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Skill Lync and eduvanz

Name of Complainant Jayaram
Date of ComplaintAugust 7, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Jayaram:

Respected sir
My name is Jayaram
I joined skill lync courses .

They told me only you pay 3 months emi then skill lync will give you a paid internship. And then you will get a guaranteed job.

The loan providing company named Eduvanz for cancelling my loan disbursement said that–We are currently working on your query, please allow us some time to get back to you with a resolution.

The Skill Lync have tie up with the Eduvanz team. Skill Lync has given my details to the Eduvanz for Loan procedures. After seeing much unprofessionalism of courses …teaching…placements….etc from this company Skill-Lync, I wanted to cancel my course but this company is not responding to me. It’s been a 2 months & I am continuously getting calls from the bank to pay the EMI. They are giving mental pressures to me but Skill Lync is not all responding to any of my issues. I want my money to refund. And they never said about cancelation process information before or at the time of admission.Cancelation of my eduvanz loan and i have not started and i dont want to and never.
I repeatedly messaging till August to cancel the course. There is no response at all. Skill lync entire team is not responding and no canceling the course.

I have all conversations. can I send you sir …..

Skill lync Team said false statements about course and didn’t give me time to think and even i said- at present i dont have money I’ll enrol after 2 days. Then also he didn’t leave me and he asked me to pay the amount atleast 5000 .
After payment he offered that join another students and get money…through referrals.
They are planning various tactics to join their courses and giving false promises.
I raised several messages(tickets) on skill lync website and mailing stating my problem and thus requested them to cancel my course subscription.
Sir please help me , my financial condition is not good. I’m from agricultural background…

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Skill Lync and eduvanz

One thought on “Skill Lync and eduvanz

  1. Hi Jayaram, we want to assure you that our goal at Skill-Lync is to provide valuable upskilling opportunities that help students achieve their career goals and land their desired jobs. We have not been able to find your record as a customer in our database. Please send us your registered contact details at support@skill-lync.com to establish the validity of this complaint and we’ll ensure the resolution of any issues at the earliest.

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