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Prepaid order has not been delivered

Name of Complainant Koushik Mukherjee
Date of ComplaintFebruary 4, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Koushik Mukherjee:

Sir/ Ma’am,

I placed and order using Meesho application, on 18/01/2024, alai I made a payment, but the order is not being delivered till date, I placed an order for 3 different products, out of which, one order is showing as delivered, but the delivery agent has not delivered the product yet, and the order two products also not delivered, in Meesho app showing the order placed, no delivery date is reflecting, I had contacted several times to the customer care using Meesho app, but all the time they are stating that there is no order reflecting in our system, I have attached the screenshot, where clearly reflecting the order details, I requested them to validate the order by the order number and the payment transaction reference number, which I paid to Meesho, but they are forcefully denying the same, and not taking any initiative.

I requested many times, all the order is showing under the order section in Meesho app, but they are saying the orders has not been placed, also saying that the order placed from different applications.

On 23/01/2024, when I came to know that the order is showing as delivered, where as there is no one else in my home, and I was in office, I made a complaint in a same day, there after the delivery agent has called me, and asked me to state the order I have received (1order) as he said that he is delivering the product to my door step or to the neighbour, but after reaching to my home, I did not found any order, then I called to the delivery agent,he said he will come on next day26/01/2024, but did not come, or deliver the same, I contacted the contact center using Meesho app, by the option for call back request, but all the time they are denying by staying that there is no order placed, and the other order has been delivered as per them, but till date neither I did receive any of my order which I have placed on 18/01/2024.

1. One order is showing as delivered
2. Other two orders is showing as order placed, also not reflecting any delivery date.

In this way Meesho has started the fraudulent activities and doing scam business, may be many other customers are also facing this kind of issue, but for my case, orders are reflecting in the Meesho app, where the payment is also reflecting as paid, but they are stating that no order has been placed.

Kindly do take initiative of possible, and spread this as much as you can, though the other customers may face the same issue.

No OTP has been shared from my end, neither I received, even though they have delivered as non OTP delivery for the order when ch is reflecting as delivered, but the other two orders no delivery date is reflecting in the meesho app, but meesho customer care is stating that no any other order placed using Meesho app.

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One thought on “Prepaid order has not been delivered

  1. Dear Koushik, we’re genuinely sorry to learn about the issue you’re experiencing. To assist you better, please provide us with the details by clicking here: https://bit.ly/meelnk. Our team will promptly investigate the matter and take the necessary actions.

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