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Complaint against Skill-Lync for not cancelling course/loan

Name of Complainant Joel Lukose
Date of ComplaintDecember 20, 2022
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Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Joel Lukose:

My name is Joel Lukose. I am registering a complaint against Skill Lync, an Ed-Tech company based in Chennai. I had enrolled for a PG Program in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Analysis on April 2022 via Skill Lync. The course seemed to be very professional and they even claimed placement/ paid Internship support throughout for which I fell for and agreed to pay a huge sum of 2.50 Lakhs as loan since they provided no other option for me to pay as Monthly/Termly in hand fee and the team even told me as if It’s just like paying monthly fee (This is clearly a misinformation for making students lure into the loan facility)
A guy named Anand Abraham (93459 09877) contacted me after I once visited Skill-Lync’s site. He offered me the course which they have advertised for Rs 3,50,000 for an offered price of Rs 2,50,000 including an optional Laptop Computer which is required for the software compliances and they assured me a paid internship after 3 months as well as career assistance assuring me a job of my interest. They also assured me any help from dedicated industry experienced experts. I was convinced that I would just have to pay only Rs 11364/- for first three months only, thereafter I would get a paid internship with stipend Rs 10000/- per month and within this first 6 months I would get placed. I was told there was only limited intake of students as per the industry vacancy reporting and their course would include industry bootcamps from companies. Skill-Lync would provide already trained employees to companies so companies wouldn’t have to spend on training students as per company requirements. Once they convinced me into think that skill-lync has direct tie ups with job providers like Cyient, Ola electric, Tech Mahindra and 200+ other companies and they insisted me to take up the course immediately or else I would be losing my chance for the upcoming urgent recruitments of these companies.So, they forced me to block the seat immediately to get enrolled and made me initially pay Rs 11,364. Only after this payment they told me that they have their finance partner institute called Eduvanz Financing private limited who will pay Skill-Lync the fee amount Rs 2,50,000 on my behalf and from then on, I’ll have to repay this Eduvanz company as No cost EMI for next 21 months. Since I have already paid an amount and didn’t give any further time to rethink, I was indirectly forced to comply with them for the further proceedings and I provided them necessary documents such as my PAN Card photo, Driving Licence Photo, My passbook’s front page and my passport size Photo. They never even intimated any of the repayment and cancellation policy which I now understand as the company’s unethical way of trapping students who wish to discontinue at any point during the course but has to pay the full amount either way. This is a violation of basic human rights which is denying my right to discontinue the course. And after 2 weeks the loan got disbursed and only then I got the course access. As soon as I got the access and checked the course I was really disappointed because of the old pre-recorded contents and no online notes or materials being provided. All of their videos were very basic and weren’t up to any Industrial standards and were just basic low standard tutorials. And everything they said about Industrial bootcamp was a blatant lie because no one with industrial expertise ever contacted me or advised me. I found the courses to be very outdated and Its never been updated for a long time, most of the time I had to learn from other free sources like YouTube and google for understanding the basics of changed/updated information. The demo class which I was given was not really a demonstration class with access to the original site instead it was just a PowerPoint presentation containing advertisement showing different perks of the company and the course. The quality of their future classes could not be judged from their Demo classes. I was told that I would be assigned a personal advisor whom I could rely on about any confusions I would incur during the course, but this was overly exaggerated because I was only assigned a mentor 4 months into the course and the person would not attend to any of my queries. I thought their certificates might be of some value and completed one course (MATLAB). But even after completing that course they didn’t issue me any certificate and didn’t resolve my request to issue the same. Every month Eduvanz team calls multiple times to pay the EMI before 7th of month and started threatening me that If I fail to pay on 7th they won’t be responsible for further money collection activities, degrade my CIBIL score and door visits in a very unprofessional way. This has affected my confidence adversely in the course and had to assign more of my dedicated time for finding jobs elsewhere to repay the loan immediately after the disbursement. I have been paying EMIs from April 21, 2022 till November 05, 2022 by doing multiple small jobs due to which I had little to no time to do the course. How does the company expect me to pay back right from the beginning of the course and study at the same time.?
Apart from this I had to stop paying EMIs since my family had to face an unexpected medical emergency. It is very surprising to know the skill Lync and Eduvanz did not have a course cancellation policy considering any of the factors which could hinder a student from completing the course. In short, they are receiving a huge sum of free money from under privileged students like me who got trapped in their over exaggerated claims and are not attending any of the classes for which I am paying for. In fact, the company is forcing us to do the course we don’t want and pay for it. I am not even pleading the company for any reimbursement of my already paid Rs 79,548 as EMI. My request for the company is as simple as cancelling my course along with any further repayment towards the loan. I had contacted their customer support multiple times and pleaded for higher authority to arrange a contact/ meeting. Skill-Lync completely ignored my emails, calls etc and never gave a call back after I raised this issue with their system. There are numerous students like me who are facing the same serious issue and adversely affected by the company’s poor policy construction. This has caused not only our mental health to deteriorate but also our future is being destroyed day by day since we are forced to do any jobs which are not even comparable to our academic qualifications. Instead of getting a job to make my living, I am forced to do any daily wage job just to repay the loan. I hope the company collaboration of Skill-Lync and Eduvanz Finance will address this serious issue and resolve this defect in their system immediately.

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