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Lucky drop

Name of Complainant Tamchi Bama
Date of ComplaintAugust 21, 2023
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Category of complaint Investments
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Text of Complaint by Tamchi Bama:

It is said that the lucky drop is a feature where you can deal with additional merchant. Which sounds good . I was never told about this lucky drop and after investing all savings on to the products and ready to withdraw I get 2 more items out of nowhere wherease I was told I had to do only three. Now they are asking 50k for cancellation of product and I have no more money. Is the site legit or not I don’t know but I know one thing and that is that I was not told about the the lucky drop function when I asked for the terms and agreement

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One thought on “Lucky drop

  1. Hi! Please do not respond to any Phone Call/Email/SMS/Letter claiming to offer rewards/lucky draw prizes on behalf of Snapdeal. We NEVER request our customers for unsolicited financial information or advance payments in exchange for rewards.

    Team Snapdeal

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