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Bus Broke Down In Middle Of Highway [RESOLVED]

Name of Complainant Satyam
Date of ComplaintAugust 8, 2023
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Category of complaint Tours & Travels
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Text of Complaint by Satyam:

I Was Travelling From Delhi To Dehradun. I Paid Full Amount And Now The Bus Is Stopped In The Middle Of A Highway Near Meerut.Bus Driver And Conducter Saying That Backup Bus Will Arrive In 2 Hours. Me And Other 20+ Passengers are suffering because here no Restaurant no dhabas nothing is available we are suffering in this hot weather And they are denying for refund. I had To Reach Dehradun By 11 pm and its already 8 Pm Here. I Don’t Know How But I Need My Refund As Well As Compensation.I Am Totally Harassed By This Situation.

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4 thoughts on “Bus Broke Down In Middle Of Highway [RESOLVED]

  1. Dear Satyam Giri , we apologize for the unpleasant experience caused . However we are giving full refund for this inconvenience. The refund has been initiated which will be reflect within 5-7 working days back to your source account.

  2. Dear Satyam , I’m sorry to hear you feel that way. We have already initiated your refund from our end which will be reflected within 7-10 working days back to your source account . Thanks for your patience.

  3. Same with me

    Pnr 2478892

    My pick up point was at Dewas. And i had to go to Bhopal to catch a train to Delhi to attend a very important meeting. The bus which was coming from Indore broke down midway before reaching me. I kept calling the onboarding staff but they didn’t disclose and instead kept saying that they will reach me in 5 mins.
    Bus breaking down is normal, but lack of communication from their end caused me to fail to catch my train. Had they told me beforehand I’d taken other transportation to reach bhopal.

    I sent them the train ticket but they’re refunding only the bus ticket which is nothing in compared to my AC tatkal ticket.

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