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ID : 579693181 Case [#37216316] Very important warning about 1xbet scam

Name of Complainant Radwa Mohamed
Date of ComplaintMay 20, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Radwa Mohamed:

ID : 579693181 Case [#37216316]
First, when he feels that you have money, he begins to manipulate you, and your account stops withdrawing.
Identity request, if available, looking for something else
Filing photos
Personal photos of you with computer and ID
Many things are decided upon in the application
Then after that he asks to close your account and you are transferred to the biggest scam
The same requests are decided, but each request is waiting for 72 hours until you get a response to a new request

After that, the final response to them, please send all requests again, but by mail, to the following address: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, C.P. (zip) 44534, Apartado postal 33-01

How can I send that? When I asked, so that I can send these files from Egypt to them, the cost is 1400 Egyptian pounds. Where do I get money now for sending, and my account has been closed with everything I have

And why should I do that, even though I sent all the requests to them more than once

The 1xbet platform makes you lose hope in your money so that they can win your money easily and without getting tired

I wanted to warn everyone
Even the person who talks here sends you an email to talk to him, and when you send it to her, he tells you that you have to deal with the security department

My Account Have : 2000$
ID : 579693181 Case [#37216316]

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2 thoughts on “ID : 579693181 Case [#37216316] Very important warning about 1xbet scam

    1. Very bad support. When contacting you, you also tell me that I have to talk to the security department. Where is the support provided and why are you doing that?

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