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Ola asking me the money which I’ve already paid [RESOLVED]

Name of Complainant Yonisha
Date of ComplaintJanuary 24, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Yonisha:

Usually, I use ola bike for an emergency situations. Last month end of the Decemeber 2022, I had to book ola bike. While traveling i tried to click the post paid option in ola app. But i was cancelled, on that time i wasn’t activate. It showed like “Can’t activate Post paid”. So when i reached my location i paid through pay on cash.

Begining of the january month i received normal messages from ola. That message was how much pending money that i had to pay for ola rides. i shocked. 3rd of January 2023 i sent mail to ola support team to stop the activation of ola post paid. I’ve clearly mentioned that “i paying money for every rides so stop the post paid”. From 3rd january upto 20th of january i 2023 i kept send mail to ola support team to cancel the post paid. But they didn’t send any reply.

When i get 1000 rs to pay the money with penality, whey they made me call first time to pay the postpaid payment i replied “mam i paid money for all rides that’s why i keep sending mail to stop the post paid activation”. But they were rude to me in phone call and also they making me call everyday to pay the money. Please help me.

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Ola asking me the money which I’ve already paid [RESOLVED]

2 thoughts on “Ola asking me the money which I’ve already paid [RESOLVED]

  1. Exactly the same issue I am facing. They even did an investigation and wrote a mail back to me saying that they found out that the payment was done through cash and my arrears will be nullified to zero pending amount. But it didn’t happen and they had been harassing me since 4 months everyday . I want to sue them legally. Just looking for the right channel to do it.

  2. Hello, I filed a complaint against OLA in the consumer court online. And guess what ….just within a few hours they wrote me multiple emails and called me mentioning that my outstanding money was waived off. Just file a complain against these bas t r d s ….. Im done with them and have uninstalled the app. Uber is my only service…. reliable and professional

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