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Simpl pay

Name of Complainant Mohammed Luqman Lodhani
Date of ComplaintDecember 19, 2022
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Category of complaint Utilities
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Text of Complaint by Mohammed Luqman Lodhani:

Two fraud transactions done in my simpl pay later amount deducted by Zomato but no action by simpl no refund they sent me bill of 2987 and asking payment

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Simpl pay

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  1. Hi Team,

    User reached out to Simpl support team on 14-12-2022, stating their were 2 fraud transactions which took place from his Simpl account on Zomato without the user knowledge on 13-12-2022 worth of ₹2565 & ₹ 421.85 and for the same our team had raised the order issue with the Zomato team and processed the refund on 19-12-2022 and the user account pending bill cleared and we have transactionally blocked the user account to avoid further fraud transactions and the same have been informed to the user over the email.

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