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Yatra fake Booking platform

Name of Complainant Saran
Date of ComplaintFebruary 8, 2024
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Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Saran:

The site is yatraints.com on which the users are asked to book 90 tickets and block airline tickets for yatra.com and for that job they are asking to deposit minimum Rs.10,000 and they give back with booking commission+bonuses. Like that I got 18k first time. At that point, I didn’t realise it was a trap. On 2nd slot, it mandated for more deposit to get back our initial deposit otherwise it will be locked. So far I was pushed to deposit Rs.93,620 and again they are asking 3lakhs more to get back all. They run telegram group named ‘Peak Wings’ with many members all pose to be genuine and make you trust. But in the behind, many people are cheated with thier dumb terms and conditions. When we question them, they blame us we have not read all points or ourselves asked them. The referred agent/guiding person also not openly telling all rules untill we are into trouble. The site URL got changed 3 times in last 15days(yatraint.com, yatra-int.com and now yatraints.com) giving reason as security, upgrade, bug fix, etc. All in the group as a team and pose like lot of profits they made, to build trust and make us fool and loot huge money. I’m attaching screenshots all proofs. My bad fate, I fell as victim in this fradulent act. This complaint should be addressed and help me get back my hard earned money, also stop them doing this fraud act. All FAKE, all TRAPS. In a recent complaint posted here, I saw Yatra.com confirmed this platform is scam.

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8 thoughts on “Yatra fake Booking platform

  1. Hi, Greetings from Yatra.com! This is with reference to your post referring to some offers being run on/by a website “yatraint.com, yatra-int.com and yatraints.com” (Sham Websites), which are apparently a fake websites being run for some ulterior motives. Please note that Yatra Online Limited (Yatra/Company) has no relation whatsoever with the instant Sham Websites and the Company is not responsible for any transactions being done with such or similar websites so please use the utmost caution at your end while engaging in any such transactions. Please also note that the Company has not invited any deposits or money from the public. While the Company is also exploring the appropriate legal actions in this connection, you are cautioned to be careful while engaging in any transaction with the Sham Website or any such similar website and report the same to the appropriate authorities. Regards, Yatra Care

    1. @ Yatra.com, thanks for your response. What legal action taken so far on people who misuses your company name.
      @consumercomplaintscourt, please help to recover my money lost to this fake site.

  2. @ Yatra.com, thanks for your response. What legal action taken so far on people who misuses your company name.
    @consumercomplaintscourt, please help to recover my money lost to this fake site.

    1. Saran
      I was also got trapped on the same company way the executive is giving me gst no nd company register address made me convince that it is genuine I invested 75k and now asking for 147k to get back ur 75k if u get help pls help me too in getting back

  3. Hi Saran, my sister is also victim of this scam. Her 12 lacs are stuck and now they are demanding 17more lacs to release that amount. How do we come out of this ?

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