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A nightmare trip for a family – no safe for your life with Myntra – Trip dated: 26th – 29th May 2023

Name of Complainant BSR
Date of ComplaintJune 4, 2023
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A nightmare trip for a family – no safe for your life with Myntra – Trip dated: 26th – 29th May 2023
https://www.myntraholidays.com/ – GST NO. – 02ABVFM1609H1ZA / Permanent Registration No. – 11-1964/2022-DTDO-SML
CONTACT INFO: Chauhan Building, P.O. Kamla Nagar, Sanjauli, Shimla Himachal Pradesh-171006

+91-85805-39500 / +91-6230430923 / +91-7876503470 / info@Myntraholidays.com

Please read TA as Travel Agent that represents – Hitesh Sharma (Sales), Deepak & Mohinder (Owners). Trip details planned for a family of four with 2 girl children accompanied. We booked a 4 days trip to Manali from Chennai with Myntra Holidays and paid the initial advance. We promised to pay the remaining amount after reaching Manali. The TA had confirmed that the remaining amount can be paid after we reach the hotel. Our family was so excited on the trip – to beat Chennai’s hot summer and to have full energy to close May’23 from the last week of holidays. We never imagined such an exploration would turn out to be a nightmare trip.

Day1- The trip started with disappointment. Full day travel was arranged from Delhi to Manali, however we were told that we would be able to reach Manali in 6-7 hours, also TA has committed that we can visit few sightseeing while on the way to Manali. We landed in Delhi at 9am. As TA did not share the correct driver details, vehicle number, we were asked to move around the airport parking space to find the right cab. The cab sent was so pathetic, dirty and uncomfortable to travel.

During the trip to Manali, the driver was reckless, had rash driving, and all 4 of us had a miraculous escape in most of the places, when he tried to hijack vehicles, even in the narrow roads. In the late evening around 6pm, our destiny started working out. The car broke down, in the midst of a mud valley – the place called Bilaspur, HP. Another 6 hours needed to reach Manali. More vehicles were passing in the bit of sunset time, and we realized, nothing can be done, unless God could save us to overcome this situation. We were stranded – mid of the road over 4 hours, called up TA, his boss – literally cried for a help to move away from this place (while my 2 girls and wife, showing nervous, red faced – as the dark clouds passed by), but our voices were unheard, TA did not understand our concerns, rather he demanded money to arrange for an alternative vehicle. Our phones were running out of power and no data signal, no mercy was given to us, ultimately, we were pushed to the corner to pay the amount. We managed to pay 5K. During the course of time, the driver got few mechanics around 9pm, and we were taken to the workshop (along with other 4 men – like goons in films!!), site was located deep down (a mud slope beneath) from the main road – an isolated place where no stranger can enter or knows about it. No police patrol around that place. We were helpless! We could not be able to imagine the situation, that anything could happen in that place, no trespassers would be able to help. Several calls were made to TA, and finally one car arrived at 10pm, we left that place and thanked all people over there for their “help”, and reached Manali at 2pm. We realized, we were fooled by seeing the “fake” reviews of this TA – as no humanity in them, they were willing to wait to fix the repair, no immediate action was taken to get us out from that pain. After reaching Manali, again they demanded cash to pay for a 2nd car. We don’t have any other choice. A full day completely washed away with a horrible experience. At the end of the day, we were still alive – Gods heard our prayers.

Day2 & Day3: The TA never bothered to send a cab. We were waiting till noon. No clear instruction on the driver, cab details. As they contracted the cab for all 4 days, they were never willing to arrange a new cab. After a long everyday fight, we got a cab – Maruti 800 – which was so inconvenient for the four of us to sit and travel around Manali. Even after we strictly told them to arrange a better cab, TA completely shelved our words – they offered only pathetic experience in each stage of our trip.

Day3: Same experience as Day2. No cab was given to us till noon. Even before starting from Chennai, I told TA to cover Rohtang Pass. He committed, but he did not cover anything, including our planned itinerary that was left out on Day1. We need to shell out an additional amount to the cab driver to take us to Atal tunnel.

We were told that TA will get a Volvo bus to get back to Delhi (an overnight journey), which seems to be a workable solution for us, as we don’t want to experiment the same, as we had it in Day1. However, we paid the full amount for a cab from Delhi -> Manali -> Delhi round-trip. Experienced another drama in Volvo bus booking, no correct information shared by TA.

I convinced them to book a hotel at Delhi, so that we can spend a day there till we onboard the flight at 8:40pm. The TA did not have any concerns on trip cuts, whilst willing to barring us in the middle of the bus-stand from morning till evening – keeping family and luggage. The TA asked us to pay more. Again, we don’t have a choice – we paid. We came to know that he had paid only part of the money to the Delhi hotel to have our stay for only 2-3 hours.

Day4: We reached the Delhi hotel. My family was so tired due to the overnight journey from Manali. There is no point in moving out in a couple of hours. I had decided to stay there till evening. I received a call from TA. Again, he asked us to pay more for staying extra hours. I blasted at him and didn’t hear his words. I shouted and told him that I will go to the police, if he harasses us to pay any extra amount, whatever the hotel demands. Finally, he bowed to us and agreed to settle the amount for the hotel.

Final word – The TA did not have a clear understanding of our requirements, no plan in-hand, no coordination with any cab owners. Always he kept us waiting for an extended period – a half a day was completely washed away each day – not given enough time to spend sightseeing and lack in covering the places as committed in the itinerary. I highly recommend you refrain from booking with this TA. Your life will not be guaranteed and safe, when things were not inline with your trip plan – as no mitigation was in hand with TA, these money suckers will use and push you to the death bed. They will not trust you, and do not expect them to provide good service.

I feel sorry for my family for this agony trip and promised that I will take action against this TA, complaining with Himachal Tourism, GOI and filing actual experience – reviews across portals, will do bad marketing against Myntra Holidays. I am happy to provide more details if you inbox me on my experience. God is with us, and we are back home safe now.

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8 thoughts on “A nightmare trip for a family – no safe for your life with Myntra – Trip dated: 26th – 29th May 2023

  1. I have reviewed your complaint and apologize for the inconvenience during the trip. Sometimes it happens and our team apologizes as we have requested another taxi for you from Chandighar. This takes time to reach and rescue you from Bilaspur. There are no taxi services available in Bilaspur, so we have booked a taxi from Chandigarh or we have to book a taxi from Manali, which may take longer.thats why we have gone for the best backup possible at the moment

    1. You had showcased, that you were inhumane in every other situation in our trip. You are fraudsters and money oriented, not bothered on the service that we paid for. We were harassed to pay money in all occasions, We agreed due to helplessness and understood, that we were duped by the reviews posted. Our family were shocked, couldn’t able to recover from that nightmare. I would advise anyone to refrain booking with your company and keeping trust on your service. Our experience is warning to everyone, otherwise, probable tourists through Myntra holidays are taking their risks in their life, esp with their family.

      1. You are 100% Correct.
        In Recent We had a horrible experience from Myntra. Booked tour package From Delhi – Shimla -Manali – Dharmasala-Dalhousie-Delhi.
        Mr Hitesh Travel Agent From Myntra is the person who tortures us everyday for Advance money .
        If Money paid in Advance then he will treat us like slaves who are traveling for free.
        No one from Myntra Will support you and at-least tries to listen you .

        Must Avoid Myntra if you are planning your tour with your family , Any website other than this is good … Before Paying money they will say that they offer best service but once you paid money they will show you hell throughout your tour ….. Very important MR HITESH( Tour plan sales person ) Don’t believe his words at any cost . Before paying money his words are ( I will book best hotel ,A Room with good view , I will provide best transport, I will give best service, we are there for everything )very sweet words . After Advance paid (He will book Un promised hotels , Average rooms , If you call him while you’re in trip to complain for anything he only ask you to pay Balance money other than this he don’t listen for anything and he will treat you in very disrespectful way as you are traveling for free. If you hesitate for advance payment suddenly he will call the driver to stop the car when you are in deep forest , Heavy rain and torture you and your family for total money . If you paid money then you become their slaves ..

        Keep in mind friends You are traveling with your family along with hard earned money and with leaves saved for many months . Don’t become slaves to these people by paying money.
        Words from my recent experience ..
        I am adding his photo for quick Finding ..

        I am very happy even this review will help one person or family…..

      2. Yes they are fraudster i am one of the victim . I am also gonna complain in consumer court .

  2. As per the discussion while confirming the package you have agreed for the package amount right. and we haven’t charged any extra amounts. Sow how we have done froad with you. Excidently the car get out of service and you freak out and feel uncomfortable but we have provide you another car that was our responsibility that we ha done obviously the car take time to reach your location to rescue you. Thats the thing.

  3. We paid additional price for the ruthless package with you. We fought with you on a daily basis for the bitter arrangements you were made. How are you going to compromise ? You didn’t cover places as per itinerary. The complained will be circulated to Rajasthan Tourism Department and GOI for further intervention (director.tourism@rajasthan.gov.in)

  4. This travel agency is fraud agency. People including Hithesh Sharma are No.1 frauds. They are just behind the money. They will literally rape your happiness in name of Holiday.I had very bad experience with them during my Manali trip 23rd May to 28th May with my family. Some of the positive reviews posted here are 1000% fake. For god sake please don’t fall in their trap. Please don’t be a victim of their holiday trap trap. They show nice star hotel photos and provide low class stay.
    Below are his false and fake commitments.

    * We were eight travelers he promised good condition Tavera vehicle of nine seater.
    later just before one day of our travel he said he will give Mahendra Morajo i.e. seven seater. My round trip air ticket was done by that time that was Rs.11000 for eigth travellers. Even after the commitment on quotation he started demanding for 15000 more money for Tavera or otherwise he said he will cancel the trip. There was no other choice I had I forced to agree with him.

    * Because we were eight travelers the Journey was very uncomfortable and so bad experience we had. Soon reaching Delhi Mr.Sharma started demanding for Money every 5 mins he was calling and irritating like anything for money. They committed super deluxe rooms in star hotel. They gave very cheap, dirty, unhygienic, small room in Haridwar. It was below average. May be below 500 hotel rent you can imagine the quality.
    * Same repeated in shimla. hotel was in deep down, far from the city in a remote residential area room was little better than Haridwar. He says that was a super deluxe room. Small room,No internet, No wifi, No AC, No Fan small computer desktop like TV. Horrible experience.

    I shouted like anything for him he said he will change the hotel next day. we were about to move from shimla to Manali some how we managed. He was keep on demanding for Money.

    In Manali also nothing great room was not a super deluxe as he committed it was better but no welcome drink, No water,No tea No coffee, food was very bad he charged for curd which we asked along with food.
    * About sightseeing in Manali for Rotang sightseeing he charged Rs.7000 extra which was not informed before.

    * First advance I transferred to Mintra Holidays company account. Later payments they started demanding to transfer to their personal Phone-Pay, G-Pay accounts to avoid GST. I told them to give GST invoice I will no mind paying GST. Later I checked after taking GST money they not uploaded GST amount in Govt portal. They have even cheated Govt. I am really want to bring this matter to judicial limits.

    My sincere request please don’t bea part of this systematic money making trap. People working in this company are very inhuman, un-professional, It is purely money making gang.



    I had arranged the trip with Myntra holidays from 20th to 25th November 2023(Shimla, Kulu, Manali and dharmshala) I talked to – ANJALI (from the mythra holidays team) who told me regarding the package details

    We had selected the hotels and did our initial advance payment, they said will check with hotels for booking vouchers
    NOTE : I did advance payment on 12th of October and confirmed my package and Hotels (one and half months before my travel plan)

    Through WhatsApp i asked them for Hotel booking vouchers but they said they haven’t received any reply back from hotels (2-3 weeks after advance payment)
    Finally after multiple requests they shared two vouchers on 27th October (confirmed booking shimla and Manali hotels)
    Dharmshala hotel booking they said the hotel has not reverted anything we’ll have to wait [THIS IS A BIG LIE]

    I waited till my travel day, they said the dharmshala hotel { Sky bhagsu} did not confirm anything, when we asked, they used to tell don’t worry
    We started our journey on 20th Nov . The trip was organized by Myntra , but the vehicle driver said they were from other company which was hired by Myntra holidays for travels

    Hotels provided in Shimla and Manali were in steep down roads, far from the city center in a remote residential area.

    I was on my way to dharmshala and in WhatsApp they pinged me one more hotel (JK Hotel) details which was city outskirts of dharmshala 12km (not the same hotel Sky bhagsu mentioned while booking) . They said Sky Bhagsu booking was not confirmed so we had given an alternative

    I called Sky bhagsu and confirmed my booking within 5 min while I was traveling

    Which means the Sky bhagsu hotel was ready for booking but Myntra was not ready to give us that hotel ANJALI person has lied to me for one month

    We said we need the Sky bhagsu hotel and we are not changing our package at the end of the moment.They cannot change the hotel whenever they want. ANJALI person pinged me to make remaining payment of package. We said we’ll make payment only when we get the hotel which we booked earlier

    They also told the driver to take us only to JK hotel which they have booked. Or else they informed us THEY”LL DROP US IN MIDDLE OF THE ROAD

    Imagine you are with your family on a trip, your tour package company demands you to pay money (after lying and scamming us ) or else they will drop you in middle of the road.

    Since this was my family trip and they knew exactly we cannot arrange anything else. We were forced to pay remaining balance of package and they dropped us at JK hotel ( new hotel)

    First advance I transferred to Myntra Holidays company account. Later payments they started demanding to transfer to their personal Phone-Pay, G-Pay accounts to avoid GST. They are scamming Govt too.

    So please don’t book any package form this company. And all negative reviews are true. Initially I ignored them , but after my experience I’m informing here the same


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