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Complaint against Skill Lync and Eduvanz for fraudulent practic. I need to skilllync cancel course and loan from eduvanz. I want to cancel my course from skill lync.

Name of Complainant Rahhul Dey
Date of ComplaintJune 11, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against ,
Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Rahhul Dey:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to bring to your attention a matter of utmost concern and seek justice regarding a fraudulent incident involving Skill Lync and their loan partner Eduvanz. I am a victim of their unethical practices and have been subjected to harassment, financial loss, and denial of promised services.

Rahul Dey from Kolkata ,i seen this skillync ad from linkedin application then i visit website and registerded live demo.And sales specialist in skilllync called me to take course i replied him about my financial background is very poor i am not interested in any paid courses sorry leave me, but after that he again called me and join course that i time i am haveing lot of future thinking.so i accept and joint this course.

After the conversation they asked me to send the documents like aadhar, pan, bank passbook, for registration. i send those to them.

And also thay sayed 100% job carentied but after joind the course they sayed no 100% job caenty.

After a year when my study progress will be 0 , I want to leave course skill-lync told me wait for week and week not giving me any update. Outher side Enduza pressurized me for payment.

Additionally, Skill Lync had partnered with Eduvanz to provide loan options to students like me. Now, Eduvanz has been harassing me for repayment of the loan, even though the course did not deliver the promised benefits. I am currently facing financial difficulties due to this situation, as I am burdened with a loan without any means to repay it.

I believe that the actions of Skill Lync and Eduvanz are not only unethical but also a violation of my consumer rights. Therefore, I kindly request the intervention of the Consumer Court to resolve this matter and ensure justice is served. I seek the following actions to be taken:

1. Investigation: I request a thorough investigation into the business practices of Skill Lync and Eduvanz, including their refund policies, job placement claims, and loan agreements. This will help expose their fraudulent activities and prevent further harm to innocent consumers.

2. Refund: Skill Lync should be directed to refund the entire amount I paid for the course, as they failed to provide the promised employment opportunities. This refund will help alleviate the financial burden caused by their deceitful practices.

3. Loan Resolution: Eduvanz should be instructed to suspend any loan repayment demands until the matter is resolved. It is unfair to hold me accountable for a loan taken for a course that did not yield the promised benefits.

4. Penalty and Compensation: Skill Lync and Eduvanz should be penalized for their deceptive practices and harassment. Additionally, I seek compensation for the mental distress, financial loss, and time wasted due to their misconduct.

I have attached copies of all relevant documents, including the enrollment agreement, communication records, and loan agreement, to support my claims. I am willing to cooperate fully during the investigation process and provide any additional information deemed necessary.

I trust in the integrity of the Consumer Court system to address my grievance and bring justice in this matter. I hope that my complaint will be treated with the utmost seriousness and urgency it deserves.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to a fair resolution.

Yours sincerely,

Image Uploaded by Rahhul Dey:

Complaint against Skill Lync and Eduvanz for fraudulent practic. I need to skilllync cancel course and loan from eduvanz. I want to cancel my course from skill lync.

2 thoughts on “Complaint against Skill Lync and Eduvanz for fraudulent practic. I need to skilllync cancel course and loan from eduvanz. I want to cancel my course from skill lync.

  1. Hi Rahhul Dey, At Skill-Lync, the entire team has been constantly aiming at helping students upskill and build strong careers. We will get in touch with you to understand the issue in detail and investigate your complaint.

    1. When you will provide placement for us, in my case you Skil-lync taken loan by creating my fake profile by mentioning I’m salaried person. And also you didn’t informed me about the loan you taken on me. Now they are torturing me to re-pay my loan which you have taken on me. Till now I have paid 1 lakh rupees only because to maintain my cibil it decreasing day by day. And now my family blaming me and not getting support from them. Without placement how where can I get money it had happened more than 1 year for me in Skil-lync still not got any benefits you just telling me to wait and complete one more module again one more module.. and repeating same. I want my money refund, course cancellation and Loan cancellation. I wasted my 1 year Golden time as a fresher, by believing you, you cannot return that golden time I know but you can refund my money, cancel this loan and course. You ruined my beautiful carrier life. I got depressed. If I committed suicide means you are the main reason. So I’m writing this here.

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