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Withdrawal problem money stuck in 1x bet

Name of Complainant Dhruv
Date of ComplaintNovember 8, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Dhruv:

Hey, I have two currencies in my account main(USD) and other currencies(USDT). Now, the problem is that I am able to withdraw money from main account but unable to withdraw from the other currency that is USDT. The error which comes while I try to withdraw is that I have not completed my profile but my profile is showing as completed for both of my currency account. I can’t update or change the profile as its showing as 100% completed. I think it’s a bug or system error on the website that is not allowing me to update my profile details on other currency and showing as filled. Can you update my profile with the same profile that I have in my main account as I am unable to do so from my end. Thanks…

Main account(USD) – 679308541
Other currency(USDT) – 700022549

I have tried everything but my profile remains the same and the website is not letting me update it. Problem is with my other currency account. Main account is working perfectly and I am able to withdraw from it but not with th USDT account. I have attached my profile screenshot and also I have changed my active account to other currency account in it, just to let you know.

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