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Want to cancel course and loan at skill-Lync

Name of Complainant Sachin N Shivashimpur
Date of ComplaintJanuary 29, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Sachin N Shivashimpur:

Hello iam Sachin N Shivashimpur, All it started in August month person from skill-Lync and explained me about the course and benefits and offer also told that 2.5 lakh course you’re getting it in 1.75 lakh I told them that Iam not earing much so iam not able to take such heavy priced course. After few days the person called me and told that okay atleast you pre-book your course and take some time after that you can continue Course and paying monthly EMI.

After that I told them now I’m GET in my company in November I’ll get Job confirmation, so that I can pursue the course and able to pay small amount they told yes and you can start your course and EMI after 2 months I agreed and told them that I’ll give confirmation then only the course and EMI should start they told yes till paying the pre-booking amount.

The day after paying pre-booking mount the person from skill-Lync called and asked me for basic document adahar card, pan card and other details in call also I told that I want to do this course after 2 months and same emi aslo he told yes. After few days in month end of Aug I received mail and TXT that your emi is starting in sep then I put mail to skill-Lync that how it is possible already I have told you that I’ll start after 2 months but they denied for what they agreed. And not responding for my queries till date I’m following up for cancellation but they are telling this benfits will get and etc etc.

Till date somehow I managed paying 4 EMI and my job in my company also not confirmed now Im in debit my financial condition has gone worse mentally depressed iam feedup of this people by following up. During follow up I. Paid the EMI because eduvanzz people are telling that agent will come to your home he may recover the due whatever he can do this that they told to me.

I got no option further, please help me out situation is going really worse.

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Want to cancel course and loan at skill-Lync

One thought on “Want to cancel course and loan at skill-Lync

  1. Hi Sachin, thank you for bringing this to our attention. One of our team members will reach out to you shortly to understand your concerns and corrective actions will be taken immediately.

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