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Meesho didn’t deliver the ordered quantity and now they are not refunding the paid amount.

Name of Complainant Jayant
Date of ComplaintFebruary 18, 2023
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Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Jayant:

I placed an order for 70 pieces of travel bag on Meesho app on 25th of Jan, 2023. The cost of the product was Rs.201 and the total amount paid via GPay was for Rs.14070. The package was delivered on 29th of Jan to the security guard at my apartment. After returning home, I checked the package and found that only 1 item out of 70 pieces was delivered. I immediately raised a call back from Meesho customer care via their app and informed them of the missing pieces. I told, they would respond back within 48hrs. Since, I didn’t get a response over email or phone, I raised a call back request and was told the matted was escalated and the team was looking into it. It would take another 48hrs for resolution. The following tickets were raised over the last 10 days: 675136809629 675169454158 675396988994 675672630475 However, Meesho never called back or followed up on my complaint. I raised a return request of the 1 item on 3rd of Feb. After the item was picked up, they immediately refunded back Rs.201 and withheld Rs.13869. They are now refusing to pay back the balance amount citing policy and guidelines. Request you to kindly guide me in getting back my money.

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Meesho didn’t deliver the ordered quantity and now they are not refunding the paid amount.

3 thoughts on “Meesho didn’t deliver the ordered quantity and now they are not refunding the paid amount.

  1. Dear Jayant, we understand your concern regarding missing quantity and refund. Please accept our sincere apologies. Please be informed that our team is working on the issue on priority basis and will get in touch with you at the earliest. You can follow up on this concern using your ticket number 59138247. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

  2. I received an update from Meesho saying ”
    1:19 PM (2 hours ago)
    to me
    Dear Jayant,

    Greetings from Meesho!
    We regret to inform you that we will not be able to accept your claim that you have received Missing quantity for Order ID: 547881777596.
    As per verification of our records, we are unable to process your claim, since your claim does not meet our compensation criteria and policy guidelines.

    We regret the inconvenience it has caused.
    Security Disclaimer: Be alert! Keep your sensitive information safe from fraudsters. Don’t share your OTP, CVV, PIN, password or bank information online or over the phone. Be vigilant and aware of such calls or messages.
    Team Meesho”
    This is cheating in broad day light.
    I have the transaction details for the money paid. I have the Meesho cover, from which the single piece of item was delivered and it isn’t big enough to fit in 70 pieces. I also have the video from our security, which shows the person delivering the parcel to our security guard and the package is again a small one. No one from Meesho has contacted me to authenticate this. I don’t understand, what verification was done.
    Meesho seems to have made it in a business to cheat people like this as there are many similar cases listed on this portal.

    1. Hi Jayant,

      I can truly relate your to your concern here. Soemething like this happened with me too. I had ordered a product from Meesho on 25th sept, 23 which initially they showed that will be delivered by 30th oct,23. However , I see on 28th Sept,23 that is two days after I placed, the app indicated the status as delivered. I received no call from meesho , no msg infact no msg of order that confirmed its delivery. On raising complaint to meesho they are are saying that since its an otp based delivery , product is delivered. I again confirmed that no otp received or shared. But gain they are not issuing me my refund even after lodging multiple tickets.This is really sad that we as customers are facing so much trouble from meesho.

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