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Tata Play: Complaint of 4th oct 2022 ignored tollfree customer care do not listen

Name of Complainant sgh
Date of ComplaintOctober 13, 2022
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Category of complaint Entertainment
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Text of Complaint by sgh:


I have been customer of tataplay since 10 years

But now due to poor quality of online service and inattentive customer care who donot listen to what we are telling them on the phone I am forced to write to you this email

Issue 1
My complaint references 3WAKIWCO and 3WAMV9AW both dated 4th oct 2022 where I have clearly instructed them to stop the service and refund me the balance of Rs 677.93 which is the balance as on 4th oct 2022

They confirmed to me on the phone (I called 1860 55 6633) that this will be done and in 20 days I will get my money back

For this call on 4th oct 2022 no message was sent from ttatplay acknowledging my call and no one has informed me when my money will be returned – they insist they want the box back and even for that no technician has called that when he will come and collect the box because only after that tataplay willl refund my amount of Rs 677.93 which was frozen on 4th oct 2022

Issue 2
On 1st July we had called tataplay requesting them to stop services and we had clearly instructed them to resume services on 10 th nov 2022. On that date our balance was Rs 2655/- We had also instructed that we will call in Nov to confirm whether we want to resume or get refund of our Rs 2655/- balance as of 1st July 2022

But someone in tataplay resumed our services on 4th July 2022 and again no one bothered to notify us on SMS or even bother to call the registered mobile number !

Is anyone so stupid to stop services only for 4 days ?????? stop in 1st July and resume on 4Th July ???? who is so stupid ?
At least someone in tataplay could have verified using common sense that why is service being resumed in just 4 days ??????
Why go through the hassle of “tollfree” call of tataplay and incur STD cahrges on that call for only 4 days ? are we so stupid ?

No one informed from tataplay and when I called on 4th oct to inform that we dont want to resume but we want refund of Rs 2655/- at that time they said they had resumed on 4th July !
and when I asked why you didnot inform us there was no reply and they cut the call !
We are forced to incur STD charges on the so callled tollfree TATaplay numbers only for the customer care to cut the call and disobey our instructions!

I am so disappointed and therefore writint this email to you hoping for justice and prompt action of my total refund of Rs 2655/- without further harasment and inattentive custmer care who dono listen on call !

Please call me on my resgistred number with tatplay since I donot have email access daily

Please resolve this Sir – it is not a big amount but in fairness it was taken wronlgy by tataplay customer care from my account ithout my permission so please refund thus amount to us – customer care also told us on phone that they assumed that when we called 2nd time to confirm if they have stopped service – they assumed our calll was for them to resume !
how can they be so neglient / careless and assume such things which have money impact !

please refund my money of July balance of Rs 2655/- please I am tired of calling tollfree numbers where your people just not listen and do exactly what they assume or conclude and dont even inform the customer by SMS at least !

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Tata Play: Complaint of 4th oct 2022 ignored tollfree customer care do not listen

One thought on “Tata Play: Complaint of 4th oct 2022 ignored tollfree customer care do not listen

  1. Hi! That’s not how it should have been. Let us have this checked. We have raised a service request to resolve your concern we are prioritizing the same and will connect with you at the earliest. Be assured your issue will be resolved at the earliest.

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