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Complain for cheating in online e learning platform on skill lync

Name of Complainant Chilakamarthi srinivas
Date of ComplaintJuly 7, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Chilakamarthi srinivas:

This Is srinivas From Andhra person Pradesh
I have got call from skill lync, March 2022 ,they are e – learning platform. I have talked to him ,he explain course details and fees also , and i don’t want course to tell him , against he has called me and course fees very less and it’s going on offering,and there are many promises to me , That’s course totally 6 month,We have to study 3 month only and next 3 months we will get Stipend,once we are many choices,once we have finished 3 month after we will get job or we need only have to take internship And incase they not provided job within 6 month , They Said refund money , that’s why i have joined,but i have finished courses and internship also but they not provided job and Stipend amount, i have payed 7 months emi so far ,stil i haven’t got any work ,I have asked with them , they told only waiting for job job…
2022 they had terms and conditions. once they not provided job refunded money,but now also changed terms and conditions, they changed many times , there are many students depression and affect with skill lync ,Now i want refund and stipent amount, they are cheating with me and not me only there are many students cheating, Iam a middle class family, they target only poor family members they cheated,pls cancel my loan and refund and stipent amount.This course totally 6 month course but now 1 year completed.Yout can search with google there are many student complaint against skill lync,youtupe and linkedin many social platform,please check them please ,and shut down in that company.They are playing student Life.There are many student and lot of proff ,if you get time i will share you. Please support me and cancel the loan agreement please

Education Fraud

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  1. Hi Chilakamarthi Srinivas, we want to help resolve any issues you may have encountered and ensure a positive learning experience for you. A team member will contact you shortly.

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