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One Card Fraud

Name of Complainant Hassan
Date of ComplaintFebruary 12, 2023
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Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by Hassan:

I am user of One card from last 1 year or more .. last month my bill was 1.9 lack and I apid 1.2 lack, 75 k was balance ..then next month when I received my bill it was 16 k extra as interest when asked no one is helping me to understand what is the charge for when interest is just 3% .. however i paid the bill next month of 3.8 lack ..

And I still get a message from one card u are being charged unless the bill is clear …even though the next month bill is not generated.

Kindly help.. it’s open case of being fraud

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3 thoughts on “One Card Fraud

  1. Hi Hassan,

    Greetings from FPL technologies!

    We could not fetch your account details based on the info provided and request you to share the same with us via help@getonecard.app or reach out to us via our in-app help section so we will take a look and resolve this for you. In case, you have already reached out to us, then, please share the allotted ticket IDs with us.

    Looking forward to serving you.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Team OneCard

  2. I am user of One card from last six months. Last month my bill was 76k and I 66k before due date and 10k after 3 days then next month when I received my bill it was 6k extra as interest charge l. Then I sent so many mails but no one will reply how 3 days late payment charge 6k. (According to the “Master Direction” by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), credit card issuers can report an account as “past due” to credit information agencies or levy any penalty only if the credit card account remains “past due” for over 3 days. )

    It’s actually not safe for your financial and mental health. I would recommend the user not to open account with them. They actually have lots of hidden charges which they claim that it’s on terms and conditions page so it’s not hidden for them.

    The One Card looks very attractive in the beginning but owing this is only results in financial and mental pressure. This has no revenue model, it is based on a concept. “Let people do something and we snatch their money”

    First of all the OneCard has very high interest-rate. It has very high processing fees on EMI conversion. If you use OneCard for any EMI purchase on e-commerce platform and let’s suppose you want to cancel the product. The e-commerce platform will not charge any money for that but you will end up paying approximately Rs.5000 to OneCard.

    You have to go and purchase any mobile phone on EMI from Amazon or Flipkart then you have to cancel it from the site after one day. You will see that one card has posted Rs.3000-Rs.8000 in your statement as processing fee and interest charge.

  3. My issue with their support mail is also stuck from more than 7 days without any valid reply.

    My friends are also stopped using this due to lack of customer support and fraudulent activity.

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