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I got a parcel which I haven’t ordered

Name of Complainant Moon B Das
Date of ComplaintDecember 27, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Moon B Das:

I was not at home, your courier service boy came and gave a parcel to my husband which was not ordered by me. I don’t have the details of the person to contact him. I lost my money, what to do? Why do you hire such rascals😡

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I got a parcel which I haven’t ordered

One thought on “I got a parcel which I haven’t ordered

  1. Dear Moon, we understand that you’re facing an issue, and we’re sorry about that. In order for us to assist you effectively, please provide us with the details by clicking here: https://bit.ly/meelnk. We’ll jump right into it and take the necessary steps to address your concern.

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