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Misbehaved and Abusive Language Issue – NueGo Lounge – Kashmere Gate

Name of Complainant Abhishek
Date of ComplaintAugust 28, 2023
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Category of complaint Tours & Travels
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Text of Complaint by Abhishek:

Dear Concern,

This is regarding a very serious issue which was emerged at Kashmere Gate NueGo Lounge. I am briefly stating the issue below :

I purchased two tickets from New Delhi ISBT to Ambala from NueGo counter at 2:05 PM, the timing was 3:30 PM. I was accompanied with my wife and a three years old baby. As i had with around one and half hour spare time to bus timings so i contacted your employees at platform 1 of ISBT New Delhi from where bus was scheduled to depart. I shown the ticket and asked them to guide the way for NueGo lounge, one of your employee ( name not known) guided us the way to Lounge and told that we can rest at lounge . He also conveyed us that the bus will go to lounge after departing from ISBT. I again confirmed form him that the timing is 3:30PM then what time bus will reach at Lounge, he answered me that in next 5 to 10 minutes after departing from ISBT, the bus will reach at Lounge.

I, my wife and our 3 years baby walked almost half kilometres to NueGo lounge in 37 degree temperature and in very humid environment.

Here the main story starts :

We barred to enter in Lounge and asked to show the ticket, after viewing our ticket the Lounge officers denied by passing a comment that the bus will not come at Lounge. He told me to go back at same time for ISBT again. We were helpless at that time,(anybody can understand that when a family with 3 years baby after walking half km in hot and very humid environment reach at a place in full sweat and the officer asking to go back, will naturally come in anger)

In same anger I asked the words to Lounge officer “Bhai aap wapas jaane ko bol rahe ho aur waha walon ne yaha bhej diya …ab hum agar waha wapas gaye to jhagda ho jayega aur kapde fat jayenge (in anger)”

And the officer reply was “ha aap waha jaye aur unke kapde faad dijiye”

I was completely astonished that how a Lounge officer did not understand my situation that why I am in anger and I am with my family misguided by NueGo employee, rather than handling the situation he is replying in his EGO & ARROGANCE.

At the same time the person who guided us to pick bus from Lounge reached there and accepted that he misguided us.

That time again from both sides there was a debate happening in anger, they are not allowing to me speak properly but themselves are speaking loudly.

One another person in NueGo T Shirt came and started making video of mine, I asked him to shoot video form near not from far as I was not asking any abusive words and I wasn’t in any fear.

During this debate suddenly The Lounge Officer commented

“bande se galti ho gayi to kya tu Mere Sar par moote ga…”

“ja negative review kar de …”

“ja police bula le…”

“ja Judge bula le…”

“tere jaise 36 aate hain roz…”

“Security bulao aur bahar fikwao inko…”

I was left with no way at that time, so me and my family (with our luggage) was sat outside at protest and raised our voice as “NueGo Hi Hi..”

After some time three four NueGo officers came and discussed the matter with us… we were asking for sorry from that Lounge Officers for their abusive words.

After discussion all these three four officers conveyed us that the Lounge officer is not NueGo employee… I asked for his name …but nobody answered with his name …someone asked that his name is BANTU, but nobody was aware about his real name. During whole discussions that person was sitting inside and laughing on us. Not able to understand how Greencell Mobility is tolerating these types of elements in their premises.

I also asked for camera recordings but nobody is able to show the camera recordings, even I asked for the mobile video recording, but they denied for same.

Your officers requested us to pick the bus as the time was running, my baby was hungry so we decided to go and travel for that time but the issue needs to be resolved, so I am writing this mail to you.

Please note I don’t want to break the chain, so if yourself is not able to resolve the issue pls guide me so that I can move to further actions.

Requesting for another help from your side – Please retain the camera recordings (for Dated 27/08/2023 after 2:00 PM) of NueGo Lounge, Kashmere Gate, Near Metro Gate no.1, Near Adhaar Seva Kendra, New Delhi. ( As these recordings will help me in filing action if in case non resolution of the matter)


Abhishek Jaiswal


Image Uploaded by Abhishek:

Misbehaved and Abusive Language Issue – NueGo Lounge – Kashmere Gate

2 thoughts on “Misbehaved and Abusive Language Issue – NueGo Lounge – Kashmere Gate

  1. Dear Abhishek we apologize for any inconvenience caused and want to assure you that we will look into this on priority. Be rest assured, we will investigate the issue thoroughly .Your details have been duly noted, and we will prioritize checking and addressing the issue. We appreciate your patience during this process.

  2. Dear Abhishek, We completely understand your frustration and we are truly sorry for the unpleasant experience you had with us. We have conducted an investigation into your complaint and we will be taking action against the ground staff involved as per our company’s policy. We recognize how difficult it must have been for you to experience this level of service from us.
    Rest assured, we are taking all necessary steps to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future. We always strive to offer the best hospitality and we will continue to work on improving our services. We kindly request your patience and understanding in this regard and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you better in the future.

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