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Hedge Tradings : Fraud Youtube Channel by Varun Gandhi

Name of Complainant SAURABH VERMA
Date of ComplaintJanuary 13, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Investments
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Text of Complaint by SAURABH VERMA:

This is to inform to all people who watch the youtube channel “HEDGE TRADINGS” in the stock market. His name is Varun Gandhi. He lures innocent traders with his Videos and presentation.

My Friend and many others have lost lakhs of rupees.

Firstly he will ask you to share 30% profit sharing then he will give futures tradings with almost zero hedging. So basically he is making others do gambling, if it clicks he will take 30% otherwise he will block you.
Then he will try to sell his FII MARKING SYSTEM @ 5 Lacs… And then he will give expiry trades and will guarantee Rs.10 Lacs… All this is the Scam

Many traders have lost more than 5 Lacs in a single day. He will give futures trading on expiry day with 900 quantity… OMG !! Playing with others money

His company name is “PRO TRADING INDIA”


Be aware

It’s better you learn trading strategies yourself and use it with proper methods.

My motive is to safeguard all traders who can be trapped by Varun Gandhi

Also, in his videos, you will find no negative comments because he deletes them immediately. He reads each and every comment immediately. If you don’t believe then you post something negative, it will be deleted within 30 sec.

Stop following him… rest decision and destiny is yours

Image Uploaded by SAURABH VERMA:

Hedge Tradings : Fraud Youtube Channel by Varun Gandhi

4 thoughts on “Hedge Tradings : Fraud Youtube Channel by Varun Gandhi

  1. On checking record we found that saurav verma son of Raj Kumar Verma resident of …… with Aadhar Number …… … He asked for taking trading help on which he received trades & he have never paid even a single rupee to us … such people first comes for taking in help and then do such stuff to earn money from it anyhow we have filled a defamation case and legal notice will be send to his address soon. Sharing this link with volunteers and traders from himachal write your view on it.

    Manish Arora
    HT Team

    1. Dear Manish Arora of HT Team.

      Are you registered under SEBI? If so, please share the SEBI registration number. If not, the activity that you are undertaking is illegal and punishable as an offense under the SEBI Act. Please provide your SEBI registration number ASAP and not later than 24 hours failing which we shall file a formal complaint with SEBI against you and your services. You bank details are already available and it is possible for the authorities to locate you.

      FYI, there are a number of past cases where SEBI has conducted search and seizure cases against persons providing illegal services. A recent example is that of YouTuber Manish Mishra and his YouTube channels named “TheAdvisor” and “Moneywise. You can download the order here: https://www.sebi.gov.in/enforcement/orders/mar-2023/interim-order-in-the-matter-of-stock-recommendations-using-youtube-in-the-scrip-of-sadhna-broadcast-limited_68595.html


      Advocate Vijay Kashyap,,

      1. For all details including the registration number and other information mail us at hedgetradings@gmail.com it will be shared with you secondly above comment is purely an act of defaming as saurav has not paid anything to us ask him directly regarding it …

  2. I have taken trades from them in first trade made some profit and in next trade made a loss finally in two month time which he allowed for learning i made some good profits my focus was on learning which i got in those 2 months so whats the point if you learn by trading i think its best way to learn.

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