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Tata Play Account not getting suspended

Name of Complainant Jyotishko Banerjee
Date of ComplaintSeptember 20, 2022
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Category of complaint Entertainment
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Text of Complaint by Jyotishko Banerjee:

I have the following grievances
1. I requested on 09.09.2022 to suspend my account as I was proceeding out of station.To my horror, when I checked, I found that no action had been taken and money was being deducted regularly. YOU MAY CHECK ON YOUR COMPUTER MULTIPLE CONVERSATIONS/REQUESTS TO YOUR ASSOCIATES during intervening period.
Yesterday my call to the helpline was delivered to their senior by your associate. I explained everything but again this morning I found that money has been deducted from my account. Instead I got a message that I need to suspend the account through Whatsapp.I tried but there was a message “try later……..etc”.
One hour back I again tried to suspend through your website,Gd knows what has happened.

2. I now request you to check my conversations on your computer and do needful. DONOT GIVE ANY STEREOTYPE ANSWER

3.I now request you to refund me the deducted amount (which you have deducted wef 09/09/2022 to till date) to my tataplay account.
4. I have given 5 reminders. Latest acknowledgement no /SR number: 3V1147T0

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Tata Play Account not getting suspended

2 thoughts on “Tata Play Account not getting suspended

  1. Hi, we understand your concern. We have raised a service request to resolve your concern we are prioritizing the same and will connect with you at the earliest. Be assured your issue will be resolved at the earliest.

  2. They have not refunded my security deposit after surrender of connection for a week now. Customer service is very poor of Tata Play Fiber.

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