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Flyder Immigration Fake

Name of Complainant Someone from Earth
Date of ComplaintApril 17, 2023
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Category of complaint Tours & Travels
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Text of Complaint by Someone from Earth:

Flyder Immigration is 100% Fraud agency, which they are looking for the money from the beginning with their fake documents.
If the Immigration is having better job reference for their clients why they are giving fake interview calls ?
Prem Verma one of the worst and fake guy he couldn’t even know what he is doing in the immigration services , even a ticket booking guy from a travels know well about the visa kind of stuff .

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Flyder Immigration Fake

One thought on “Flyder Immigration Fake

  1. Official Reply from Flyder Immigration LLP.

    Hi Anonymous,

    We saw your entire complaint against us that you’ve written. First of all, I’d like to tell you that your name is fake, as you are not in our database, which shows it is a fake one.
    We Flyder Immigration take this kind of matter very seriously. Unfortunately, we have no record or recollection of your experience with us, nor can we verify anything about your identity from your name in our records. If you have any concerns, we would like to investigate this issue further, so that we can resolve this issue. We assure you to get this issue resolved with the utmost priority and we assure you of a quick solution within 12-24 hours without fail. If you are not our client but you have still submitted this review, that means you have some other intentions, probably being in the market competition.

    Our consultants are well-known and experienced candidates in the field of immigration. They have mostly successful cases in their hands. And Mr. Prem is our most senior consultant and he serves the client best. We don’t have any single client who can say anything bad about him. So, request you to share your phone number and e-mail I’d for further clarification, if you will not share your requested credentials that means you are deliberately defaming our firm (Flyder Immigration). However, I also engaged my Legal Team for the same.

    Flyder Immigration is a very reputed company in the field of immigration. We work very hard on every client every day. If you doubt our services, then you can contact our genuine clients. We are ready to share the details with you. By doing this kind of activity, you can slow us down for a day, but you can’t stop us from providing the best services to our clients in which we are best. Posting consumer complaints and 1-star reviews and getting attention won’t help you, but feel free to connect with us.
    We suggest you talk to us on 91 9310972240 or mail us at info@flyder.co.in ASAP. We assure you 100% satisfaction whether you are our client or not.

    Best Regards,
    Team Flyder Immigration

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