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1XBet Deposit : Amount scammed

Name of Complainant Praveen
Date of ComplaintJanuary 5, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Praveen:


I attempted a deposit of Rs 28000 on Jan 1st at 9 41 pm using the UPI QR deposit option on the 1XBET webiste and I was directed to a code to be scanned and the transaction was successfully completed using my imobile banking app and the amount was instantaneously debited from my bank account

However no messages or alerts corresponding to this successful deposit was seen on the website not was there any transaction shown in the history action and the amount was not added to my gaming balance.
Frankly the money ‘disappeared’ in the 1Xbet system.
I have reached out to support through all available channels and have received no responses or pathway for resolution even though I have shared all details including that of the beneficiary agent account along with bank email regarding the successful transaction.

I am forced to believe that I am scammed by 1XBet and its agents due to the extremely unprofessional and unethical responses I have received so far

Kindly help to locate my funds


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1XBet Deposit : Amount scammed

7 thoughts on “1XBet Deposit : Amount scammed

  1. Dear Praveen, My name is Alex, and I’m in charge of your case.

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We acknowledge the challenges you’ve encountered, and we are committed to resolving them promptly.

    To assist in reviewing your transaction, we kindly request the following details:
    1.Your gaming ID:
    2.Date of the transaction:
    3.Time of the transaction:
    4.Amount involved:
    5.Payment system used:
    6. Screenshot of the transaction (if possible):

    Having this information will enable us to investigate the transaction efficiently and address any concerns you might have. Once we receive the necessary details, our team will promptly review your case and get back to you with relevant information.
    To keep your personal information private, please contact us at public.relations@1xpartner.com and send your data there

    We look forward to resolving this matter for you.

    Best regards,

    Alex, the 1xBet Team

  2. Hello Alex,

    I just received an email from the mail id you mentioned asking me to wait for response from support.

    This appears to be an endless loop with no resolution in sight as the support team has been extremely unhelpful to provide a meaningful solution nor provide any response so far.

    Kindly help in any capacity

    1. Dear Praveen,

      Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

      I understand your concerns but depending on our Security Team’s answer you have to contact support team and since you already did it, we recommend wait a little for their response

      Best regards,

      Alex, the 1xBet Team

  3. Hello Alex,

    Another week has passed and I have received absolutely no response from the support team regarding the whereabouts of my funds which was been missing since Jan 1st.

    This is incredibly unethical and bordering on financial malpractice.

    All I demand is some accountability and ownership from the 1xbet team given that I have shared every possible detail needed from my side

    Please help

  4. Hello Alex,

    Another week has passed and I have received no response.

    This is unethical and fraudulent behaviour from the 1xbet team.

    Kindly treat your customers with some dignity given that real world money is involved in these transactions.

    Never have I come across a gaming company with so little accountability

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