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Suspected Call from policy Transfer and asking Immediate money transfer

Name of Complainant Monika
Date of ComplaintJuly 28, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Insurance
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Text of Complaint by Monika:

I got a call From 6026459547 on 26th July 2022 from one lady and she said that she is calling from customer care SBI and asking that did i know my policy update and fund value on regular basis. Than I said no so she said that she will raise a complain and you will get the all information on regularly. Very next day i got a call from Praveen – 8743052726 that my fund value is this and from your policy 20% commision is goes to one Agent and so on. I did not told him any information but they got the data from other source in which some is correct and some is incorrect. I was shocked that my data got leaked from any source. Today on 28th July 2022 i got a call from Amit Kashyap – 7428015986 (IRDA) who was saying that he was from fast track department and he told me few things and influenced that regarding your matter you will get a call from SBI to ask them to freeze your policy. I said OK. After one hour i got a call from Sandeep Goyal – 9355518217 that we got your complain and so on. We have discussed almost half an hour and i told them that how could the things happen so fast without any documents. He said this is from SBI (complain department) and you have to continue the policy it will give you not very good results but you have already purchased it so i said what is the process to Freeze it. Than he said he will freeze the policy and i have to pay premium today only than SBI will give me my amount in 2024. he was very much keen to know that do i have money to pay the premium today for next policy or not. I said i don’t have and i need time to discuss the thing with family as well so he refused and said your policy is freeze now and this is your reference number. Give this number to that person from IRADA they will switch this into guaranteed policy. They will look the matter on priority basis. After that i called Amit Kashyap – 7428015986 that i don’t have money to pay so he said call Sandeep and try to extend your freezing time so i refuse them that you guys are trapping me to do payment and i will not call anybody. I got to know that its a trap that they are playing psychologically that you dont have time, you can’t take advise from anybody. Than I call the person from whom i have purchased the policy that tell the details that some fraud is going on and my some details are also got leaked. Than he called Sandeep Goyal – 9355518217 that from where you are calling but he did not disclose anything and saying that he is from SBI help desk, threaten the person the we will do enquiry against you and hung up the phone. he also knows that person’s name. Means they did very strong R&D. Be alter from these called and report it. Every call is from mobile number without any proper paper work. they are playing with people’s mind.

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Suspected Call from policy Transfer and asking Immediate money transfer

One thought on “Suspected Call from policy Transfer and asking Immediate money transfer

  1. Dear Monika,

    We are here to help you. For us to be able to attend to your concerns swiftly, we would request you to mail us your detailed concern, SBI Life Insurance policy number, and contact details at our official email address – info@sbilife.co.in.

    Kindly mention the policy number in the subject.

    Further, we would like to inform you that we never make such unsolicited commercial calls. Any call that solicits to get personal financial information like your policy no., bank account details, your password, etc. is not from SBI Life Insurance.

    In case of fraud is suspected, we request you to contact our toll-free number (1800-267-9090) and/or log your complaint/incident details immediately on our email ID – info@sbilife.co.in

    Thanks & Regards,
    SBI Life Insurance – Customer Care

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