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Revaluation not satisfactory (RESOLVED)

Name of Complainant Nandu.n
Date of ComplaintAugust 28, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Nandu.n:

ignou rc kochi revaluation for subject bpcc105 was not satisfactory they havnt given marks according to its answer provided in text for writing all points also they havent given proper marks iam attaching my answer sheet please check .
I have written answer to 6 question which carry 10 mark and 5 marks marks awarded 3 ,6,2,2,2
what is written in text 3 erd and all important point are clearly mentioned which is under research types descriptive, analytics, applied basic, quantitative quantitative concept research empirical research all point are mentioned in text is written how can mark be deducted and by what ans key method it’s done .
4ans ,only observational method is not mentioned and how much mark can be deducted for missing 1 point
5 ans quota sample is not mentioned
6 th question full point is mentioned according to text why was mark deducted 1point, ‘control environment’ is missing rest all point are mentioned
7th tittle ,table of content, list fig used ,preface, summary report ,this we are missing point in it
this was missing points in answer sheet
they are correcting paper and put just pass mark and if you argue they will fail us many student face this from ignou odl bapch batch please help previous papers valuation was also like this they didnt reply or found error even in math calulation and no change was done in reevaluation we pay 850 rs for each papaer we check and ask them what sort of education is this i dont belive they are trained professional under ugc naac they should be behind bar for harassing students and giving them pain and frustration puting them in a situvation so that they cannot motivate themself to learn future course properly

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