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SimpliLearn Scam and Denying Cancellation of Course [RESOLVED]

Name of Complainant Anirudh C R
Date of ComplaintAugust 27, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Anirudh C R:

hello everyone,

I was initially interested in the PGP Data Science course after looking at their(SimpliLearn) website. I wanted to get the brochure so I entered my email and mobile number which they had requested on their site in order to receive the brochure to my email id. I was then contacted by a representative by the name Shivani Swain of SimpliLearn. She gave me the details of the course and repeatedly kept pursuing me to give her a confirmation to join the course, as they normally do.
I had to send her lot of documents since I wasn’t employed at the time and with after sending multiple bank statements, Aadhar card, pan card details to her, she got my loan approved even before I started the course. I was informed during the time of admission that I had to pay Rs. 5000 as an enrollment fee and I would get access to trial content of the PGP course for 3 weeks after which I had the option of either choosing the course or not.
By that time I had already taken another better course — I was looking for multiple platforms which were offering the course— and I decided that I wanted to cancel by registration and loan and get the refund back from SimpliLearn. I contacted Shivani multiple times and most times she said she was busy until I was able to get hold of her and told her that I wanted to cancel the course and also my loan.
She told me that she needs some time and will get back and after that whenever I tried to reach her she said she was busy or will call me back and never did. After 2 months I started getting calls from LiquiLoan (the company that handles the loan part of SimpliLearn) –basically their Loan partner— (something like a partner in crime, if you will). They said that since my loan was approved and my course said that I was still active–as in it wasn’t yet cancelled even after telling Shivani I wanted it cancelled— and I had to pay the EMI of 1 month.
I told them that I had not even looked at the course and I had been trying to get in touch with SimpliLearn to cancel my loan and course registration. They were not willing to listen and they said that since they had already paid for my course, they needed their EMI on time and that they didn’t want to get involved in talking to SimpliLearn to cancel my course and loan application. They started calling me regularly and weren’t ready to listen to reason and started to harass and threaten me on calls. I gave them warnings and told them that I would go to the police about the calls and harassment but they didn’t care and every time they called they used to swear and try to threaten my family members using vulgar language.

I later, contacted the SimpliLearn team and told them about my situation and using strong words sent them an email as well to cancel my loan as I wasn’t interested in taking the course, and in fact, I hadn’t even opened their learning portal even once to check the contents. Everytime I call them they say that they need to get in touch with the Refund team and would have the Refund team call me back and nobody calls me back. This has happened more than 4-5 times. This is how they treat their customers and this is how they prey on financially week people and suck all the money out of them. I later got to know, after more than 3 months, the kind of scam these (SimpliLearn) people are using to prey on their potential learners after I went through multiple sites which had hundreds and hundreds of unsatisfied customers lodging online complaints, trying to plead for refunds, and even cancellation of EMIs as it would affect them financially. All of them were met with nothing but silence from SimpliLearn team. Unfortunately, I have become their victim and I am asking someone to help me come out of this situation as I cannot afford to pay my EMI every month as I don’t have a job. If you have the power and truly believe that innocent customers are being cheated by this organization, I would kindly request you to take serious action against them and bring justice to 100s or maybe even 1000s of customers who have fallen prey to SimpliLearn.

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SimpliLearn Scam and Denying Cancellation of Course [RESOLVED]

2 thoughts on “SimpliLearn Scam and Denying Cancellation of Course [RESOLVED]

  1. Hello sir
    I am the learner of simplilearn
    Unfortunately I have to discontinue my classes urgently due to my mother surgery and she is very critical condition
    I hope you will understand my situation and cancel all the procedure ASAP
    Propelled team is calling me again and again saying very bad word for the money please Stop this procedure
    I am trying to close all this stuff from last 2 months and getting no response please contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter

    I want to highlight that I had already paid 1 month EMI and their team are harassed me bye their bad words

    Please stop these problems ASAP
    My mother is more important for me than these stuffs

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