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SBI Credit Card is not yet closed and taking charges every month

Name of Complainant Yogesh Kumar
Date of ComplaintSeptember 7, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by Yogesh Kumar:

Sir,I have been already raised complaint for closing my sbi credit card account and waive the unnecessary charges but still it is running and bill has been generated even I haven’t received my card on my current address. Please close it and cancel the bill generated for which i have not responsible. From last month I have raised complaint via email and telephonically to customer care executive. You can not do this to forcefully handling your cards to any customer.

I have requested to close my sbi card at that time but now today i have checked my mailbox, there is a bill generated how is this possible? I also blocked and even not get my card on my address, I haven’t accepted and also denied by writing emails for closing the account then why this is all happening?

As SBI Bank is behaving like irresponsible and unsupported with their customer, I have paid penalty and my banking good will is going down and my CIBIL score is going very down due to SBI credit card. When I have not yet received and used the SBI credit card, so why will I pay annual charges and its penalty. On request for closing SBI credit card or waive the annual charges with penalty. the SBI bank is not taking positive action in this regard.

I request to you please resolve this issue with genuine judgement as soon as possible. Because of my CIBIL score is going down due to SBI Bank Credit Card.

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SBI Credit Card is not yet closed and taking charges every month

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