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Name of Complainant Sandeep Chauhan
Date of ComplaintMarch 26, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by Sandeep Chauhan:

I’ve been using credit card from last 10 Months and I used pay full payment initially but now it has been 3 months i can’t pay full payment just paying minimum balance because of some financial problems I have been facing from last December 2022. I’ve just got job in Pune relocated there just settling now. I’ve had a ear surgery 3 months back. I’ve asked SBI to give me EMI option or wait till June 1st week I Will pay the total amount and close the card. So they took my minimum pay of 7600/- and ensured me for 2 months leeway on payment although charges will be applicable but you don’t get calls and no one will harass you. But now 2 days later after payment they started to call me and said you are being fooled by them we don’t know anything about that you need to pay minimum balance now otherwise I’ll send collection agent to your house they’ll make you pay the bill. I don’t where these people come but they are using harsh language. What can I do now. I just want 2 months of time to settle all this I’m politely asking them and they are refusing and gave me 2 hours of time to pay. What should I do now.

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  1. Hi Sandeep, thanks for the details. We will try to resolve your issue ASAP. Please don’t mention your confidential details like Card number, PIN, OTP, CVV, etc with anyone or on any public forum. Do write to us on sbicard.com/email for more details.

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