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Nuego bus service via paytm

Name of Complainant Pooja saroha
Date of ComplaintAugust 26, 2023
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Category of complaint Tours & Travels
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Text of Complaint by Pooja saroha:

I booked the nuego bus tickets online via paytm… the bus had to depart at 12 pm … when i was on my way, there was a lot of traffic …. I thought i would miss the bus…. So i called the driver/conductor (I don’t know who picked up the call) and told them that i might be late by 5 or 10 minutes…. First of all they were very rigid … they were not ready to compromise… they said that they won’t wait and leave the bus stop at 12 only…. I asked the auto driver to drive as fast as possible …. I reached on time…. It was 5 mins before i reached at the spot but there was no bus …. Nothing …. I was searching for the bus …. Then a conductor saw me and said that he would drop me to the location and even to the bus and for that he would charge me 50 rupees to which i agreed…. He talked to the driver and told him to wait and the driver said that okay come fast and then the conductor took me to the inside of the kashmere gate, we had to cross so many ways to reach to the spot (which was not even the departure point) …. It was 12:02 by that time …. I was so shocked to see that they couldn’t wait for 5 mins. For a passenger …. I called the driver and he said that he left…. Then i took the auto for majnu ka tila (as the next pickup point was manju ka tila) the majnu ka tila takes almost 15 mins. From the isbt kashmere gate … when i called the driver, it was 12:10 and when i asked him , he said that he would leave by 12:15 from majnu ka tila …. By no way i could reach majnu ka tila in 5 mins …. Still i tried and reached there and asked the driver and then also he said that he left … then his last pickup point was karnal bypass … the bus driver said he would leave from there at 12:30 … but karnal bypass is 18 kms away from majnu ka tila … how could he reach there in 15 mins ? …. When i asked the auto driver , he said that it will take an hour to reach there … so how the bus driver would be there in 15 mins ?
I paid ₹504 for the tickets and i want refund of it
First of all the driver should wait for the passenger…. It is not that I didn’t ask him to wait for 5 mins.
5 mins. Are nothing
Secondly, the driver was not at the pickup point at 11:55 … how could he leave the place before time ?
Thirdly, there is no phone number on the paytm where i could tell the whole thing …. I was running from here and there but that stupid driver was not ready to wait even for 5 mins.
Then i had to book another bus ticket and paid ₹700 …. And in that bus, the driver waited for 10 mins. For another passenger to come .., and i was like what was the problem with that stupid driver who was not even ready to compromise for 5 mins. And even though he was not at the pickup point… so it was not at my fault … i was there before the departure time
I just want my money back … and want the company to contact me and contact the driver as well…

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One thought on “Nuego bus service via paytm

  1. Dear Pooja Saroha we can understand your situation and we have already shared you the bus details and live bus tracking link . You have to report atleast 15 minutes prior to the departure time at this boarding point. As checked other passengers have reported on the bus from same pickup point and the bus running was on the time . So there will be no refund as in this case and we cannot wait for any passenger because we also have to reach on our destinations on time.

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