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OneCard false promises and defective services

Name of Complainant Nirmal
Date of ComplaintAugust 27, 2023
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Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by Nirmal:

I opened OneCard account 2 years ago around this time. Even when applying there were so many issues. I initially opened the application when I was at my old place then after a few months, I moved to a new City (Tier-2) which I confirmed was serviceable by OneCard. So, I opened my application again in hopes of applying again but I found that the address cannot be changed. NEWS FLASH OneCard! PEOPLE MOVE!! Then I tried with customer care but to no aval. I’m sorry for my language but those guys were stupid. They don’t even know their own product. It was sad!

A few days later, service head called me and explained why the address cannot be changed, it was a bunch of BS, lies anyway. But what they assured me was an upgrade to an Unsecured Card once I use the FD based one for few months. They also asked me to apply an FD min of 50k for the metal card and min of 1L for a potential future upgrade into Unsecured one. They did not let me choose the underlying bank. I told them I preferred Federal Bank as I was already a customer there. They accepted it but did not actually go through with my preference.

After I paid for FD, a few days later with fights to the customer care, I got my Secured OneCard backed by SBM (One of the laziest and stupidest bank in all of ASIA and that’s saying something among all those other stupid ones). They got my name and address wrong, Card delivered to different address than the one provided. The metal card arrived months late instead of days like they promised. There were so many issues at first when using the card. Like they charge 1% forex fee and GST on local payments done by international merchants. VISA signature benefits not applicable. I cannot apply for bill cycle change (this is done now), I cannot apply for addon cards, even now. I cannot use Rent payments and other features since I’m using a secured card.

After using it for a few months, I called them and asked for status on upgrade. To my shock, they outright refused to say that there were no such promises provided by the agent. At that time, I did not know about the addtional benefits of a secured card and so I did not go further. Now OneCard has essentialy became one of the most useless card other than it’s fuel benefits. No attractive offers nowadays. Even if there are, they are only curated for North indian segment. No offers for South indian merchants, even though most of the OneCard users are in the south.

A lot of things were not updateable like KYC details and Account details for rental payments. I cannot change house owners account details when I move. Charges on top of everything. It’s pretty much f**ked up if you got a secured card instead of unsecured one, especially by SBM. With Other banks you can atleast visit branch, and if you have a good relationship, manager will do these things for you. But with SBM, even if you threaten them with RBI Ombudsman, nothing will happen.

Until now, I’m a riskless user of credit, have no outstanding, have no late payments, have no revolving balance either. But for the FD of 1L, I suspect other user would have this much in FD for a credit card, I’m not getting the premium benefits I deserve and was promised by them. After much thought, I decided to escalate to RBI. What I want are simple things…

1. To upgrade my account as Unsecured (since I proved myself as a reliable credit user)
2. To provide the unsecured card account in Federal Bank (myself customer there)
3. To close and refund my FD amount from SBM and close my relationship with them.
4. To unlock all features including addon cards, increased credit limit, etc…
5. To change/update/fix my KYC details like mobile, email, name and address.

I have confirmed with various experts at credit card forums and ex-empolyees at FPL technologies (provider of OneCard) that what I ask are possible and can be done without affecting my relationship or ARPU of myself. If they do what I ask, this could be a win-win situation but I leave the rest to the company exces. I have also raised this with RBI. But I do hope the nodal officer at FPL would upgrade my account as per my requests mentioned above.

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OneCard false promises and defective services

2 thoughts on “OneCard false promises and defective services

  1. Hi Nirmal,

    Greetings from FPL Technologies!

    We truly understand you and transparency is of the utmost importance to us. We are always here to fetch you the necessary clarity and for us to assist you ahead and connect with you, we’d request you to write to us regarding this as we were unable to fetch your details based on the info provided here. Please drop us a mail at help@getonecard.app or reach out to us via our in-app help section so we can assist you ahead. In case, you have already reached out to us, then, please share the allotted ticket IDs with us.

    Looking forward to serving you.

    Thanks and Regards,
    FPL Technologies.

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