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Name of Complainant RAJA N
Date of ComplaintNovember 10, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by RAJA N:

Dear sir/ madam,
I received my sbi card statement in october’2022. I already paid last month due at 11.10.2022. but the current month’s statement shows that the payment is reversed in auto debit at 12.10.2022. for that they were given payment dishonour fee of rs 500 added in this statement.
kindly revoke the above said amount for waiver.
I paid directly on your website and this is not my fault. your system is not working properly. and also i phasing this issue long back itself. kindly note on it.
This is every time happening. maybe your software is not working properly. please through in trash.
Kindly give a reply this month payment I have to pay now or I am waiting for your software mistake.
Thanking you
Reply got from SBI : Dear Mr. N Raja,

Thank you for writing to SBI Card.

This is with reference to your communication dated 8/11/2022.

We understand the concern expressed in your communication and sympathize with the difficulties faced by you.

We are however not in a position to provide further waiver on your SBI Card Account.

Auto-Debit Related Status: We would like to inform you that auto-debit facility has been activated on your SBI Card account and it’s a mandatory payment option on your card.

Under this facility the Total Amount Due/Minimum Amount Due/Other dues will be debited from your savings account on the due date.

In case of insufficient funds in your savings account, it will be bounce and dishonor fee will be debited on your SBI Card account. To avoid this, we would request you to maintain sufficient balance in your savings account before the due date.

If in case, you wish to make payment at your end, we would request you to make payment 5 days prior to the payment due date to avoid auto debit from your savings account.

Payment Dishonor Fee: We wish to inform you that in case the cheque/auto debit instruction is dishonored by the bank, your SBI Card account is levied with payment dishonor fee @ 2% of cheque amount, subject to a minimum of Rs.500.00/- or whichever is higher, plus Goods & Service Tax (as per applicable charges.

Goods and Service Tax: We would like to inform you that the Government of India has implemented the Goods and Service Tax (GST) with effect from 1st July’2017. Consequently, the service tax rate of 15% has been replaced by a GST rate of 18% on all statements issued on or after 1st July, 2017.

Every month i am facing this issue. I paid bill total bill amount last day before day there side also payment received and reflected in their statement.
Their side reply you have to pay before 5 days of due date for settle the amount. Why their given due date.
for this issue my credit score gone low.

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  1. Dear Customer, we regret the inconvenience. Kindly write to us at sbicard.com/email with a brief summary of your issue, and the reference number 1054617.

    1. Dear SBI Card, we usually don’t get any effective resolution when we write to your concerned teams including Nodal officer teams

  2. Same issue with me as well, from last 2 months i am being charged payment dishonour fee. I paid my dues on time as well.

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