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I’m a victim of a online fraud education system which is SKILL LYNC and not only me this online education platform trapped more than 1000+ in their scam.

Name of Complainant Suraj Chaurasia
Date of ComplaintAugust 8, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Suraj Chaurasia:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m Suraj Chaurasia from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. I am writing this to bring attention on the currently on-going scam in India and seeking justice regarding a fraudulent involving Skill-Lync and their loan partner Eduvnz. I am a victim for their scam.
On October month 2022 I got a call from this Skill-Lync and they introduced a online course as a PG programm on first call I rejected their course after that weekly I started getting 3 to 4 calls from them and they started explaining about their course trends and future, at that time I’m Jobless, I told my family situation where I can’t afford that course because we are not financially stable where I”m also studying. I kept on rejecting their offers whenever I got a call from them.
At starting they offered me a course for Rs.3.5 Lakh and after 2 calls they said price got dropped for 1.32 lakh by the offer and now seat will full so make registration of Rs.5000 and make your seat pre-booking.
They convinced me like I’ll get high paying job placement, where I’ll get good carrier opportunity and all. They promised with us like after taking their course within 6 months I’ll get Job package above 5 LPA. And they told 100% job guaranty after completing 3 modules in their course. It’s been more than 9 months and I have completed 6 module but they didn’t provide me any job.
They guaranteed that only 3 months I have to pay after that they will deduct monthly 6000 from my salary which I’ll get after 6 months where I get placement through them.
They didn’t informed about the loan they taking in my name, They asked my PAN card, Aadhar card and Bank account details by telling it’s for registration and to approve installment for their course then I forwarded my documents.
After that they provided me a course where it’s recorded videos contained some modules in that only 2 were unlocked and remaining all are at locked state. I started Course and due to jobless as well as incident which was happened with me on October that from online I lost my 60000 Rs fraudulent.
In that my profile is created with wrong details and fake information like I’m salaried person, Monthly I’m getting 2.4 lakh salary per year by working in a company named MV Technology and this company even not existed.
At that time I keep on asking about my placement but they asking me to complete the 50% courses where they did not said this me earlier.
After now my family not supported me financially.
Eduvenz told if you not paid your CIBIL will go down further I’ll not get any loan and I’ll not eligible for Bank exams.
I have fulfilled their every criteria still they didn’t provided any placement, I realized Without getting any benefits just I’m paying. I’m looking to stopped to pay that loan and asked for course cancellation and loan cancellation in Skill-Lync now this Skill-lync forcing me to complete the course.
I paid Rs.60000, After that I got some information that this Skill_lync trapped so many innocent students and working employees like me. Then I got some suggestion to raise a complaint against them. And I can get my amount Rs.60000 return.
Additionally, Skill-Lync had partnered with Eduvanz to provide loan options to students like me. Now, Eduvanz has been harassing me to repayment of the loan, even though the course did not deliver the promised benefits. I am currently facing financial difficulties due to this situation, I am burdened with a loan without any income source to repay it.
I believe that the actions of Skill Lync and Eduvanz are not only unethical but also a violation of my consumer rights. Therefore, I kindly request the intervention of the Consumer Court to resolve this matter and ensure justice is served. I seek the following actions to be taken:
1. Investigation: I request a thorough investigation into the business practices of Skill-Lync and Eduvanz, including their refund policies, job placement claims, and loan agreements. This will help expose their fraudulent activities and prevent further harm to innocent consumers.
Without knowing me they created my fake profile on my name and taken a loan on my name without my signature and thumb impression by mentioning I’m salaried person with annual income of 1.9 lakh.

2. Refund: Skill-Lync should be directed to refund the entire amount I paid for the course, as they failed to provide the promised employment opportunities. This refund will help alleviate the financial burden caused by their deceitful practices.

3. Loan Resolution: Eduvanz should be instructed to suspend any loan repayment demands until the matter is resolved. It is unfair to hold me accountable for a loan taken for a course that did not yield the promised benefits.

4. Penalty and Compensation: Skill Lync and Eduvanz should be penalized for their deceptive practices and harassment. Additionally, I seek compensation for the mental distress, financial loss, mainly my health issue and time wasted due to their misconduct.
I have attached copies of all relevant documents, including the enrollment agreement and loan agreement file to support my claims. I am willing to cooperate fully during the investigation process and provide any additional information deemed necessary.
I trust Consumer Court system to address my grievance and bring justice in this matter. I hope that my complaint will be treated with the utmost seriousness and urgency it deserves.
Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to a fair resolution.
Yours sincerely,

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One thought on “I’m a victim of a online fraud education system which is SKILL LYNC and not only me this online education platform trapped more than 1000+ in their scam.

  1. Hi Suraj Chaurasia, at Skill-Lync, the entire team has been constantly aiming at helping students upskill and build strong careers. Our team member will be reaching out to you to get a better understanding of what happened and how we can help. Meanwhile, we’d encourage you to https://skill-lync.com/recent-placements to read about the experiences of our students!

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