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1xbet stole my 200k rupees by playing mind games with me

Name of Complainant Thedla Sai Kumar
Date of ComplaintSeptember 5, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Thedla Sai Kumar:

I’m using 1xbet for small amount there is no problem…so I have trusted the 1xbet but when I reached 150krs or 100k rupees they blocked the money saying you cannot withdraw money please contact security department. So I contacted them they asked the for e-adhar. I have send them e-adhar after 10 days they replied we are sorry security department asking for additional details…they asked =}electricity bills and date of birth certificate and a selfie of holding my phone with email i received and then a photo of some code written on it..and also they asked for my passbook of bank… Even though they couldn’t unblock. They just want to waste the time so they can irritate me…. They were telling to check the person who are withdraw is the same person of the app using it. If they have doubt about the withdraw person. They have to block the money also from betting in game or using the money in the game…but they only blocked it from withdraw.. They play the mind game and irritate me so I lose the money in betting and guess what happens i made near 200k rs. But couldn’t unblock it…but they’re always checking my documents for many days…they just ask all the documents at one time ….but NO they ask one document and check it and request for another document and check it and another and check it….they are playing with me they also said stop creating multiple threads of email if no they block my account in they way they blackmailed indirectly and now due to unable to withdraw the money. I have no choice but to play within the app. I made 200k rupees slowly I’m losing my some money…and unable to withdraw it decreased to 200k to 100k and 100k to 10k. So I wish to loss all my money instead of this mental pressure to withdraw them now I have even lost 10046.67 rupees near to it… I got full fever that what I have done i lost my deposit 100k and my winnings extra 100k.After I lost all my money they unblock or unfreezed the account. I have mentally tortured my security department of 1xbet. Even if they say the how many days it will take to verify I will be not placed any bets…but they didn’t told how many days it will take and they waste time 16 march to may they wasted my time and money… If they have to verify me they could block the money from placing bets and to withdraw money until the verification is completed. But they didn’t have any intention to return my money so they play mind game or gambling to loss my money. If they have doubt about who are withdrawing the money should be genuine person…then why they not stop the person to place bets. Please I want justice. And anyone who want to gamble please check the app reviews. I have all the proofs but this website want only one photo…they are even deleted my all winnings history why would they to it to me

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