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Complaint Regarding Misguidance and Inconvenience During Bus Travel (PNR: 2665196) [RESOLVED]

Name of Complainant Niroj Kumar Meher
Date of ComplaintNovember 20, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Niroj Kumar Meher:

PNR: 2665196
Bus Coach No: DL51EV0975
Travel Date: 19th November 2023

I encountered a series of issues that severely impacted my travel experience and resulted in significant inconvenience. I had booked a Nue Go bus scheduled to depart at 7 am from a specific pickup point. Unfortunately, I faced misinformation from the bus conductor regarding the exit gate at the Delhi Metro station, causing a delay in my arrival at the pickup point.

Despite my efforts, I reached the pickup point at 7:03 am, just three minutes late. To my dismay, the bus had departed without any attempt to contact me or confirm my arrival. Subsequently, when I inquired about the next stop where I could join the journey, the conductor provided no assistance and advised me to contact customer care.

Upon contacting customer care, I was again directed to seek information from the conductor. This lack of coordination and assistance left me stranded without clear instructions on how to catch up with the bus. I find this unacceptable, as the service provided did not meet the expected standards of customer care and support.

I would like to highlight the following concerns:

Misguidance by Bus Conductor: The misinformation provided by the bus conductor regarding the exit gate at the metro station led to my delay and subsequent issues.

Lack of Communication: No attempt was made to contact me despite the negligible delay of just three minutes, leaving me unaware of the bus’s departure.

Inadequate Assistance: The conductor failed to provide information about the next stop or offer any guidance on how to catch up with the bus, and customer care redirected me back to the conductor without resolution.

I request a thorough investigation into this matter and appropriate action to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Additionally, I would appreciate compensation for the inconvenience caused, as I was left without transportation and faced unnecessary challenges in reaching my destination.

Image Uploaded by Niroj Kumar Meher:

Complaint Regarding Misguidance and Inconvenience During Bus Travel (PNR: 2665196) [RESOLVED]

2 thoughts on “Complaint Regarding Misguidance and Inconvenience During Bus Travel (PNR: 2665196) [RESOLVED]

  1. Dear Niroj, We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Upon checking with our cabin host, we found out that there was a miscommunication regarding your boarding point, which resulted in you not being able to board our bus. We have already initiated a full refund, which will be credited back to your source account. Kindly contact Redbus, as they were the source of your booking, to process the refund. Once again, we apologize for the trouble caused and hope to serve you better in the future.

  2. Very bad services. abnormal behavior by just like , very uneducated staff i will never use your services in future

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