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I have closed Dhani account but it is still showing active in Cibil.

Name of Complainant Pavithra Mahendhra
Date of ComplaintSeptember 19, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by Pavithra Mahendhra:

I am facing problems because of this issue. After paying they told 15 days will update. After sending mail 45 days. Now its almost 49 days gone.
Customer service is worst. We can’t call them because customer care number will be always busy busy. I don’t know whether they have options to not attend those who won’t use their service again. I have tried 5 days daily. Same busy.

I have mailed them they asked me PDF cibil report. I have sent. Late they sent that issue is resolved.
I have checked my Cibil it is still active. Again I have sent mail. Same thing I sent 4 times. Four times they told that issue is resolved. But no result.

If issue is resolved why can’t they send Cibil report from their end.
I asked this from that time there’s no reply to my mail also.

I have cleard other loans on same day but they have updated in the month of August. But in this they dint do.
I have so many financial problems.

They took three days to update after the payment in Cibil but in this more than 49 days. From the day I paid I am requesting but not updated and sending same email again and again that( We have shared your concern to the respective team and will get back to you shortly.) from two days I’m not getting mail also.

Is this correct.
These people are playing with lives.

When Customer don’t pay they will update that in with in one day. After paying extra subscription and interest why can’t they close it with in one week or one month or 45 days. Why they are taking time.

One day you people will face karma then you’ll realize.

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I have closed Dhani account but it is still showing active in Cibil.

2 thoughts on “I have closed Dhani account but it is still showing active in Cibil.

  1. Dear Pavithra Mahendhra,
    We understand that our team got in touch with you regarding your query and shared the requisite information. Do let us know if you need assistance with anything else.
    Neha, Team Dhani

  2. Same thing happened with me, i have closed my account and paid all amount, after that loan is active in my cibil score. Such a worst dhani, they are fraud.

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