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Skill lync course cancellation on HEV

Name of Complainant Vinoth krishnan
Date of ComplaintApril 2, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Vinoth krishnan:

My name is vinoth krishnan, I have taken the hybrid electrical vehicle course on March 2021. Once I entered the course there is no proper software or any assistance for me to complete the course and also I enrolled on March 2021, I get my laptop and started course with the 3 months of delay because of their care-less behaviour for that also I payed my emi for that 3 months after that only I started my course on June 2021. By that time, they used to instruct me to complete the 3 module session in 3 months which i take nearly 6 months also I have no money to pay the emi for remaining months. So, I request for the cancellation but they were blackmailing me (eduvanz and skill lync ) if you were not pay the emi your cibil score will afffect like that. It’s been really stressful for me and my family also. Without a job I really don’t think I am able to continue the corse.,That’s why request to course cancellation

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Skill lync course cancellation on HEV

One thought on “Skill lync course cancellation on HEV

  1. Hi Vinoth krishnan, at Skill-Lync, the entire team has been constantly aiming at helping students upskill and build strong careers. We want to help resolve any issues you may have encountered and ensure a positive learning experience for you. A team member will contact you shortly.

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