohammad munavvar Ali
Complaint: Meesho 8th Anniversary Lucky winner
By: Manjusri J
Complaint: Withdrawal amount is not credited in bank account
By: Vaibhav Chitade
Complaint: Suddenly meesho blocked me
By: Yemike Chandrika
Complaint: Non payment of Withdrawal amount to my Bank account by 1xbet
By: Waikhom Bronandro
Complaint: Deposit not credited since 2 month
By: Begari Mahender
Complaint: Deposit amount but not credited in account
By: Monu Singh Chauhan
Complaint: Deposit not credit in 1xbet account
By: Jatin Singh
Complaint: Product delivery
By: Ankita
Complaint: Non payment of Withdrawal amount to my Bank account by 1xbet
By: Waikhom Bronandro
Complaint: [RESOLVED] Fraudulent practices and harassment by Nuego staff
By: Harsh Kumar Parashar
Complaint: Fraud Valmo delivery person
By: Poornima Halder
Complaint: 1xbet put restrictions on my account
By: Mahmoud Ahmed
Complaint: The delivery boy took more money than the bill
By: Sneha Supriya
Complaint: Refund not received from Meesho
By: Brajesh Agrawal
Complaint: Meesho and valmo courier fraud
By: Unnimaya
Complaint: I ordered product from meesho but I received wrong product and now company refuse to refund
By: Rasika
Complaint: Did not get refund
By: Anitha
Complaint: Unpaid withdrawal
By: Allan Kemboi
Complaint: It’s been a month didn’t receive refund- Meesho
By: Deekshitha
Complaint: Complaint against 1xbet
By: ramesh singh
Complaint: Clearly won bet given as lost in accumulator.
By: Ajay
Complaint: [RESOLVED] Amount deducted but Ticket got cancelled Nuego Bus service
By: Anurag Shriwas
Complaint: Withdrawal successfull but not credited in my bank account
By: Piyush
Complaint: Complaint is about meesho
By: Anjali
Complaint: 1Xbet not giving my withdrawal
By: Piyush
Complaint: 1xbet
By: Tanish Verma
Complaint: 1xbet Account me payment add krne ke liye paise 1xbet agent ne liye lekin transfer nhi kiye
By: Shekhar yadav
Complaint: 16 days of Deposited amount but still not credited yet
By: Bharath
Complaint: Deposit not credited since 1 month 15 day’s
By: Begari Mahender
Complaint: Not refunding deposit money back
By: Keshav Srivastava
Complaint: Not get my refund amount at Zest Money
By: Manikuntala Dey
Complaint: Money fraud and refuse after taking money blaming me.. that I was wrong not they
By: Bharat rankawat
Complaint: Meesho delivered completely different product, now not accepting return
By: Hasna AA
Complaint: Deposit Money is not credit in my 1xbet Account Already 1 day’s gone
By: Sachin Singh
Complaint: Money not received
By: Bharat rankawat
Complaint: Money fraud
By: Bharat rankawat
Complaint: Deposit amount not credited
By: Ameen Khan
Complaint: Money fraud
By: sudhish kumar
Complaint: I deposit 16997 in 1xbet but not credited
By: Basava rami reddy
Complaint: 1xBet 2 Million dollars Lawsuit
By: Abbas Pornour
Complaint: Wrongful Practice of charging Cancellation Fees
By: Harish Singla
Complaint: [RESOLVED] Refund Not received
By: Abilesh Ganeshan
Complaint: ONECARD Company Not responding
By: Swapnil Sharma
Complaint: Money not deposited in my gaming account
By: Froysten Costa
Complaint: 1xBet deposit not credited.
By: Rakesh Kumar Nayak
Complaint: Because of 1xbet withdrawal bank account freezed
By: Lakshmipathi V Reddy
Complaint: The money has been deducted from my bank account, but it’s not reflecting in my 1XBET account yet?
By: Harshal
Complaint: 1xbet me paisa deposit kiya wallet me paisa nahi aaya
By: Raushan
Complaint: Received empty folded box in a plastic cover against a video game
By: Ekata Babaji
Complaint: Money
By: Sudarshan Kumar
Complaint: Meesho: Received wrong product, rude behaviour and no refund
By: Shruti Bansal
Complaint: Complaint on 1XBet regarding deposit amount
Complaint: Regarding user verification failed in meesho
By: Sayeema
Complaint: My money is debited from my account but not added to my 1xbet account
By: Hasita
Complaint: [RESOLVED] Have not received the deposited money in my 1xbet account
By: Sanjeev hazarika
Complaint: Deposit issue and Refund
By: Bhargav
Complaint: Regarding Unauthorized Charges on Recent EMI Transaction
By: Saikiran Imadabattini
Complaint: [RESOLVED] The Travelius : FRAUD COMPANY
By: Rishabh Gupta
Complaint: Meesho blocked my account
By: Vinita rajpal
Complaint: Meesho – product not getting picked up
By: Pushpanjali Raina
Complaint: Can’t use Meesho.
By: Richa Kumari
Complaint: The order showing delivered but not received
By: Praneet Kiran Mallick
Complaint: Meesho refund
By: Parimala SA
Complaint: Valmo courier fraud
By: Pratham
Complaint: Skill lync course cancellation on HEV
By: Vinoth krishnan
Complaint: I’m thrown out of my own account and not getting any help from 1xbet from last 20 days.
By: Tarun
Complaint: 1xbet Deposit problem
By: Shrinivas
Complaint: withdraw rejected from 1xbet
By: Abhilok Yadav
Complaint: Meesho wrong product delivery
By: Syeda Noor Farhath
Complaint: Meesho account flagged without any notice or warning even refund not initiated
By: Priyanka sharma
Complaint: Meesho
By: Pradeep Pandey
Complaint: Deposit issue
By: Rahul
Complaint: 1xbet Deposit failed due to error occur after the payment is completed.
By: Amarjit Singh Elangbam
Complaint: Wrong product delivered and not accepting return
By: Puja
Complaint: Pocketship delivery from Meesho
By: Naveen Kumar Chitturi
Complaint: My meesho account is blocked
By: Manesha
Complaint: User verification failed
By: Siddhi Sarraf
Complaint: Withdrawal amount not credited my account
By: Mareeswaran T
Complaint: Unable to access meesho as they blocked my account after delivering product
By: Rukhsar
Complaint: Meesho block my account
By: Ranjita rathore
Complaint: My user verification has failed
By: Anushka mishra
Complaint: 1xbet
By: Karan singh
Complaint: Urgent Escalation Regarding Return Issue – Order #881888337488 Meesho app
By: Deepthi
Complaint: [RESOLVED] I deposited 50,000K in 1xbet Account But Not Credited in Wallet
By: Arjun
Complaint: Withdrawal fraud on 1xbet.
By: Kavya
Complaint: Wrong & dirty old saree received behalf of gown from Meesho
By: Shweta Gupta
Complaint: Withdrawal is not given to me and 1xbet support team is not supporting
By: Gaurav
Complaint: Nuegobus charges
By: Radhika Mishra
Complaint: I have deposited 10000 rupees in 1xbet account. The amount is not reflected in 1xbet account.
By: Thangaraj J
Complaint: Failure to Receive Refund or Product
By: Pradeep kumar
Complaint: Wrong product delivered
By: Kajal Jain
Complaint: Product not delivered… and it’s seems to delivered at the order section
By: Kritika
Complaint: Regarding product not received
By: Vidya M
Complaint: Fraud done by valmo courier company
By: Megha ranka
Complaint: Deposit taken but not added or refunded waited for 25days
By: Ashok
Complaint: Fraud Returns
By: Kanu Priya
Complaint: [RESOLVED] Deposited amount not credited to 1xbet wallet
By: Sandeep lal
Complaint: Didn’t receive money 20,000
By: Jishnu Raj
Complaint: The meesho delivery guy took my return product away and did not send it to the company and he even misbehaved with me.
By: Pooja
Complaint: Package not delivered (poor complaint service) – Meesho
By: Harshitha H S
Complaint: I have ordered a white colour kurti on 2nd of February 2024 in meesho and the company which is delivering the kurti name is Aishani Sensational kurtis, till date 16 th of march 2024 not delivered, no response from custmore care.. Lethargic behaviour, random answers.. atleast i need my money to be refunded soon.
By: M. Ramya
Complaint: I am adding amount 35000 ₹ but 1xbet company not adding my money on his account
By: Noorulla
Complaint: Order had 1 Complete Item Missing. Meesho is not ready to refund the amount for missing item
By: Shravya Rai
Complaint: Product not delivered
By: Vinutha
Complaint: Where is my order
By: Bhuvana venkat
Complaint: I received an unknown order from meesho
By: Tabia
Complaint: [RESOLVED] Nuego bus had not to came boarding and not call for The travels
By: Sai charan
Complaint: My meesho app is not working
By: Sonam ghosh
Complaint: Money fine payrupik money pocket
By: Aditya Barua
Complaint: Meesho refund which they are not giving.
By: Radhika Saraswat
Complaint: About a return of a kurti
By: Amisha
Complaint: About a kurti return
By: Amisha bajpai
Complaint: received letter from meesho
By: Jagannath
Complaint: Money deducted from bank but not showing order on meesho
By: Vinutha
Complaint: It’s a complaint about meesho fraud
By: Neha Choudhary
Complaint: Account reopening with onecard
By: Ajay Warrier S
Complaint: Onecard KYC scam
By: Edwin pradeep
Complaint: Misbehavour of delivery personnel
By: Ratnamala das
Complaint: Completely Wrong product delivered
By: Ekta Agrawal
Complaint: Wrong result shown
By: Santosh
Complaint: Wrong product delivered
By: Ekta Agrawal
Complaint: One card close but fd amount not received [RESOLVED]
By: Raja Bhattacharya
Complaint: Bus got cancelled without even any Messages
By: Jagdish
Complaint: Biggest scamming website in India is 1xbet.
By: Manohar reddy
Complaint: wrong product is delivered from meesho
By: Niranjan Kumar Mishra
Complaint: Not received product
By: Aditi
Complaint: Fake scam
By: Pandi
Complaint: I didn’t receive money into my bank account but 1 x support saying credited into my bank
Complaint: Garbage product received from Meesho
By: Arunima Singh
Complaint: I got an letter in speed post form Meesho that u won 14,7500 in scratch card to claim that u have to pay 15,000 then I paid them
By: Priya
Complaint: Meesho account blocked
By: Devi reddy
Complaint: Wrong color cardigan not being returned
By: Punita
Complaint: Got less refund
By: Susmita Das
Complaint: Please return my order and refund my total amount and take action against delivery agent
By: Ritik Raushan
Complaint: Fraud Courier service in Meesho
By: Diya
Complaint: wrong product
By: Neetu
Complaint: Complain regarding my return order
By: Pratik Kumar
Complaint: Product not delivered but marked as delivered
By: Suman Shaw
Complaint: account got frozen
By: jithesh
Complaint: Nuego bus wala pickup Kiya Bina chala gaya baat bhi nhi Kiya sahi se [RESOLVED]
By: Shamsul huda
Complaint: Fraud committed by Meesho wrong item sent
By: Sayantan Sil
Complaint: Threatening over phone and after taking pickup code and my order which was a return order , he updated wrong status of return failed
By: Sakshi
Complaint: Product status mark delivered without sharing otp
By: Rahul Kumar
Complaint: Meesho never issued refund
By: Neha Jalan
Complaint: Courier related .
By: Ravi
Complaint: Withdrawal issue
By: Abhishek Yadav
Complaint: Meesho account unblock
By: Bala
Complaint: The product was not delivered but status was showing delivered
By: Amisha vaishnav
Complaint: Meesho didnt refund our full money
By: Shwetha GN
Complaint: Joining Rewards not given
By: Umesh
Complaint: Delivery boy took extra money
By: Anurupa Biswas
Complaint: Delay in refund
By: Mukunthan
Complaint: Leakage of tap of non electric water purifier
By: Miran sayyed
Complaint: Account blocked
By: Rakibul Hasan Rony
Complaint: Regarding recharge scam
By: Mukul khutale
Complaint: Account blocked
By: Rakibul Hasan Rony
Complaint: why my account has been blocked from your side
By: pussu banna
Complaint: I withdrew $1000 on 5/11/2023 until now not received
By: Mostafa
Complaint: Scamming for part time job
By: Wasimakram
Complaint: Meesho – Product not delivered but message received as product delivered for prepaid order
By: Diwakar Gupta
Complaint: I didn’t get my delivery but delivery status is showing delivered
By: Arnav raj
Complaint: Missing Items and Pending Refund
By: Nawab khan
Complaint: Fraud by meesho
By: Shradha
Complaint: My Account is Blocked
By: Chinmayi
Complaint: Meesho not giving refund
By: zarka
Complaint: I met someone on Telegram the day before yesterday who asked for ₹ 5000 from me and was saying that I will give it to you for 5900. I gave him ₹ 5000 but till now he has not returned my payment and he also deleted his account from Telegram.
By: Ashwani Prajapati
Complaint: Fraud
Complaint: Cancel my course on PG on HEV at Skill Lync
By: Manikanta Darimadugu
Complaint: Meesho missing items Fraud
By: Guna
Complaint: Yatra fake Booking platform
By: Saran
Complaint: Not Returning the WRONG PRODUCT they delivered.
By: Afshan
By: Annu
Complaint: Meesho flagged my account
By: Aman Vishwakarma
Complaint: Meesho account blocked
By: Shaista samrin
Complaint: Damaged product received
By: Poonam Prakash Mali
Complaint: Cashback not received [RESOLVED]
By: Saurabh Morparia
Complaint: shipment not delivered
By: Aarifa
Complaint: Ordered for 3 quality but got only 1
By: Sonal Malik
Complaint: Online fraud
By: Abhishek Kumar Mishra
Complaint: Online ordered 3 quantity but got 1 only
By: Sonal Malik
Complaint: Withdrawal Not received because of their technical error & Zero Help from customer service
By: Shubham Dubey
Complaint: Ordered two products but received only one
By: Himani
Complaint: meesho sent me missing item
By: deepa
Complaint: Fake delivery
By: Farhaan Sayyed
Complaint: Received a wrong product from meesho
By: Gaurav Anandani
Complaint: product undelivered
By: nishu
Complaint: meesho sent me missing item
By: deepa
Complaint: I have ordered 4 products but they delivered I got only one product but took amount for 4 products
By: Ravi
Complaint: I didn’t receive my product but it’s status updated as successful delivered
By: Monica Christy
Complaint: wrong product delivered and return not accepting by Messho
By: Nidhi
Complaint: My account is hacked
By: Rimpa Sinha
Complaint: Prepaid order has not been delivered
By: Koushik Mukherjee
Complaint: Not getting refund for completely different product received
By: Arpita
Complaint: got different seller parcel where is my parcel asking from meesho
Complaint: Delivery boy.
By: Prateeksha
Complaint: Amount of Rs.5900/- deducted from my Meesho Seller Account
By: Sundeep Arora
Complaint: The Complaint is against meesho for not refunding my money
By: Pushpendra Singh
Complaint: not refunding my money for cancelled flight
By: Anuja Patole
Complaint: Wrong product delivered by meesho and not taking it back not even refunding the money
By: Pooja
Complaint: Valmo courier and meesho
By: Tejas Dave
Complaint: Wrong product received
By: Mehfuz khan
Complaint: Meesho Ghost orders
By: Vedant
Complaint: Incomplete order
By: saloni
Complaint: Completely different item not return
By: Mehfuz khan
Complaint: Valmo courier and meesho
By: Vinitha
Complaint: Incomplete Refund Issue with Meesho
By: Ayush Jain
Complaint: Fraud investment on telegram and whatsApp
By: Arvind Mohite
Complaint: Wrong product delivered
Complaint: missing item in order
By: Ruchi Gour
Complaint: Fraud my money
By: Dinesh saini
Complaint: Complaint against meesho and delivery partner
Complaint: 1xbet send money from criminal bank account, my bank account freeze since 5 months
By: Ayush khare
Complaint: this is the complaint against the promotion platform
By: Aiman barmare
Complaint: 1xBet – Withdrawal Rejected – Fraud
By: Anubhab Das
Complaint: 1xBet – Withdrawal Blocked by Security Team – Fraud
By: A Das
Complaint: Received a non ordered item
By: Aiswarya
Complaint: Poor customer services and other systems in Nuego so requesting for a refund [RESOLVED]
By: Shobhit Maheshwari
Complaint: Refund of product
By: Ayushi
Complaint: I have done a recharge but the money is debited and recharge is not provided
By: Krutik Makwana
Complaint: Withdrawal Successful but Not Received
By: Shubham Dubey
Complaint: Meesho account blocked
By: venila musunuru
Complaint: I withdrew $1000 on 5/11/2023 and the transaction is until now being processed
By: Mostafa
By: Jovita Rodrigues
Complaint: Product not delivered
By: Sangita Chail
Complaint: Meesho send me wrong product
By: Pratibha
Complaint: I received defective and completely different product
By: Sonam
Complaint: Deposit issue
By: Ahmed Fouad
Complaint: 3 dresses lost by Meesho / Shadowfax
By: Hania Ilahi
Complaint: 1xbet company
By: jasim uddin
Complaint: Different products received and lose quantity
By: Diksha rajput
Complaint: My payment has been debited from my account but order not shown in meesho app
By: Jyoti Bhadoriya
Complaint: I did not get my refund
By: Vishwajeet Tomar
Complaint: 1XBET SCAMMER
Complaint: Wrong product received
By: Ritu
Complaint: Wrong product received
By: Ritu
Complaint: Replacing original product with used completely different product
By: Kaberi Nath
Complaint: I dint get my refund
By: Linu M Salim
Complaint: Meesho related
By: Ishita makvana
Complaint: Parcel related issue
By: Artika
Complaint: Nuego Bus poor services
By: Aditi Verma
Complaint: Meesho related
By: Ishita makvana
Complaint: Regarding refund
By: Nehavyas
Complaint: Refund not provided
By: Sayani Poddar
Complaint: Money not obtain complete
By: Devesh Wadibhasme
Complaint: Meesho Got No Refund
By: Haripriya Gopi
Complaint: 1xbet scam
By: zamiq
Complaint: Wrong product shoes delivered from meesho
By: Md Talib Qureshi
Complaint: Refund not initiated of garbage bag
By: Chandrashekhar achyut jadhav
Complaint: Hesabım bloklanıb
By: Zamiq
Complaint: Maine meesho se ek kurta set order kiya tha aur delivery k bd jb maine box open kiya tha usme kuch aur h nukla Fata hua saree aur jb maine return m dle tool koi nhi aaya aur phr maine meesho costumer Se bt kre aur maine btya mujhe wrong product delivery hua h aap to costumer care bolte h nhii mam apke parcel return nhi hoge aur aur aapko refund milaga aur na return hoga maine mam mai ek student hu please help kijeya but unhone mna kr sf mna kr diya aur bola aapko refund v nhii milaga
By: Priyanka kumari
Complaint: Wrong Used Product Delivered
By: Vignesh
Complaint: Withdrawal not received
By: Premkanth Sekar
Complaint: Withdrawal and deposit as well customer service
By: Ashish tiwari
Complaint: Missing item
By: Ankita Yadav
Complaint: Ghost order received pickup done but refund not received
By: Fathima
Complaint: Withdrawal success but didn’t come to my account
By: Chaitnya
Complaint: I ordered a saree and paid the money and wrong and used product was delivered. The very same date and time I made a complain and the return was cancelled, customer service was very rude
By: Priya
Complaint: i order 2 product and both are wrong product got and now thye denied for return and refund my amount i need a action on this
By: samrin sayyed
Complaint: Paid part not delivered delivery person wrongly updated system as delivered
By: Sivasangari V
Complaint: Order shows delivered but I couldn’t get it
Complaint: The proof is the fraud of 1xbet on me
By: Alaa Mohammad
Complaint: Skill lync made fake promises and scaming students
By: Swarajkaran
Complaint: Meesho against complete
By: Nazeer
Complaint: i want to do Course cancellation From Skilllync and Eduvanz.
By: Seenivasan
Complaint: Fraud meesho
By: Archana Gandham
Complaint: Scammed
By: Manny
Complaint: Refund for cancellation from
By: Priti Gorule
Complaint: Ordered Water bottle, didnt received yet but the status has been updated as Delivered
By: Prabha
Complaint: Non OTP Delivery
By: Supak Das
Complaint: 1xbet deposit
By: Chhaterpal singh
Complaint: 1XBet Deposit : Amount scammed
By: Praveen
Complaint: Return pickup not being done for defective product, waiting for refund. Sub Order ID 312451910221_1 [RESOLVED]
By: Barkha
Complaint: Received fake order, even I didn’t order anything from meesho
By: sankarapu rakesh
By: Mohammed Gayasuddin
Complaint: Complaint against meesho
By: Arya TM
Complaint: 1Xbet cheating in withdrawals
By: Sai Harsha Alla
Complaint: Received wrong product and now my account is blocked
By: Madhvi
Complaint: Order not delivered and marked as delivered
By: Deepali pushpad
Complaint: Order not received and they are talking rude [RESOLVED]
By: Ragini
Complaint: Meesho block my contact
By: Sutikshan Pandey
Complaint: About a helmet for two wheeler
By: Vishnu
Complaint: Received fake order, even I didnt order anything from meesh
By: Rakesh
Complaint: Not received refund of self shipping from Meesho
By: Sree Ranjini
Complaint: Non delivery of product
By: Diksha
Complaint: Fraud
By: sankarapu rakesh
Complaint: Completely wrong product received.
By: Ram kumar
Complaint: Cancellation of loan amount by eduvanz and course by skill lync
Complaint: My money has been scammed
By: Nitish
Complaint: Valmo courier not delivering my products
By: Luckshme
Complaint: Scam company, no reimburstment
By: Anon
Complaint: Meesho ad Valmo courier
By: Rabiya
Complaint: Fake order
By: Akanksha Mishra
Complaint: Meesho ghost orders
By: Anuradha Choudhury
Complaint: I got a parcel which I haven’t ordered
By: Moon B Das
Complaint: Didn’t get complete order and refused to refund the money.
By: Anushree
Complaint: Payrupik recovery agent
By: Abhishek Sharma
Complaint: Fake product received by me [RESOLVED]
By: Abhishek Thakur
Complaint: Onecard took my money and playing now
By: Subhalaxmi dash
Complaint: [RESOLVED] Job fraud
By: Sarathkumar s
Complaint: I have ordered a jewellery set on meesho, it is marked as delivered but it is not actually delivered
By: Boddeti
Complaint: deposited 20 lakhs in yatra online as per the instructions provided and no returns
By: Teena Francis
Complaint: The Courier agent didn’t deliver the product but the status is delivered
By: Jatin Saini
Complaint: Cyber crime
By: Reena
Complaint: Fraud fake delivery showing in my ordered product as in real it not be delivered in paid product in meesho
By: Anjali Kumari
Complaint: My account has been blocked.
By: Manjunatha G
Complaint: Meesho refund fraud
By: Pavani
Complaint: Meesho fraud
By: Shruti gaur
Complaint: Account Login Problem
By: Rahul Kushwaha
Complaint: Wrong product delivered
By: Preeti
Complaint: Withdrawal not Received
By: Jetchomen Husain
Complaint: Regarding refund on Meesho.
By: Munisha
Complaint: My order was marked delivered but haven’t received the the order yet
By: Devarghya Das
Complaint: Meesho and valmo fraud
By: Satya prakash yadav
Complaint: Meesho Ghost order and no refund
By: Purvanjali sharma
Complaint: I have order 2 product from meesho but got only 1
By: Archana ..
Complaint: I’m ordered a Earbuds of ₹539 but,it has received different product.
By: Rinku
Complaint: Delivery agent
By: Ananya
Complaint: Withdrawal
By: Yagnik patel
Complaint: Order not received from meesho
By: Priyanshu Kumar Modi
Complaint: My parcel showing as delivered but didn’t receive any parcel
By: Aparna
Complaint: Amount has not been refunded
By: Kumudha pandiyan mudaliar
Complaint: About delivery boy of the courier ‘Valmo’
By: Rinku dutta
Complaint: Wrong product delivered
By: Dileep
Complaint: Product Not Received and Marked as Delivered without OTP
By: Jyoti
Complaint: My Product status is marked delivered which i havent received.
By: Apeksha Patil
Complaint: Meesho-Delaying the refund
By: Khushbu Dhanak
Complaint: meesho car scam
By: jas
Complaint: In Meesho received less number of items but they are not accepting return request
Complaint: Delivery boy fraud
By: Silky
Complaint: Fraud behaviour of Nuego Bus service
By: Aalok Pateriya
Complaint: Can’t create an order
By: Priti yadav
Complaint: Meesho 8th anniversary celebration
By: Rajkumar
Complaint: My meesho account has been blocked
By: Sakshi kumari
Complaint: Meesho Not refunding my money after sending a wrong damaged and used product
By: Suaib
Complaint: Nuego bus not dropped at proper stop
By: Rohit singh
Complaint: About my refund
By: Yogesh saini
Complaint: I want to quit my course
By: maha lingam
Complaint: Account block
By: Vikas saini
Complaint: Delivered it is showing but I have not received the product
By: Pallavi AT
Complaint: Meesho blocked Account
By: Ankit kumar
Complaint: meesho win first prize
By: m ananth
Complaint: Wild stone perfume
By: Shrishant
Complaint: Meesho 8th anniversary prize scam
By: Unknown
Complaint: Want to return my product
Complaint: Product not delivered but in app meeso shown delivered
By: Pooja
Complaint: Order defective
By: Ravi
Complaint: I withdrew $1000 on 5/11/2023
By: Mostafa
Complaint: Scam
By: Olaniran Gabriel
Complaint: Not refunding Money
By: Anjani Kumar Singh
Complaint: My order total was Rs.344 and in refund I received only 182rupees from meesho
By: Namita Mawai
Complaint: Broken product received and return pickup and refund
By: Simran Shaw
Complaint: Account KYC and Holding Withdrawal
By: Steven Chandra
Complaint: Account flagged and not refunding Money
By: Anjani Kumar Singh
Complaint: Meesho lucky draw
By: Pinky G
Complaint: Regarding user verification failed in meesho
By: Jyoti Sharma
Complaint: Receiving calls from 1XBET
By: Moin Abbas Khan
Complaint: No return for wrong product delivered.
By: Namrata
Complaint: Meesho is frauder ye jo dikhate h vo bilkul bhi ni bejte muje empty box mila mne wall sticker order Kiya tha
By: Deep
Complaint: Complain
By: Shekhar sinha
Complaint: 50,000 Transferred to 1xBet but they have not Deposited my money to wallet
By: Prashant Waje
Complaint: 1xbet scam with me
By: Ahmad Dar
Complaint: 1xbet – amount transferred from my account but not credited in 1xbet account
By: Prashant Waje
Complaint: Refund
By: Noor Malek
Complaint: For extra charges
By: Livia Rajkumari
Complaint: False report on unconsented order made by end customer
By: Lalthanthuami
Complaint: deposit rejected 1xbet [RESOLVED]
By: bane-FAKIR SHAHEZAD - 1xbet id 486109429 - username Shahejzad
Complaint: Item was missing from the package
By: Saurabh kumar mishra
Complaint: Ghost order from meesho
By: Sibani Sukla
Complaint: Bus Reached destination 1.30 hour late
By: Shaikh Iftekhar Ali
Complaint: Letter about scratch and win
By: ..
Complaint: I bet on a team that won but it showed as a lost in 1xbet
By: Kaizer
Complaint: Skill Lync Course and Loan cancellation from Eduvanz
By: Sathwik Raju
Complaint: In regard to money not reflecting in my wallet
By: Tanish Yadav
Complaint: Rude misbehaving delivery boy
By: Yash parashar
Complaint: Refund of Flight booking
By: Priyanka Goel
Complaint: Product not received but delivery boy showed delivered I am not shared OTP
By: Manjunatha P
Complaint: My money not credit
By: Bude singh
Complaint: Money Deducted from the account but order not placed
By: Salam Jabri
Complaint: Meesho not refund my money 1170
By: Sasikala
Complaint: I’m getting a parcel from meesho that says I won 100000 and a scratch card coupon
By: Reena Devi
Complaint: I’m getting a parcel from meesho that says I won 100000 and a scratch card coupon
By: Reena Devi
Complaint: I have made a refund the order has been picked up but I didn’t get my refund for 20 to 25 days
Complaint: Meesho order not received
By: Shikha
By: Akhilesh Kumar Kaushal
Complaint: Return are not pickup for Meesho
By: Sakib Ahmad
Complaint: About 1XBet
By: Srikanth
Complaint: Meesho didn’t refund my money
By: Divya kulshreshtha
Complaint: Coolkids studio faking about Myntra photoshoot
By: Sweety Nebu
Complaint: Skill Lync Online training Trap to the loan
By: Khazi Gulam Maaz Siddiqui
By: Akhilesh Kumar Kaushal
Complaint: Complaint Regarding Misguidance and Inconvenience During Bus Travel (PNR: 2665196) [RESOLVED]
By: Niroj Kumar Meher
Complaint: Wrong product receive from meesho
By: Adarsh choudhary
Complaint: After close account My 5000 rs not received
By: Mayank Sharma
Complaint: Complain regarding completly different product received form meesho
By: Narendra yadav
Complaint: Skill lync
By: Pooja
Complaint: Return of Unconsented Order
By: Sujata
Complaint: Problem in returning wrong product received.
By: Farhana kalam
Complaint: Parcel not delivered
By: Jubi
Complaint: Meesho barcoded packaging scam for RTO/Wrong returns claim
By: Neha Saraf
Complaint: Item was missing in the package
By: Ritesh Kumar
Complaint: Item picked up by delivery boy but status shows failed
By: Rabia Sultana
Complaint: Harassment calls from Fullerton
By: Trupti sunil Kumar
Complaint: Delivery boy
By: Sapna kumari
Complaint: Bus Left without picking me [RESOLVED]
By: Aakarsh Wadhawan
Complaint: Refund initiated but not reflecting in bank account
By: Priyanka Hazarika
Complaint: MEESHO COMPLAINT – Priya_hoisery seller sent completely different item while exchange request
Complaint: Wrong product received
By: Rejaul Gayen
Complaint: Ticket cancellation policy
By: Abhishek Gautam
Complaint: Price changed after booking
By: Farhan Shaikh
Complaint: Not returning the wrong product and refunding
By: Suman Gupta
Complaint: Not getting refund from meesho
By: Souvik Das
Complaint: Fraud Meesho Caller
By: Anjali Avinash
Complaint: Refund Not received
By: Bhaskar Popat
Complaint: Recerived Wrong Product
By: Jhansi
Complaint: Product is marked delivered but from my end it was not marked delivered.
By: Vishu jajoo
Complaint: DI Activity network LLP – Demanded me to make huge payments
By: Bharathi
Complaint: Deposit not credited in Gaming account in 1xbet
By: Rehman
Complaint: Complain about meesho app or website
By: Akshay Kumar
Complaint: Withdrawal problem money stuck in 1x bet
By: Dhruv
Complaint: Skill lync course stop emi from eduvanz
By: Shaheel Aryadan
Complaint: Scratch win face
By: Mahadev melagiri
Complaint: Onecard Company Not Update my Cibil when I had pay All Dues One month ego
By: Shad Aaka
Complaint: Intentional wrong payment deduction of Rs. 9,439/- on the name of advertisement cost.
By: Trishna Aggarwal
Complaint: I’ve ordered a product from e-commerce website (Meesho) but the delivered item is different and useless
By: Nikhil singh
Complaint: Wrong product delivered
By: Riya Mishra
Complaint: Meesho didn’t refund and Fraudulent activity
By: Keerthana
Complaint: I have received an unconsented order in my address since 10 days from meesho
By: Shruti
Complaint: I reached the bus boarding point (Nuego bus lounge) 20 minutes before my time and the bus picked me up and drove away. I also called him 3 times. Still I told them to wait for some time and I will take a taxi there, but they did not agree and kept saying that if you complain about me, I will not stop. I have never seen such volvo service in my life. I would never suggest anyone to take nuogo bus. Please return my money as soon as possible .. Thanks Regards
By: Hemant
Complaint: I got scammed
By: Ritesh
Complaint: Withdrawal problem
By: Virat dhar dubey
Complaint: Meesho Fraud [RESOLVED]
By: Snehal Wani
Complaint: Meesho frauds. [RESOLVED]
By: Smruti
Complaint: 1xbet – amount transferred from my account but not credited in 1xbet account
By: Prashant Waje
Complaint: Godawari techno company fraud
By: Mohamd Ankit
Complaint: Withdrawal issue
By: Abdelmoez Ahmed Rabie
Complaint: Paid for the product online and yet not received the delivery
By: Kajal Sharma
Complaint: Withdrawal Money not credited by 1XBet
By: Tamal Singha Roy
Complaint: Meesho refused to return
By: Diyasha Das
Complaint: Amount not received to Game Account
By: Punith
Complaint: Amount not credited to my account
By: J Bala krishnan
Complaint: Received garbage box from Meesho
By: Mohit
Complaint: Wrong product received and not getting returned
By: Juhi
Complaint: Order delivery zali nahi mhanun.
By: Sayali hedalkar
Complaint: Meesho is not giving refund of old/used product which i received
By: Vidya mahara
Complaint: meesho fake call
By: Vennila
Complaint: Meesho App refund not processed after taking back the product
By: Deanne
Complaint: Loan repayment dispute Fullerton
By: Sunilkumar Yadav
Complaint: Fake loan
By: Amardeep Bishnoi
Complaint: Demanded me to make huge payments.
By: Shereen Khateeja
Complaint: Unconsented package delivery fraud
By: Vaishnavi
Complaint: Money not credited
By: Suraj singh
Complaint: Fake prizes receiving from shopping companyes
By: K. Rahul Sai Ganesh
Complaint: Pickup of my product rejected
By: Abhishek Kumar
Complaint: Tata safari free me denge kahar inhone paise liye
By: Ram vinay tiwari
Complaint: Received a Ghost Order From Meesho
By: Anindya Chowdhury
Complaint: App shows NDXP loan which I never took
By: Mehul Vyas
Complaint: Wrong product delivered and two address on the package
By: Arpita
Complaint: Meesho lucky draw winning fraud
By: Animesh Sharma
Complaint: Payrupik app
By: Ritesh Yadav
Complaint: Meesho delivery guy overcharged
By: Ritish jena
Complaint: Incorrect product delivered for the time and neither able to exchange nor return and get the money
By: Pritha ghosh
Complaint: Fraud meesho
By: Dharini
Complaint: Delivered completely different product
By: Deepika
Complaint: Different product delivered money not got refunded
By: Shivaji Mishra
Complaint: Deposited amount not added to my gaming account
Complaint: Account Blocked
Complaint: 1xbet blocked my account and i have my money inside the account
By: Johnmary
Complaint: My deposit is still not updated
By: Dinesh Muniyappan
Complaint: Fraud delivery on Meesho
By: Chinmayee Bailur (Sonali)
Complaint: I have received a courier today regarding meesho 8th anniversary gifts
By: Kusuma Nukalapu
Complaint: Received different product from meesho
By: Meena dugar
Complaint: Product showing delivered but not delivered
By: Hitesh Choudhary
Complaint: Meesho red flagged my account
By: Ayush Kumar Baranwal
Complaint: Meesho Ghost Order
By: Triyasa Das
Complaint: scam of students to online course
By: S Sarath Kumar
Complaint: Rude behaviour of the delivery boy
By: Lily
Complaint: Product undelivered by meesho but order status updates as delivered
By: Moohana Priya
Complaint: Ordered 2 products but received only 1 product.
By: Teena
Complaint: Meesho fraud missing product
By: Apurva
Complaint: Meesho ID blocked cannot use it
By: Sakthivel
Complaint: Complain about fraudulent resellers
By: Deepa Fulwadiya
Complaint: 1xBet not deleting my data
By: Prasanna
Complaint: Fraud of money return by meesho
By: Shyam sunder rathore
Complaint: Cant withdraw money from 1xbet
By: Salija P K
Complaint: I won but still it shows i lost and my money i didn’t received
By: Pranav Rajput
Complaint: Garbage received
By: Anjali bardiyar
Complaint: false and misleading details of heycaoch coaching institute on their website
By: Sarthak Bahuguna
Complaint: Coolkids studio have taken the money in name of myntra for kid photoshoot .
By: Vrinda Tiwari
Complaint: Meesho Random Lucky draw contest with cash prize of 15 laksh
By: Vinesh Kumar
Complaint: Meesho neither Refunds nor picks the customer Return product .
By: Rashmika P S
Complaint: I did a withdrawal 48 hours ago and my account hasn’t been credited with the money.
By: Joshua Wright
By: Sajal Barui
Complaint: Meesho sent me wrong product and refusing for any returns
By: Anjali
Complaint: Meesho is adamant that the product they sent is correct, despite us receiving the wrong one, and they are refusing to issue a refund.
By: Debasmita Sahoo
Complaint: Meesho not taking my completely wrong parcel received back
By: Anjali
Complaint: 1x bet withdrawal issue
By: Akshay
Complaint: I sold digital gold but money not credited
By: Sushanta Baskey
Complaint: 1xbet security reason issue withdraw problem
By: bibek sharrma
Complaint: Unconsented order received but didn’t get full refund and no response
By: Pooja S Munot
Complaint: Website fraud
By: Neeta
Complaint: Product not delivered.. yet meesho app showing it is delivered
By: Rinshu
Complaint: Personal luggage is not allowed
By: Bhupendra Singh
Complaint: Meesho blocked my account
By: Saksham
Complaint: Made payment to OneCard account for FD but not confirmation from Bank
By: Sourav Mitra
Complaint: 1x bet deposit
By: Akash Rana
Complaint: Wrong product delivered
By: Devang Vipul Gurjar
Complaint: Worst customer service
By: Parvathy sunil
Complaint: Won bet settled as lost
By: Adarsh Kumar
Complaint: My bank account autodebit
By: Pradeepkumar
Complaint: Fraud gift card. MEESHO selling their customer’s data
By: Loveshetty sriharsha
Complaint: Fake loan
By: Kailash
Complaint: Documents Not Return-After Closure Loan
Complaint: Unauthorised Loan Activation
By: Parvatapuram Aravind Kumar
Complaint: One card against FD no response after payment
By: Piyush
Complaint: Meesho sent incomplete orders charging for complete orders and not refunding
By: Mary Rose
Complaint: Garbage box received on delivery time
By: Atul
Complaint: Meesho did not provide refund of 318
By: Bhagyashree
Complaint: Wrong Product deliver but meesho me product ka delivery update a Hi Take nahi hua
By: Naresh Kumar Purve
Complaint: Received completely different product
By: Arpita karmakar
Complaint: Garbage received in place of suit
By: Rimsha jain
Complaint: Fake product
By: Mahesh
Complaint: Wrong product received
By: Vidhya Nelliyote
Complaint: Product showing delivered but not received
By: Sweety Dhanuka
Complaint: Delivery of a wrong product and the delivery guy is rejecting it
Complaint: Charging extra for the NueGo bus by the agent
By: Nishant Kumar Jilova
Complaint: They have caused me so inconvenience and dont pickup the product
By: Archie Mehta
Complaint: My order from pocketship (meesho)
By: Sandhya san
Complaint: Meesho sent me garbage product
By: Sara
Complaint: Garbage (used, torned, old product) received
By: Chandni
Complaint: “MEESHO” Deliver Agent Is Misbehaving With Me And He Used Some Words That Is Inappropriate
By: Debasish Ghosh
Complaint: Wrong item delivered not return
Complaint: Meesho takes advantage of new business
By: Bhavesh choukikar
Complaint: I ordered cargo but it came another
By: Purnima
Complaint: Pathetic Experience with NueGo
By: Shyam
Complaint: Reg Recent Missing product
By: Mallika
Complaint: Nuego Bus Starting ISBT Kashmere gate to Haridwar
By: Ajay Kumar
Complaint: Meesho account blocked
By: Yashvi
Complaint: Garbage received
By: Pooja Tiwari
Complaint: Skill-lync Full Stack Web Development Course
By: Aman Mahour
Complaint: Product not delivered yet but showing delivered in status
By: Sushma sharma
Complaint: Meesho fraud about a car
By: Sharma
Complaint: Lucky Draw Coupon Fraud
By: Akshata
Complaint: I have received garbage product in place of my product and now they are neither taking any action and not even providing the refund
By: Pooja Tiwari
Complaint: Cool kids studio scam
By: Senta
Complaint: Wrong product deliver meesho
By: Manisha
Complaint: “Concerns Arise as Skill-Lync Struggles to Deliver Job Opportunities”
By: sakkthi
Complaint: Payrupik online loan high interest
By: Sarathkumar p
Complaint: Refund and cancel
Complaint: Meesho harassment
By: Sabita singh
Complaint: Garbage product delivered by meesho
By: Kavita Tikyani
Complaint: Bharti.wintoy@timecosmos
By: Rishi eshrwal
Complaint: Received wrong product
By: Akash sahu
Complaint: It’s about airpods
By: Manoj uke
Complaint: My complaint is about Cancellation of course & refund amount of EMI loan. As I am not getting any kind of resolution of my issue from Skill Lync I am raising this complaint, 9 months back on December 2022, I have enrolled in a course of skill Lync “Post graduate program in Complete Passenger Car Design & Product Development “
By: Alan Gardiner A
Complaint: Fraud by Meesho. Running scam.
By: Sagar Jaiswal
Complaint: The complaint against Skill Lync and Eduvanz company who have to scammed lots of students all over India and I am the one of the victim.
By: Sunil.S
Complaint: Received old torn clothes from Meesho
By: Rubina Rai
Complaint: Dhani Fraud
Complaint: Meesho blocked account
By: Shilpi
Complaint: Dhani Fraud
Complaint: I took a loan from Payrupik yesterday, it was pending yesterday, till now it is still pending.
By: Rahul Kumar Sharma
Complaint: skill lynce to cancel my course and eduvanz to refund
By: shubham pawar
Complaint: NueGo services not customer friendly
By: Brahm Tiwari
Complaint: Neither product received nor refund
By: Priya kapil
Complaint: Meesho return request is rejected
By: Maheshwari Citewar
By: Shagufta Khan
Complaint: Dhani indianbull loan
By: Shakib ansari
Complaint: Deposit issue
By: Saurav kumar
Complaint: Cyber Crime
By: Ramya
Complaint: Skill lync and eduvanz finance
By: Shubham Daulat Rakibe
Complaint: Meesho rejecting returns on their wrong products deliveries
By: Dinesh
Complaint: 1xbet Deposit fraud
By: Amit
Complaint: One Card against FD no response after payment
By: Sayantan Ray
Complaint: skil lync education loan cancelation issue
By: kesavan.k
Complaint: Fraud by Meesho
By: Ekta Ganatra
Complaint: skill lync scam
By: Gaurav
By: Neelam singh
Complaint: I have been fraud by skill-lync, I want to cancel my course and loan also.
By: Mrinal Kumar
Complaint: Skill Lync — Cancellation of course and refund my emi amount
By: Somaraju Vijay Kumar
Complaint: Reopen or new account open OneCard
By: Virendra Rajpurohit
By: Beauty mart
Complaint: I want to cancel my course and refund my money
By: Manivasakam
Complaint: I took a loan from Payrupik yesterday, it was pending yesterday, till now it is still pending.
By: Rahul Kumar Sharma
Complaint: Fraud by Meesho
By: Niru
Complaint: 1xbet withdrawal
By: Jaish Jaiswal
Complaint: 1xbet app
By: majid shaikh
Complaint: I have received the wrong product from meesho and now the pickup agent is refusing to return it
By: Neha Sharma
Complaint: Not getting my order instead got completed broken item
By: Paridhi
Complaint: NOC not received
By: Gorakh
Complaint: Bus left before time due to irresponsible behaviour of staff
By: Dr Vikalp yadav
Complaint: Wrong information mention in my CIBIL score repot by dhani.
By: Anand Rai
Complaint: Order which I didn’t placed
By: Anusha
Complaint: Online fraud by skilllync by offering courses.
By: Somasekhar kodigudla
Complaint: Meesho scam
By: Suhail
Complaint: Return pickup quality check failed
By: Ambeati sirisha
Complaint: return and refund [RESOLVED]
By: Gourab Dey
Complaint: 1xbet stole my 200k rupees by playing mind games with me
By: Thedla Sai Kumar
Complaint: Order delayed
By: Surya
Complaint: Unknown person entered in the bus by female conductor without ticket
By: Lokesh more
Complaint: Telegram Scam in Mtcomvip group
By: Srilakshmi
Complaint: Skill lync fraude
By: Shovit singhdeo
Complaint: Scam and fraud in the name of education
By: Aman Singh
Complaint: Refund of cancelled ticket
By: Subhojit Manna
Complaint: I didn’t paid the amount because some poverty problem
By: Manivasakam
Complaint: Education scam
By: Narasimha M
Complaint: #Fraud with me using my documents through skill lync and financing partner Eduvanze financing private limited
By: Ankit Vishwakarma
Complaint: Order not delivered
By: Suvidha
Complaint: Order not delivered on time
By: Monika Dhabhai
Complaint: I want to cancel my Course
By: Bhavanashree B
Complaint: I Missed Bus Due To Staff
By: Shivani Singh
Complaint: order has not been received
By: Rakesh
Complaint: Fraud message from
By: Jenna
Complaint: Received Wrong item in return from meesho customer and meesho is not giving me proper support
By: sourabh manghnani
Complaint: Skill lync course
By: Swarajkaran
Complaint: Shirt is not proper stretchable. I am not satisfied
By: Vikram singh
Complaint: Refund
By: Archana
Complaint: PayTM Postpaid Cleared Payment – Late Fee Waiver
By: kamal abrol
Complaint: airline flight ticket refund
By: subham
Complaint: webiance company frauds
By: Hemanth
Complaint: Product ordered with Hulkut not received nor any response
By: Souvik Saha
Complaint: Education loan scam for skill lync and
By: Kirankumar
Complaint: Complaint against skill lync and Liquiloans for EMI cancellation, give wrong and fake information
By: D.Kirankumar
Complaint: Cancellation of loan amount by Techfino capital private limited and course by skill lync
By: Mohammad Safuvan Kazhungil
Complaint: Already Closed But shown Active in the cibil score report
By: Prem Kumar Mohapatra
Complaint: First I got a message on WhatsApp saying Hello! I am Priya, Webiance company HR manager, we are recruiting in India and received your recommended resume from the recruitment website, are you still looking for a job. They asked to review some Google page which I did and they paid me 150 for that. Upon doing that I was being told to pay 5000 after which I would get 7000 which I didn’t get, they told me that I need to pay for another 3 task which I did, approximately I paid 15000 and after that he told again you paid 36000, then you have profit 51000.
Complaint: Delay in service and no response
By: Vikas rana
Complaint: Applied for ONECARD, but not responding
Complaint: 2 active loans but I have tekan only one loan
By: Suraj kadam
Complaint: ordered 7 sarees received 1|customer care not responding|
By: Sneha Jaiswal
Complaint: Fraud website [RESOLVED]
By: Ayush Kumar
Complaint: meesho – sending totally different product
By: monika patel
Complaint: Revaluation not satisfactory (RESOLVED)
By: Nandu.n
Complaint: Return is cancelled and Qc failed
By: Sujithra Vincent
Complaint: Cyber fraud
By: Deepak
Complaint: Ordered a product online but never received it.
By: Namrata
Complaint: Misbehaved and Abusive Language Issue – NueGo Lounge – Kashmere Gate
By: Abhishek
Complaint: Loan Account not closed after payment of Foreclosure Amount
By: Shruti Kumari
Complaint: Deposit not completed to 1xbet account
By: Prashant Joshi
Complaint: Skill lync cheated me [RESOLVED]
By: Kishan lahare
Complaint: OneCard false promises and defective services
By: Nirmal
Complaint: co. Takes bus booking onboard the customer and drop is customer in midway in the name of bus fault
By: Chaina Ram Poshik
Complaint: Fraud part time job
By: Jennifer ajay
Complaint: 1xbet not giving my withdrawal
By: Nikhil pawar
Complaint: Overcharged for ticket
By: Shivansh Singh
Complaint: Waste of time
By: Abhimanyu Singh
Complaint: Nuego bus service via paytm
By: Pooja saroha
Complaint: 1xbet Sri Lanka deposit scam
By: Surani de Soyza
Complaint: Meesho delivery partner misbehavior
By: Alka shahu
Complaint: धोका
By: Jay Krishna Pandey
Complaint: Recharged my jio sim through recharge Zap, transaction is completed but recharge was unsuccessful.
By: Sam
Complaint: Rat nibbled my bag and made several cuts
By: Prakshep Goswami
Complaint: Product not delivered
By: Hira
Complaint: Noc
By: Mano chaudhary
Complaint: complaint against onecard collection agency
By: ashish pradeepkumar saxena
Complaint: Failing to pick up the damaged product and not taking action on repeated complaints
By: Swetha
Complaint: Snapdeal mall
By: Dikshitha
By: Sapna Garg
Complaint: I have a complaint about POCKETSHIP courier service from meesho
By: Meeta
Complaint: Unknown transaction from bank account
By: Swapan pradhan
Complaint: Skill lync and eduvanz fraud
By: Dashrath Mane
Complaint: Snapdeal customer care did not listen my problem and did not pickup my item
By: Jashanpreet kaur
Complaint: Refusing refund request and payment is as Meesho can’t arrange pick up
By: Sudha
Complaint: Lucky drop
By: Tamchi Bama
Complaint: Cash on delivery Scam By Meesho
By: Surya Bondada
Complaint: Bad behaviour
By: Rishabh garg
Complaint: A delivery guy didnt given parcel
By: Varsha Singh
Complaint: Wrong product delivered which I didn’t order
Complaint: They didn’t picked up my exchange request and there is no response from their side
By: Harsha C Rajan
Complaint: Skill-Lync is doing completely White Collar Offense with the innocent Indian graduates.
By: Vishal Kumar Mahto
Complaint: I lost my money in skill lync
By: Sharmila Devi
Complaint: HSRP Booking from Godawari Techno Solutions, Online Payment Done but delivery not done.
By: Yogesh Sachan
Complaint: First I got a message on WhatsApp saying Hello! I am Radhika Sharma, Webiance company HR manager, we are recruiting in India and received your recommended resume from the recruitment website, are you still looking for a job?
By: Raviranjan Singh
Complaint: Skill lync fraud
By: Joy Banerjee
Complaint: Regarding giving wrong information to cibil and experience
By: Mohammed omar
Complaint: I have gone through the task and I didn’t receive and withdrawals after completing the certain task. Now I need my money back
By: Chaitanya Bhat
Complaint: Cheating on online services Amazon partner
By: Spandana
Complaint: Refreshment point
Complaint: Unethical and Horrible Experience
Complaint: Meesho fraud
By: Rupam Gupta
Complaint: Incomplete Order and Unresolved Return Issue against Meesho platform
By: Jusna P S
Complaint: Flight Cancellation
By: Subhojit Manna
Complaint: Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC, A PIECE OF SHIT
By: Javed Alam
Complaint: 1xbet security department block my gaming account
By: Tahura Khatun
Complaint: Skill link not refund my money and cancel course
By: Jayendrasinh
Complaint: Wrong product received from Meesho
By: BhagyaLakshmi EV
Complaint: Wrong product
By: Tabul Dutta
Complaint: There is a transaction booked on my One Card which wasn’t done by me.
By: Abey Antony M
Complaint: Intentionally package not delivered
By: sandeep
Complaint: I need cancel my skill lync course and education loan, Refund my paid amount
Complaint: Dhani loan
By: Danish
Complaint: Cheating amount through telegram app
By: Rashmi
Complaint: Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC, A PIECE OF SHIT
Complaint: Fd amount submitted in one card app on 13 Aug 23.
By: Navjot Singh
Complaint: Delivery boy cheating
By: Maheswari Narendra
Complaint: Cannot do transactions, have paid the outstanding dues fully
By: Krishna
Complaint: Meesho Didn’t refund my money
By: Rekha
Complaint: Return picked up, but refund is not issued and meesho refusing to refund
By: Shashi Thakur
Complaint: Product not getting picked up.
By: Veer
Complaint: Poor NueGo bus service
By: Ajeet Kumar
Complaint: I already return product… refund is not get
By: Fathima
Complaint: I already return product… refund is not get
By: Fathima
Complaint: Daikin AC having problem around 2 years – Very worst service by Caymaan Enterprises
By: Ignatius Anand
Complaint: 1xbet hold my account balance they never give me permission to withdraw 1xbet told me contract security department but they not answer my email
By: Md jalal uddin
Complaint: Need to cancel my EMI In Eduvanz and refund my amount
By: Kames
Complaint: Dhani executive scammed me by not disclosing details about dhani card
By: Rohit Ray
Complaint: 1xbet invalid username or password
By: Md arif uddin
Complaint: Snapdeal mall
By: Arghya Chakraborty
Complaint: Delay in delivery
By: Sonal rathod
Complaint: Cheating on online job (Amazon partner)
By: Nandhini T
Complaint: Cancellation of loan amount by eduvanz and course by skill lync
By: Nirmal S K
Complaint: wrong product
By: kanaka
Complaint: Need to cancel my emi
By: Mohammed
Complaint: Mentally harassment from OneCard
By: Mihir Jani
Complaint: Using foul language to my family
Complaint: Meesho Ghost Order
By: Rup Kumar Dey
Complaint: Completely different product received from meesho and meesho is not returning it
By: Yashika maheshwari
Complaint: Airlines ticket booking fraud
By: Kamlesh Singh
Complaint: Wrong product received from meesho
By: Ragni
Complaint: There is fake loan reflected in my cibil score
By: Narendra singh parihar
Complaint: The skill lync
By: Gowri Shankar P
Complaint: Techfino capital private limited should close my loan
By: Ganthi Sahithi
Complaint: Return related issue with Meesho
By: Shruti
Complaint: Refused to accept my consumer rights and rude behaviour of agent
By: Rohan
Complaint: Loan fraud by skill lync and eduvanz
By: Pitti. Sohithreddy
Complaint: Kent RO Not providing Service at all
By: Mamoon Rasheed
Complaint: Complaint against fashion vastras [RESOLVED]
By: Sheeba Jesus
Complaint: Loan fraud by eduvanz and skill lync
By: suresh.gandi
Complaint: Bus refused to carry sport equipment
By: Ayush neema
Complaint: Meesho payment debited but order cancelled
By: Anitha Dhawan
Complaint: Luggage Nibbled by Rat
By: Sakshi Modi
Complaint: I’m a victim of a online fraud education system which is SKILL LYNC and not only me this online education platform trapped more than 1000+ in their scam.
By: Suraj Chaurasia
Complaint: I am seller & my payments approx 70,000 pending from 6 months.
By: Rahul Goel
Complaint: Bus Broke Down In Middle Of Highway [RESOLVED]
By: Satyam
Complaint: Skill Lync and eduvanz
By: Jayaram
Complaint: I want to stop my online course and emi due to financial reseons
By: Pawan kumar
Complaint: I am Victim of New Education System which SKILL LYNC and more then 500+ student victim and we need justice and refund
By: Sagar Mulchand Gupta
Complaint: Fraud in Telegram
Complaint: Rude behavior of snapdeal delivery vendor and using bad words and cancelled order 3 time
By: Shubham santosh Mishra
Complaint: Daikin AC having problem just after one year of purchase
Complaint: Airde constructions kolkata madhyamgram is a fraud company
By: bankim bagchi
Complaint: I paid my loan amount to payrupik app and cleared and deleted my account
By: John Jackson L
By: Stephina M
Complaint: Fraud Skill-Lync
By: Mahesh Raut
Complaint: LAZADAPP Snapdeal – Online Part time Job
By: Stephina M
Complaint: Kent RO Complaint
By: Sukhwinder singh
Complaint: Skill lync Not refund my money and close my loan Account
By: Dileep Kumar maurya
Complaint: Poor customer services and other systems in nuego so requesting for a refund
By: Sanyam jain
Complaint: Electronic product
By: Shyam kumar ponde
Complaint: Refund not given by Nuego.
By: Sahil Sharma
Complaint: Poor bus service [RESOLVED]
By: Rajat Rana
Complaint: Online Fraud
By: Syed Rasiq Ahmed
Complaint: Online Fraud
By: Syed Rasiq Ahmed
Complaint: I have recharged a phone number through recharge zap
By: Pradeep Sharma
Complaint: False interests charges
Complaint: Daikin AC [RESOLVED]
By: Anurag Arora
Complaint: Products or refund money not received
By: Rakshana
Complaint: OneTimePe not responding on subscriptions registered with already completed payments. [RESOLVED]
By: Murali Krishna KN
Complaint: One card charge me extra
By: ujwal
Complaint: Missing & Wrong item delivered and the company is not accepting return
By: Richa Jha
Complaint: Meesho lucky draw scam
By: A Jebaher
Complaint: Meesho Fraud h
By: Ramavtar
Complaint: I had not repay my payment due to some financial problems
By: Chandan Paswan
Complaint: Delivery Company Ecom express
By: Khan Ashfiya
Complaint: settler amount paid but 5 month around credit card account not a close
By: ramu thakur
Complaint: Wrong product received
By: Rakesh Kumar Singh
Complaint: Online part time job scam through telegram I digitalize marketing
By: Abhinash Basfor
Complaint: Not dropped me to decided destination
By: Pavan gupta
Complaint: Course and loan cancellation from Skill-Lync & Eduvanz Finance .
By: Nikhil Kailasrao Bhise
Complaint: Amount deposited [RESOLVED]
By: Nagendra Prasad Mishra
Complaint: Scam letter from Meesho
By: Anam
Complaint: Products delivered partially from Meesho
By: Rajendra
Complaint: One card EMI foreclosure issues
By: Nithish Kumar
Complaint: Harassment for loan repayment which i had never taken.
Complaint: Loan recovery
By: Amar Kishor
Complaint: Refund not given after bus met accident just outside the station
By: Faraz Khan
Complaint: Total refund not received
By: Swapnaja
Complaint: Wrong product
By: Anil Patidar
Complaint: Received wrong product both of the time.
By: Sanjana Khemani
Complaint: Delivered completely wrong product and showing correct
By: Pooja vyas
Complaint: Complain against meesho because they send me a defective product
By: Arbaz Khan
Complaint: One card extra charges & fees
By: Saurabh
Complaint: Meesho did not deliver the product and did not refund the amount. I ordered 8 quantities, but they only delivered one quantity and marked the remaining delivered
By: kruthika
Complaint: Credit card bill payment
By: Kvn Sai Teja
Complaint: Some fraud occurred in my card
By: Rinki Sahoo
Complaint: SBI Credit Card is charging extra amount intentionally with out any proper calculation and not taking any request knowingly to get maximum profit from customer
By: Deepak Maity
Complaint: received Order without ordering
By: Ashlesha Bachhav
Complaint: Part of the product missing
By: Jamuna Sunil kumar
Complaint: This is fraud job scam – Skill Lync Job scam -I need to cancelled in the loan amount
By: Sundarraj
Complaint: Wrong item delivered and the company is not accepting return
By: Rachana mathur
Complaint: My daughter received a courier in my absence which i didn’t order and gave money
By: Ranjana Pundhir
Complaint: Deposit amount 15000
By: Adariseshagirirao
Complaint: SBI card not delivered and used but SBI is asking to pay the outstanding amount
By: Sunilkumar Y S
Complaint: Not refunding
By: Sarodeep Sarkar
Complaint: I want to cancel eduvanz loan and skillync course.
By: Dino Surjin
Complaint: The complaint against Skill Lync and Eduvanz company who have to scammed lots of students all over India and I am the one of the victim.
By: Sachin s lahane
Complaint: Capfloat credited Rs 349/- in my paytm bank account, I have never requested capfloat any amount or borrowed from them.
By: Arjun M S
Complaint: Cancellation of course from skill lync
By: Abdul shifad
Complaint: About lucky draw
By: Anita
Complaint: 1xbet not giving my withdrawal
By: Sunil vishnoi
Complaint: Sbi credit card dishonor fees
By: R. Prabhakaran
Complaint: Online fraud
By: Siva
Complaint: I got a scam
By: Shivam Singh
Complaint: Actually we ordered 2 quantity and paid amount of 330 rupees through Google pay but we received only one and we cancelled also but we received one one quantity amount 165 rupees 😕 so please refund my another product amount
By: Uma
Complaint: Onetimepe app not providing service after payments
By: Tejas
Complaint: KENT RO not sending technician to my address even after 72 hours since raising request
By: kapil
Complaint: Ivl finance loan show in CB score
By: Tushar mali
Complaint: Fake orders
By: Pravati Pattanaik
Complaint: Did not received original order product
By: Sanjeev naik
Complaint: Delivery guy abused
By: Simran
By: Kirti Suri
Complaint: Online loan Fraud dhani loan app
By: Chhotu ansari
Complaint: Meesho Money refund not received .
By: Yeduguri Himani
Complaint: I joined skill-lync course course. They told me only you pay 3 months Emi then skill-lync will give you a paid Internship. And then you will get a Guaranteed job.
By: Kambhapu Manikanta
Complaint: Harassment and Threat
By: Pappu Das
Complaint: embroidery saree
By: Anupama
Complaint: Deposit money not credited in 1xbet account
By: Nilesh Shinde
Complaint: Refund of Go air ticket
By: Priyashri Poojary
Complaint: Refund not Credited
By: Tanushree
Complaint: Refund
By: Shyamala
Complaint: I was misguided by nuego service at kashmiri gate delhi,for my bus from dekhi to mathura [RESOLVED BY REFUND]
By: Vineet Singh
Complaint: Banking fraud
By: Suman Bag
Complaint: Zebra Techies Solutions
By: Zebra Techies Solutions
Complaint: Skilllync course cancellation
By: Chaitu Muddeti
Complaint: Less missing articles received
Complaint: Got a registered letter with the name of meesho
By: Salma
Complaint: Courier not delivered
By: Ajay Krishna
Complaint: I had joined cario coures form skill lync now i am not financially stable so i am them to drop my but they not doing
By: Mahesh
Complaint: Dhani fraud call and sent money
By: Haresh Meghwani
Complaint: Harassment calls from SBI credit card recovery person
By: Sheetal Ghodmode
Complaint: team not refunding money for cancelled flight neither sharing NCLT claim reference
By: Nitin Sharma
By: Ketan Kakade
Complaint: One card team Block card Despite Paying whole bill
Complaint: Loan closed but showing outstanding
By: Liladhar suryawanshi
Complaint: Account not closed
Complaint: Why meesho has blocked me
By: Rachitha thakur
Complaint: Getting wrong product now meesho is not refunding and saying that courier team not pickup my order
By: Diksha Srivastava
Complaint: Refund initiation for cancellation of flight booking
By: Aditya Prasad Panigrahy
Complaint: Refund
By: Sarodeep Sarkar
Complaint: Multiple OTP
By: Kashish Ramnani
Complaint: I ordered. A product and meesho delivered empty box
By: Sujeet
Complaint: Credit Card Unnecessary Charges
By: Mansi
Complaint: Not Refunding my Money
By: Amit
Complaint: SBI Card Worst Customer service and Unethical Practices
By: satya
Complaint: I had joined cario coures form skill lync now i am not finnacialy stable so i am them to drop my but they not doing
By: Mahesh
Complaint: Different product received and now they are denied to refund me
By: Yogesh Patkar
Complaint: Complain for cheating in online e learning platform on skill lync
By: Chilakamarthi srinivas
Complaint: Card unblocked
By: Saloni
Complaint: Wrong Ticket
By: Krishna Kumar Tripathi
Complaint: why debited 5000 two times from my sbi account
By: sourav pakira
Complaint: Loan amount is not received
By: Bhupendra Kumar Sharma
Complaint: Kent Ro service dealer Aqua service point Lucknow
By: Abhishek Srivastava
Complaint: Invalid charge on my SBI credit card
By: Yugam Arora
Complaint: Bus driver not stop at location
By: Vikram Prasath
Complaint: 1xbet have looted as playing genuinely as betting platform
By: Shajahan Ahammed
Complaint: Dhani one freedom card prepaid account cleared all dues but showing in cibil report
By: Nallella saiteja
Complaint: Skill lync course
By: Shaheel
Complaint: Skill Lync’s cheating
By: C. Abdul Hai
Complaint: Recently I receive meesho scratch card 1100000 lakhs cash
By: K. Venkateswara rao
Complaint: Receiving wrong returns
By: Parth
Complaint: Meesho Not delivered the prepaid order
By: Anuradha J
Complaint: Fraudulent business from Skill Lync
By: C. Abdul Hai
Complaint: Scam in the name of PG course and loan of partner company skill lync & eduvanz
Complaint: Paid dues before due date but SBI Credit Card team charged a dishonored fees
By: Suman Dey
Complaint: Kyc pending
By: Kiran
Complaint: Fake company
By: Miraj Karmakar
Complaint: Bus driver did not wait for me at point of pickup
By: Deepak Ashwal
Complaint: Meesho Ghost Order
By: Mohana Singh
Complaint: Meesho fraud calls i have lost my money
By: Agalya
Complaint: Loan repayment
Complaint: The complaint is regarding Nuego bus service ,the bus timing is given the incorrectly by the company
Complaint: Wrong delivery of products
By: Srividhya
Complaint: Skill Linc it’s partner Edvanz finance team approved loan without clarify to me and now mentally torture to me and my family
By: Sachin s lahane
Complaint: Shipment not delivered
By: Ajmal
Complaint: Multiple Items Missing
By: Sahil
Complaint: Multiple Items Missing
By: Sahil
Complaint: Cancellation of loan amount by eduvanz and course by skill lync
By: Channa basava
Complaint: about my cibil score
By: rakesh
Complaint: Fraud delivery boy hacked my phone
By: Komal Sharma
Complaint: Amount loss in Prepaid Merchant
By: Lakavath Achyuth
Complaint: Alankritha by reshma deepak [RESOLVED]
By: Thushara
Complaint: Aditya Birla Housing Finance – Charged High interest rate [RESOLVED]
By: Akshata Shriyan
Complaint: Fraud online in youtube damaged shirt
By: Sunil Kumar
Complaint: Refund not come no response from happy fares team
By: Prakash kumar jha
Complaint: Non cooling of new Daikin ac
By: Akash singh
Complaint: Lost my money
By: Pitta Kireetireddy
Complaint: I joined skill-lync course course. They told me only you pay 3 months Emi then skill-lync will give you a paid Internship. And then you will get a Guaranteed job.
By: Kambhapu Manikanta
Complaint: False commitment from Myntra Holidays. Worst Manali trip experience
By: Sachin S Mathad
Complaint: Cancel my course in skill lync and close eduvanz loan
By: Sarika
Complaint: One card recovery agent’s harassment
By: Jayraj Bawalwa
Complaint: One card settlement
By: Dipti
Complaint: Meesho lucky draw fraud
By: Kusume sindhu
Complaint: Kent RO AMC fraud
By: Prathapanayaka R
Complaint: I paid my loan, but still my cibil showed for overdue amount. 2 months ago on paid my dhani’s loan
By: Shefeek ali
Complaint: I book nuego bus. i will pay but that side not confirmation
By: Purna Biswal
Complaint: Daikin ac
By: Gayathri
Complaint: Ticket Cancelled and fake PNR without informing
Complaint: Product is undelivered
By: Sweety
Complaint: Voltas Aircondition
By: Anurag dubey
Complaint: Problem is not solving ac not cooling
By: Tarique aziz
Complaint: Wrong/Garbage product delivered by Meesho amd they are not accepting the Return
By: Lipi Mukherjee
Complaint: Voltas AC
By: Krupa Das
By: parth goel
Complaint: One Card Scamming People by Forcibly Charging Money
By: Jagdish
Complaint: I have been scammed by 1xbet
By: Lavanya V (635766117)
Complaint: Sir i have received wrong article
By: Bhopal Malik
Complaint: Scam & Fraud
By: Khatija fatima
Complaint: One card Settled and Closed, Still getting threatening calls for payment
By: Kunal Naik
Complaint: Non working of new voltas split AC
By: Garima
Complaint: Wrong parcel delivered by the delivery boy
By: Harshit Raj
Complaint: SBI fraud transaction
By: Padmavathi
Complaint: Newly purchase Daikin Split AC turned out to be faulty within one and half month of purchase
By: Prithvi
Complaint: Skill lync liquiloans
By: Arthi
Complaint: Nuego electric bus unfair trade practices and customer harassment
By: Yogesh Kumar
Complaint: A recharge platform is not doing my recharge
By: Noel Philip
Complaint: 1xbet App
By: 274291337
Complaint: Inoperative bus service
By: Anandita sharma
Complaint: Meesho sent a wrong and defective product
By: Alok Mishra
Complaint: Meesho :-Sent wrong product but not refunding the amount. Order ID : 764426675298, Black Kurta Palazzo with Dupta
By: Rashi Gupta
Complaint: Dear Sir/Madam,My name is Shreedhara S S. On October 10, 2022 i’ve enrolled for a Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics and Data Science course on Skill Lync a edtech company.
By: Shreedhara S S
Complaint: Nuego Not dropping at correct location
By: Karan Pal
Complaint: New ac bought vertica Eden from store top in town town no cooling
By: Meghna singh
Complaint: i lost all money in online trading
By: vasudev kannan
Complaint: i lost all money in online mall
By: vasudev kannan
Complaint: Snapdeal Mall
By: Rajesh Majhi
Complaint: The complaint is regarding Nuego bus service the boarding location was given incorrectly by the company and then the driver didn’t pick the passenger and started the journey the bus was already late and the location given by the company was incorrect
By: Ajay paliwal
Complaint: Tata voltas ac
Complaint: Severe Complaint Against Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd. and Sahara Airconditioners
By: Micro Com Solutions Pvt LTD
Complaint: Problem with ticket price
By: Anup
Complaint: Poor Customer Service – Voltas
By: Saravanan B
Complaint: My product not pickup by delivery boy
By: Gopal Khemariya
Complaint: Fraud by Best of Indian products online seller
By: Venkatesh Devipur
Complaint: Against skill lync to cancel my course because of medical emergency expenses
By: Takshil Gajjar
Complaint: Bus is late by 7 hours, AC is not working. [RESOLVED]
By: Narender Singh Verma
By: sunil
Complaint: Money transfer But Product not Delivered
By: Anand Nivrutti Mahatme
Complaint: Bus delayed for 3 hours and did not stop at my destination
By: Rishab aggarwal
Complaint: SBI Credit Card is harassing for asking money which is not payable to them, Amount Rs.46045/-
Complaint: Against skill lync to cancel my course because of medical emergency expenses
By: Takshil Gajjar
Complaint: Sbi deducted 590 rupees from my sbi account,
By: Obaid
Complaint: Refund not returned
By: Sanjana Kale
Complaint: Daikin service engineer is not responding to repair the fault in ac under warranty
Complaint: Complaint against Skill Lync and Eduvanz for fraudulent practic. I need to skilllync cancel course and loan from eduvanz. I want to cancel my course from skill lync.
By: Rahhul Dey
Complaint: SBI credit card harassment using abusing language
Complaint: Scam by a company named QBURST, who offers to earn salary at home.
Complaint: Payed full loan still Dhani app Active in my CIBIL score
By: Numaan khan
Complaint: Harassment
By: Sahnawaj khan
Complaint: Complaint against Skill Lync and Eduvanz for fraudulent practices and harassment
By: MD Saquib
Complaint: Fraud 1499 Rs is debited from my sbi credit card
By: Chandra Prakash Mishra
Complaint: Voltas service
By: Pratap Mohanty
Complaint: Package not delivered
By: Aman Bele
Complaint: No cooling
By: Kaushal Pravin
Complaint: Missing product from meesho supplier MATEFABB Order ID:-332563301141 and AWB Number:-149084925448333
By: Nandini S
Complaint: Deposit issue
By: Akash yadav
Complaint: Ac servicing not done properly [RESOLVED]
By: Sana riyaz
Complaint: Daikin Ac issue
By: Sivanandam
Complaint: Nuego declined my payment
By: Himanshu soni
Complaint: Not pick up on time
By: Prerna
Complaint: Delivery of Damaged product of Tata Voltas Air conditioner
By: Kali Prasad
Complaint: 1xbet
By: Noorulla
Complaint: HSRP Booking from Godawari Techno Solution
By: Dr. Pawas Kumar Mandal
Complaint: i need to skilllync cancel course and loan from eduvnz
By: Dino Surjin
Complaint: Unauthorised transactions has been occurred
Complaint: Hsrp online payments done but delivered not done
By: Mitul Parekh
Complaint: Pocketship Courier Company use by meesho
By: Vijay Mangukiya
Complaint: One card overcharged interest
By: Darshan patel
Complaint: Not withdraw the money
By: Noorulla
Complaint: Didn’t pick up from the location
By: Arshiya
Complaint: A nightmare trip for a family – no safe for your life with Myntra – Trip dated: 26th – 29th May 2023
Complaint: Meesho
By: Manoj
Complaint: YES BANK /NAHAR /AADRILTD /SBI CARD – why they are in my CIBIL report i don’t know
By: Shishant Mahato
Complaint: SBI credit card bill payment issue
By: Aftab Alzm
Complaint: Credit card bill payment
By: Mohd Bin Haris
Complaint: Meesho’s fraud
By: Heena
Complaint: Harassment by SBI Card payment recovery agent
By: Adarsh Nagare
Complaint: My product is not delivered yet and meesho didn’t get me refund
By: Ayush Pandey
Complaint: Nuego bus worst service
By: Chandra kumar
Complaint: Refund from meesho
By: Shiwani baranwal
Complaint: Wrong product delivery and cancelled return
By: Kajal panda
Complaint: Incoming call not receiving from Jio users (MY AIRTEL NO. 9228828181) [RESOLVED]
By: Chetan Bharadiya
Complaint: Unprocessed Refund by
By: Shraddha
Complaint: They force me to prepay certain amount even though I told them I had not enough for their requirement and promise me that it’s okay and I will still get back my money plus commision.
By: speak
Complaint: IFB front load washing machine . defective unit
Complaint: EMI Loan complaint on skill lync and its loan partner eduvanz.
Complaint: delayed service
By: prakash
Complaint: Product purchased but not available with Detech Devices Pvt. Ltd delaying to revert the amount paid [RESOLVED]
By: Tirthankar Paul Roy
Complaint: Credit Now scam
By: Iswariya Pugazhendhi
Complaint: Non receipt of refund from [RESOLVED]
By: Sanjeev Christian
Complaint: Yatra not Refunding my money
By: Vishal
Complaint: Rotten food served
By: Karishma Mali
Complaint: Amazon
By: Shubham Singh
Complaint: Refund pending from Yatra
By: Divya Devakaran
Complaint: Voltas ac 1 ton
By: Ankit
Complaint: Voltas ac repair
By: Ashiq
Complaint: Voltas Ac
By: Sangam kumar singh
Complaint: is FRAUD Jobsite [RESOLVED]
By: Prabhakar D
Complaint: Problem with VOLTAS AC after service
By: Karthik Baskaran
Complaint: i want to close my card, because dhani is worst loan app
By: bhavanikillari
Complaint: Poor service by Onecard
By: Rahul Ojha
Complaint: No Service provided
By: anuj gupta
Complaint: New Voltas AC Not Working with a Month
By: Charles
Complaint: Mine return request closed
By: Anil
Complaint: ID : 579693181 Case [#37216316] Very important warning about 1xbet scam
By: Radwa Mohamed
Complaint: Delay of service and due to which I had to bear the monetary loss
By: Rahul
Complaint: Ac part damage
By: Vinay Sharma
Complaint: Ecom Express
By: Khan ashfiya
Complaint: Delay in installation
By: Shanu
Complaint: Cancellation of Skill-Lync course
By: Prasenjit Samanta
Complaint: Interest cashback not received for 2 months
By: Nakul
Complaint: Refund not received
By: Nikhil
Complaint: Cancel skill lync course
By: Sri Ramanaa
Complaint: Voltas ac motherboard problem
By: Sarfaraz Nawaz A
Complaint: Product breakdown under warranty but not replaced
Complaint: Partial Order Delivery
By: Dr. Pallavi Soni
Complaint: Damaged product
By: Farida
Complaint: AC gas leakage
By: Dinesh Gagrani
Complaint: Complaint and Request for Compensation/Replacement of Defective AC
By: Udhay Morem
Complaint: I have purchase Honda shine 2021 model in Keerthi Honda showroom in Hosur by Tata capital finance I have paid full Emi but till now my NOC Will not issue I will ask staff about my NOC they will not give proper response please take action against him
By: Johnaruldoss
Complaint: Return initiated but not get refund
By: Shweta Pandey
Complaint: Non delivery of my Voltas AC machine Transaction ID SLFDY1000018106519
By: Pramila Dosibhatla
Complaint: My SBI card agent come to home and threatening me pay all his dues.
Complaint: Money Not Deposited to my wallet in
By: Rahul Jasrotia
By: Arjun
Complaint: Cibil score loan not showing closed
By: Sanjeet Singh
Complaint: Not clear cibil entry 1 year’s gone and not provide noc
By: Dhiraj Anil Magar
Complaint: SBI card recovery agents harassment
By: Abhishek Chakraborty
Complaint: Investment order
By: Naveen Kumar
Complaint: Damage Product
By: Adarsh Mishra
Complaint: Voltas ac doesn’t woking and under warranty, company does not repaired
By: Ashok Garg
Complaint: Voltas service
By: Hanamantrao
Complaint: Upgrade existing air ticket from basic economy to standard economy
By: Saurabh Shambharkar
Complaint: SBI Credit card fraud
By: Kevin Glen DSouza
Complaint: Personal Loan (RESOLVED)
By: Chandresh
Complaint: Payrupik
By: Kanchan
Complaint: One card continues call to my family and friends and relatives
Complaint: Meesho has cheated me
Complaint: Order not delivered since last 1 month and they are not even helping us regarding this..
By: Divyanshu Srivastav
Complaint: Giving false information regarding product for tempting customers to purchase
By: Vijay Anandan S
Complaint: Credit card fraud related
By: Hitesh
Complaint: Fraud seller and worst customer service by meesho
By: Pooja Agarwal
Complaint: Fraud done by Brajesh Kumar
By: Korsapati Reddy
By: Sonali Rathore
Complaint: Faulty product given
By: Ramesh waghela
Complaint: Ecom is a Fraud Company, Only loss to seller or person shipping courier through them… Please ban Ecom Express…
By: Vish
Complaint: Dhani freedom card fraud
By: Banu
Complaint: Daikin new AC is not working as no gas in the AC may be AC is faulty or some issue occurred while installation by daikin engineer
By: Mohit Mittal
Complaint: Cheater Voltas service center
By: eureka apta
Complaint: skill lynk Course cancellation and loan refund
By: Viknesh
Complaint: Violation of Warranty conditions by Voltas
By: Pella Ramachandrarao
Complaint: Refund
By: Rohit Singh
Complaint: Rapido customer service people harassing me [RESOLVED]
By: Hari
Complaint: Washing machine service
By: P Naresh
Complaint: Reg. cooling issue in my Voltas AC____ Service order number_ 23041635240
By: Shalu Gupta
Complaint: PG course cancellation from skill lync and loan in eduvanz
Complaint: Company engineer buy device forcefully
By: Dheeraj Kumar
Complaint: Maine Oyo app se room book tha online payment ke bavjud mujse hotel riviera agra ne extra same amount paid karwaya refund ke naam pe fraud kia [RESOLVED]
By: Vikash Kumar
Complaint: wrong product delivered
By: Neetu
Complaint: Voltas split AC having gas leak issue since from second days as it is just 8 months old.
By: Bibhash
By: Surekha Sidharth Meshram
Complaint: Return wrong product
By: Shraddha
Complaint: Flyder Immigration Fake
By: Someone from Earth
Complaint: Wrong product
By: Archana
Complaint: Voltas service people not responding
By: Subbarao
Complaint: Telegram group A1087 INDIA scam
By: Solairaj K
Complaint: Kent RO AMC
By: Farhad H Baria
Complaint: Voltas New AC not working
By: Aditya Mehta
Complaint: Money debited but not booked a flight ticket
By: Yash Khanna
Complaint: NUEGO BUS unfair trade practices
By: Prarthana Duggal
Complaint: Not quality machine
By: Rajesh
Complaint: Skill Lync course cancellation
By: A Sridhar
Complaint: Meesho app refund not received
By: Ramesh
Complaint: Voltas AC installation was done improperly
By: Iftekhar Siddiqui
Complaint: Wrong product
By: Likith
Complaint: We have not ordered any thing still received parcel from Ecom Express
By: Neha Patil
Complaint: Refund of returned product not issued even after raising several complaints
By: Amit Arora
Complaint: Meesho not taking the wrong product received back!
By: Aishwarya
Complaint: Loan Cancellation and Course Cancellation (SKILL-LYNC)
By: Sham Sundar Kumar
Complaint: Cancellation of skill lync course and eduvanz loan [RESOLVED]
By: Ravi Jambagi
Complaint: Delay in service during warranty period in AC (Voltas)
By: Arindom Saha
Complaint: Received wrong damaged trouser instead of saree
By: Ireni venkatesh
Complaint: Ordered shade changing and blue tooth sunglasses and received normal cheap glasses
By: Jagan Mohan K
Complaint: Please remove libera shipment company
By: Nazreen Fatima
Complaint: I joined skill lync courses. They told me only you pay 3 months emi then skill lync will give you a paid internship. And then you will get a guaranteed job
By: Sumanth kumar reddy
Complaint: Tata voltas Aircooler- Defective product [RESOLVED]
By: Sachin
Complaint: Harassment onecard
By: Gopi
Complaint: Loan recovery
Complaint: Financial fraud
By: Sasvin kanaesan
Complaint: Deposit
By: Abdulrehman
Complaint: Travel agency ( Change of Car)
By: Prajwal S Pattanashetti
Complaint: Skill lync
By: Maaz
Complaint: 1xbet security Department problem
By: Md Arif Uddin
Complaint: Cancel my course skill lync PG course in Hybrid electric vehicles
By: Soumya ranjan pradhan
Complaint: Return cancelled of wrong received product
By: Khushi Panwar
Complaint: Snapdeal Mall Fraud
By: Navneet Kaur
Complaint: loan closing and course cancellation in skill-lync
By: Ummer Raes
Complaint: Threatening spams from fake loan apps
By: Atharva babar
Complaint: Phone Damaged by One800
By: Rudra Bhattacharya
Complaint: Fraud Company Blusteak Agency
By: Priyanka Patil
Complaint: Damaged & old products delivered
By: Prashant Pandey
By: Saurabh Sinha
Complaint: Reactivation of my credit card
By: Arindam Banerjee
Complaint: Deposit 6500 EGP
By: Mohamed elkhodiry
Complaint: Credit card fraud
By: Susheel Kumar
By: Sandeep Chauhan
Complaint: 1xbet security Department problem
By: Md Arif Uddin
Complaint: Meesho fraud Prize
Complaint: Skill lync and Eduvanz fraud
By: Rushi pimpalkar
Complaint: fraud
By: Vaibhav Agrawal
Complaint: Skill lync course cancellation
By: Immanuel T
Complaint: Skill link scam
By: Sharafali p
Complaint: Service related
By: Kashish karwa
Complaint: Mental stress given by Skill Lync
By: Alan John
Complaint: Marked my bet as lost when it’s won
By: Youssef Alhamadi
Complaint: Cancellation and closing of course in skill lync and eduvanz
Complaint: Product not delivered
By: Kunwar jai Singh
Complaint: Meesho online fraud
By: Kannan
Complaint: Fake. Meesho. Winner
By: Mahanthesh.k Mahanthesh.k
Complaint: Dhani Loans
By: Binod Yadav
Complaint: Worst Experience with Meesho
By: Devesh
Complaint: I just want to cancel my course in skill lync
By: Rinesh
Complaint: New AC not working
By: Shilpi Jain
Complaint: Unwanted subscription fee add without using credit limit.
By: Sabiha bashar
Complaint: Unauthorised deduction of amount
By: Saurabh
Complaint: Refund not received
By: Santhoshi Kunishetty
Complaint: Credit bureau
By: Ankit pramod mahajan
Complaint: 1xbet withdrawal scam
By: Ishan Srivastava
Complaint: Skill lync pg program is fraud
By: Harsh
Complaint: IFB DishWasher Neptune SX1
By: N.Khurana
Complaint: Ac service and E 6 showing on display
By: Aayub narang
Complaint: Snapdeal cancelled my return request my order ID is:- 55306494588
By: Lakshay
Complaint: Meesho is fraud company
By: D Modi
Complaint: Fraud
By: Akash Sharma
Complaint: Missing order nor refund received
By: Shrima Shetty
Complaint: Sbi credit card bill [Resolved]
By: Shashidhar s
Complaint: Regarding Credit card activation
By: Eddu Ranjith
Complaint: Details of the debit of money
By: Subhankar das
By: Arunachalam S
Complaint: Sbi account
By: Upendra Kumar
Complaint: Ordered A Pair of shoes on 23 February and still have not received them [RESOLVED]
By: Sumit
Complaint: loan closing and course cancellation in skill-lync [RESOLVED]
By: Rithubeth G
Complaint: Loan cancellation and course close – skill lync & eduvanz [RESOLVED]
By: Kasthuri
Complaint: Fraud friendly payment services
By: Mit Chauhan
Complaint: Fake certificate and charged money
By: Rahul ajaykumar gupta
Complaint: I am order but not recd product
By: R.Swaminathan
Complaint: Today I got a post which had a letter of meesho online shopping pvt. Ltd. Estd: 2015 Regd: PTC179371
By: Adlin
Complaint: Fraud/scam meesho
By: Gokul
Complaint: Dhani loan account is showing in cibil
By: Potturi sathyavathi
Complaint: Product Not delivered from Meesho
By: Payel Maity
By: Poonamba Jadeja
Complaint: Receive wrong and still not received refund
By: Khushboo Saxena
Complaint: Missing product received from meesho
By: Yogender
Complaint: Sbi cards recovery agents harassment
By: Ajay Bhatti
Complaint: Return request not updated
By: Sreeya Dam
Complaint: Return pickup problem
By: Anu
Complaint: No return coming pickup
By: Sai Tharun
Complaint: Courier picked up and no refund by meesho
By: Meenu Singh
Complaint: Lucky Draw Spam
By: Jayashankar Jayakumar
Complaint: Wrong Flight Ticket
Complaint: Skill lync refund problems
By: Rocky singh
Complaint: SBI credit card fake promises [RESOLVED]
By: hariharasudhan j
Complaint: meesho online shopping Pvt ltd frauds
By: Omprakash Patil
Complaint: Meesho fraud calls
By: Narendra modi
Complaint: Meesho didn’t deliver the ordered quantity and now they are not refunding the paid amount.
By: Jayant
Complaint: Confiscate Rs. 5000/- by giving False Statement
By: Sushil Kumar Maurya
Complaint: Cancellation of loan amount by eduvanz and course by Skill Lync
By: Kavya
Complaint: Spam regarding the SKILL LYNC course joining and the the bank fraud behind the loan process without my knowledge and approval
By: Gowtham N
Complaint: Skill lync cheating
By: Anandu
Complaint: Received a parcel from ecart to my address which i didn’t order
By: Secily
Complaint: I have lost my money
By: Siri
Complaint: Course not canceled from skill lync
By: Shivendra Dahayat
Complaint: Provided wrong bus timings
By: Yasser Sayyed
Complaint: Garbage Box received and no refund given
By: Y Paul
Complaint: Skill lync For Refund policy course cancellation
By: Alapati Surendra
Complaint: Skill lync and Eduvanz
By: Shaikh Zamim
Complaint: Product return not picked up and refunded
By: Vidya
Complaint: Product not delivered
By: Piyali Bhattacharya
Complaint: Meesho Order Delivery Fraud
By: Riya Devikar
Complaint: Job offer
By: Praveen Kumar S
Complaint: Fake post and whatsapp sharing
Complaint: Complaint against skill lync for close the loan
By: Akash
Complaint: Against recovery agents
By: Priya dheer
Complaint: SBI Club Vistara flight voucher not issued
By: Rakesh Ranjan Diwana
Complaint: One Card Fraud
By: Hassan
Complaint: Wrong size Sandal
By: Pratibha Jadhav
Complaint: Skill Lync false commitment and subscription to loan
By: Vinit Kumar Srivastav
Complaint: PayU & BoAt
By: Rajarshi Modak
Complaint: I ordered one kurta, pants, and dupatta set from your app on the date 28-01-2023 reference no – MPKMPJDQPGRFS3PV4NUQ-1 after I received the order on the date 02-02-2023 when I opened the parcel it had small baby clothes after that I asked many times for a return but every time my order was canceled I also talked to customer care but even after that my order is not returned please either refund my money or give my ordered kurta, pants, and dupatta set to me and take back your wrong order so I will ask you further Legal action will be taken against
By: ankit sharma
Complaint: Meesho refund for wrong product
By: Mayur Rajput
Complaint: I received a totally different product and other one is missing product
By: Vijaya sree
Complaint: Fraud scam
By: Abhilasha
Complaint: Fraud messages from JX- MEESHQ
By: Anjali tomar
Complaint: Use of Credit card for paying Money without the consent
By: Mohit
Complaint: Received Faulty and old Kent RO
By: Sachin
Complaint: Product delivered but not shown in status and product is duplicate
By: Mohit Verma
Complaint: FRAUD
By: Bhagwat Shendge
Complaint: Tata capital loan online
By: Nandish
Complaint: Fraud Meesho Lucky Prize Scam
By: Ashvinkumar
Complaint: meesho is neither taking my product returns nor refunding my money.
By: Vinod kumawat
Complaint: Tata capital loan online
By: Nandish
Complaint: Item not delivered from meesho, but they updated as delivered
By: Tharun v
Complaint: After So Many Complaints And Days My Returns was not picked up and refund is not initiated by Meesho.
By: Mohd Fardeen
Complaint: Cancellation of online course content in skill lync and emi .
By: Mathana Vignesh K
Complaint: loan closing and course cancellation in skill-lync
By: Viknesh K T
Complaint: Skill lync is fraud, they are white collar thief
By: Deepak Dinesh Kapadnis
Complaint: Loan closing and cancell course in skill lync
By: Karthikeyan M
Complaint: Cancellation of loan amount by eduvanz and course by Skill Lync
By: Kavya
Complaint: Post graduation course taken from Skill lync
By: Numan Shaikh
Complaint: Meesho lucky draw customer scammers
By: Prakash
Complaint: Despite paying online, the goods have not been delivered.
By: Sukanya kunkri
Complaint: मीशो ने हमारे साथ ऑल लाइन फ्रॉड किया है, आज १० दिन हो गया पर अभी तक कोई समाधान नहीं हुआ इनकी तरफ से मेरी शिकायत संख्या है 57977922 जिसका अबतक समाधान नहीं हुआ अब ना ये फोन उठा रहे ना कोई जवाब आ रहा इनकी तरफ से इमेल ईडी मेरा है mobile number hai 8738886927
By: karim khan
Complaint: Want to cancel course and loan at skill-Lync
By: Sachin N Shivashimpur
Complaint: SBI credit card
By: Pradip Pal
Complaint: Amount deducted but no booking by yatra
By: Archana
Complaint: online shopping with meesho
By: karim khan
Complaint: online fraud
By: karim
Complaint: Received pieces of cloth instead of dress
By: Nagendra Kumar
Complaint: About Dhani loan
By: Shaik Shuhaib
Complaint: Database leak
By: Soumen Barick
Complaint: Continuous calls for phone no of my ex employee who used credit card.
Complaint: Fraudster
By: Thasleema
Complaint: Ola asking me the money which I’ve already paid [RESOLVED]
By: Yonisha
Complaint: Credit score not being updated even after closing the dues 10 months before.`
By: Mohammed Nafih Yuseph
Complaint: I received a pieces of cloths instead of Dress
By: Sandesh
Complaint: Refund not credited
By: Shiva Kumar S
Complaint: Meesho cheating customers please blacklist this fraud meesho
By: Kumaran
Complaint: process of pending pickup by meesho after blocking my account
By: shruti
Complaint: Meesho scratch card
By: Rani
Complaint: Call from meesho customer care from Calcutta for XUV 700 luck draw prize
By: Prakash
Complaint: Meesho send fake scratch card and he asked to send my bank details
By: James
Complaint: Wrong product received
By: Tanisha Maheshwari
Complaint: False information in cancellation protection
By: Razia Begum
Complaint: An item ordered from snapdeal
By: Nilakantha Sahu
Complaint: Payu
By: Basavaraj
Complaint: Hitachi AC spare part
By: K Singh
Complaint: Hedge Tradings : Fraud Youtube Channel by Varun Gandhi
Complaint: Storzoship fraud
By: Hamsheena kv
Complaint: Delivering fake parcel
Complaint: SBI CARD
By: Vishnu Babu
Complaint: I have received an order from this website with COD through ecom express which I have not ordered at all. he parcel was collected mistakenly and they have charged 600 for it.
By: Nida
Complaint: Complaint regarding Voltas AC working.
By: HEMALATHA Marimuthu
Complaint: Complaint regarding Voltas AC working.
By: HEMALATHA Marimuthu
By: Srikanth
Complaint: SBI Credit card
By: Biki Mukharjee
By: Champa singh
Complaint: Indiabulls Home Loan Bank not providing List of Documents of my Loan Account No : HHLBAG00474451
By: Pradeep MC
Complaint: Calls harassment
By: Sunny
Complaint: Payment over due
By: Pavan kumawat
Complaint: One card not return my fd and amount
By: Chirag gupta
Complaint: NOC issues
By: Sathyakumar
Complaint: Amount deducted payu payment private limited
By: Rachi
Complaint: Amount debited my account not credited to merchant, Refund not done buy Lazypay bank team (RESOLVED)
By: Manjunatha A R
Complaint: Finance charges without me asking for additional crediy
By: Ashwani Kumar
Complaint: Complaint against Skill-Lync for not cancelling course/loan
By: Joel Lukose
Complaint: Simpl Pay is charging me for making any orders in Zomato
By: Tharani B
Complaint: Simpl pay
By: Mohammed Luqman Lodhani
Complaint: Yatra cheating customers in the name of discount
By: Ajay Balachandran
By: Cherie Seed
Complaint: IFB AMC – Fraud business and giving mental torture
By: Amit Kumar
Complaint: Cibil overdue
By: Lakshman singh
Complaint: Refund
By: Khushi
Complaint: Defective tata voltas deep freezer
By: Surbhi Mehta
Complaint: Tata Play blinge recharge
By: Sanket Agrawal
Complaint: Neither Tata Sky NODAL officers nor Tata Sky Customer care representatives are responsding to the grievance lodged
By: Vinjamuri Gopi
Complaint: Rajeev Desai (+91 7042443719) from Zapperjobs Only collecting money by Fake Job offering.
By: Jakir
Complaint: Oyo provide Wrong Amenities
By: Timir Nandy
Complaint: Kent ACE Mineral RO(KR1904027868)) :Case ID: 221206-00236 : KENT RO Engineer deliberately didn’t replaced High flow RO membrane within 3 months of warranty even though It had issue.
By: Chandan Mishra
Complaint: Club Vistara Voucher Not Received
By: Ashish Kumar Mittal
Complaint: Amount deducted but no booking by yatra
By: Deepak
Complaint: Cibil Enquiry
By: Mohd Shakir
Complaint: charging for carry bag and packaging
By: Pavan
Complaint: Yatra didn’t refund Rs 1412 not credit in account from 3 months
By: Himanshu Chauhan
Complaint: Cancellation of loan amount by eduvanz and course by skill lync [RESOLVED]
By: Prathamesh Wakshe
Complaint: OYO Didn’t refund my money
By: Nitin Arora
Complaint: Skills lync online course
By: Krishna
Complaint: Cheating money [RESOLVED]
By: Roofiya
Complaint: Yatra train ticket not booked amount got deducted
By: Radha
Complaint: Oyo Rooms Refund not received
By: Chirag
Complaint: Payment processed but booking not confirmed
By: Mahak agarwal
Complaint: IFB service center not responding to service related to fault in washing machine.
By: Rishikesh Choudhary
Complaint: Tatasky technician absconded with money
By: M A Murali Manohar
Complaint: TATA Play New connection cancellation
By: Yashwanth M
Complaint: Tataplay account deducted 250+rs saying tata Bing activated which is not activated from my end.
By: Vikas s
Complaint: Illegal card making.
By: Rudra Roy
Complaint: TATA Play Binge – Not activated plan fully still after one week. (INR 175 – Hotstar & zee5 subscription)
By: Pankaj Gaur
Complaint: Kent Ro complaint
By: Amit yadav
Complaint: Order Showing on hold
By: Zishan khah
Complaint: Hitachi Ac
By: Waffee house Kottayam
Complaint: Tahzeeb channel missing in tata sky
By: Yaquob
Complaint: Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC – White
By: Ankit Agarwal
Complaint: Fake delivery
By: Địa
Complaint: Snapdeal work from home
By: Maruthi
Complaint: Skill lync and Eduvanz
By: Yasin Jakir Pathan
Complaint: Tata Play: Complaint of 4th oct 2022 ignored tollfree customer care do not listen
By: sgh
Complaint: I have not yet received SBI credit card due to my job transfer. but SBI asking me to make payment 8169.
Complaint: I made a payment for a bus booking from Tiruchendur to Vellore on 10th October 2022 but the ticket is not booked
By: Mohamed Irsath
Complaint: Hitachi air conditioner issue
By: Mohit
Complaint: Hitachi AC within 1 year faulty
By: Prakhar Singh
Complaint: Set up box is not working I changed set up box
By: Jagadeesha h
Complaint: Oyo rooms
By: Rajat Debnath
Complaint: fraudulent transactions on SBI credit card
Complaint: Voltas Ac
By: Sonu
Complaint: Dishwasher damaged by IFB Industries technician
By: Hetal Oza
Complaint: ne Refund nhi kiya
By: Manoj
Complaint: Cancelation and to get refund
By: Mastan Vali
Complaint: Indiabulls Dhani Not Closing My Loan Account
By: Sudip Mukhopadhyay
Complaint: Poor product quality and there after poor services of Voltas split AC.
By: S Patil
By: Nagender prasad
Complaint: No support for error in TDR filing
By: Vipin
Complaint: Credit card fraud
By: Pramoth
Complaint: Dhani one freedom card
By: Navdeep saini
Complaint: international unauthorized transaction SBI credit card
By: santhosh
Complaint: Voltas ac
By: suraj Bhadana
Complaint: Tata Play Account not getting suspended
By: Jyotishko Banerjee
Complaint: I have closed Dhani account but it is still showing active in Cibil.
By: Pavithra Mahendhra
By: Aman Saini
Complaint: Tata Play not installed
By: Vinod jaiswal
Complaint: Affecting My Credit Report
By: Sanjay Kumar
Complaint: Course price has increased, need to cancel
By: Rokesh R
Complaint: A1Insta Is a fake Social Media Company, Selling BOT and Fake Instagram Followers, Dont Buy Anything
By: Sunita Sharma
Complaint: i cannot arrange payment and SBI card legal.. giving me mental stress and i m also suffering from depression
Complaint: Refund money not credited
Complaint: False statements has given by sbi credit card team
By: Shobha
Complaint: False promises made and charges were claimed from my sbi credit card
By: Janardhana Satyanarayana Papolu
Complaint: Voltas Poor service
By: Parul Tyagi
Complaint: digigold app
By: prabhjot singh
Complaint: Refund not proceeding by yatra
By: Sumit Jain
Complaint: fake product selling kent ro
By: kavita
Complaint: SBI Credit Card is not yet closed and taking charges every month
By: Yogesh Kumar
Complaint: Giving loan for 14 days with high processing charges
By: Krithin
Complaint: Regarding daikin split ac
By: Saif khan
Complaint: धनी फ्रॉड
By: Jitender Singh
Complaint: Dhani account deactivate loan was clear
By: Anil goswami
Complaint: No Resolution of my complaint Hitachi
By: Pulkit Arora
Complaint: Fraud by Tata Play Customer Executive
By: Ganesh M
Complaint: Tata Sky: Payment made by mistake to defunct ID 1124304047
By: Badarinarayana G L
Complaint: Kotak Mahindra Bank — I have received 180 call in one day from personal loan department
By: prabhakar
Complaint: Hitachi is not replacing Split AC even after it’s not working entirely neither providing any service after so many complain
By: Shubham Pal
Complaint: F9 Error
By: Shubham
Complaint: Asking for
Complaint: SimpliLearn Scam and Denying Cancellation of Course [RESOLVED]
By: Anirudh C R
Complaint: Refund issue
By: Karthi.A
Complaint: Recovery Agent’s Harassment
By: Suman sharma
Complaint: Account closed but active in credit score
By: Abhishek Sharma
Complaint: Tata sky
By: Rahul jain
Complaint: Tata Sky binge charged
Complaint: Voltas water dispenser (Resolved)
By: Ashok Reddy
Complaint: I paid Rs 498 thru PayU money to Arvind Mathurvai Makwana
By: Abhijit Saha
Complaint: Kent RO
By: Vikas
Complaint: Dhani loan app
By: Ganesh
Complaint: Fraud Dhani Loan against my PAN/ADHAR
By: Nirmala Nitesh Devale
Complaint: Agents calling to submit loan without any reason
By: Atul Rana
Complaint: Tataplay doing fraud with people by giving fake information
By: Mayank
Complaint: Defective and faulty installation of DAIKIN AC unit after forcing unnecessary installation charges of 7K
Complaint: dhani loans. my dhani amount payment already pay but in my cibil score it;s active . what can i do .help us to improve my cibil score
By: lakshmi dvei
Complaint: Wrong recharge
By: Hirabai dharma bhalla
Complaint: Non Settlement of Collected funds of Merchant account
By: Harpreet Singh
Complaint: From the last 02-03 days the Tata Play set up box is not working.
By: Pandurang Patil
Complaint: Suspected Call from policy Transfer and asking Immediate money transfer
By: Monika
Complaint: IFB washing machine
By: Hemanthkumar
Complaint: No response from Dhani
By: Ashwin G
Complaint: CUEMATH
Complaint: Yatra: Reversal amount Rs 28818 not credited to account
By: Ali Mohammed Mir
Complaint: AC Compressor Part not delivered after more than 20 days (Resolved)
By: Nishtha Singh
Complaint: Late fees fraudly charged
By: Harsh shah
Complaint: Fake Hotel booking on
By: Shashank Shekhar
Complaint: Tata Sky Getting no signal when the weather is clear
By: Shubham
Complaint: Tata play d2h care
By: Manikandan
Complaint: tata play Recharge issue
By: Mohammad Azhar
Complaint: Cheating
By: Raman ranjan
Complaint: Product was not delivered from last 22 days
By: Chitranjan Das
Complaint: Junior Fashion Week (Resolved Satisfactorily)
By: Name withheld on request
Complaint: Train PNR not received
By: Supriyo Das
Complaint: Recovery Agents Calling in non official time
By: Rajesh
Complaint: I want to forclose my dhani one freedom card at minimum value
By: Mahima Sharma
Complaint: Tata Play false commitment
By: Abhishek Daruka
Complaint: IFB Washing purchase from Flipkart not working properly
By: Arvind Patel
Complaint: Got Multiple debits name fastag and mobile recharge calling again and again asking to pay the money and threatening me by legal action
By: P.Arokia Raj
Complaint: Defective tata firetv stick and balance deduction from binge app balance and tata play
By: Gaurav Dhatrak
Complaint: Tata play connection suspended many refunds.
By: Swapan Banerjee
Complaint: Access my contact list and harassing my relatives
By: Ritesh Rathore
Complaint: Tataplay Binge service deducted money and doesn’t provide service (Resolved)
By: Rijuma Talukdar
Complaint: Some one called me from Zapperjobs(+917042465633 )
By: Jakir
Complaint: Fraud
Complaint: No.1 fraud company – Arcade Visa (AVS immigration)
By: Manohar
Complaint: Fraud done by “NexGen” and its executive “Sujatha”
By: Arumoy Dasgupta
Complaint: Talkcharge a payment wallet is a fraud
By: Haresh Paryani
Complaint: फ़्रॉड ऐप
By: Bk
Complaint: Wrongly product
By: Shilpa roy
Complaint: Yesterday I have joined this app for earning money and today slowly slowly I had completed my all tasks but they again and again saud that this is your last order and then you can withdraw money. But when I completed the task they give another tast. I already spent 7600 in this fraud app but till now I have not received any money. Plz help
By: Kajal
Complaint: Wrong product received
By: Nilofer Shaikh
Complaint: Wrong product have delivered
By: Neeraj kumar pachouri
Complaint: Wrong product delivered
By: Tanmay Saha
Complaint: Wrong product delivered
By: Sat Pal
Complaint: Wrong product delivered
By: Rajnish Kumar
Complaint: Wrong product
By: Baranpalsingh
Complaint: Wrong package
By: Gabriel Năoian