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Harassment for loan repayment which i had never taken.

Name of Complainant VIMLESH GUPTA
Date of ComplaintJuly 28, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by VIMLESH GUPTA:

This is from the last month when i first got the message from payrupik regarding the loan which they are saying i had taken but i had never taken any loan from them. They have some evidence that they are proving is of mine but i didnt have much knowledge about online things so there is no chance that i can take some loan online. But now they are threatning me to insult me in my community and in public and also they threating me to call my relatives regarding this. If this continues then there will be no option then giving my life. Please take some strict action against this fake app PAYRUPIK
The company is ready to drag and embarrass you in your community, if you are to pay this loan back bit by bit every month you will have cover up your loan but because of your wickedness you refuse to make your repayment and believe we cannot do anything. It high time we make you regret you took this loan and if you know the value of money you will never borrow not to pay back. Your family and relative are already aware of this coming embarrassment so make your payment today to reverse this action.
PAY NOW!!!Thank You. Beware of Fake loan apps and collectors. For any help contact us on our email id -service@payrupikloan.in

is due today, please pay as soon as possible today. Initially, we will only contact you to pay in contact, Overdue fines and other harsher penalties will be added. To prevent this It happened, please pay today.Thank You. Beware of Fake loan apps and collectors For any help contact us on our email id -service@payrupikloan.in

this are the messages they are sending.

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Harassment for loan repayment which i had never taken.

One thought on “Harassment for loan repayment which i had never taken.

  1. Dear customer, our sincere apologies for any issue you’ve faced. At PayRupik, we strive to resolve any issue faced by our valuable customers. As the first point of grievance redressal process, kindly send a mail to our grievance team at compliant@sayyam.in for a solution to your concern and the same will be resolved within 24 hours. For any other issue, you can reach out to us at 022-489-30118.
    Team PayRupik

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