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1xBet 2 Million dollars Lawsuit

Name of Complainant Abbas Pornour
Date of ComplaintApril 12, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Abbas Pornour:

Hello , you may know me cause we have talked a lot and you already know my case .

My email : miladsuri1379@gmail.com

Send me my betting and transaction history , we will solve our problem legally , the court will decide about your precious Egaming License in curaçao.

Name : Abbas Pornour
Player ID : 276427329

I have requested from all your departments for 3 months and you are all ignoring me .

Come on , i know you are scammers but please atleast be fair scammers )

Image Uploaded by Abbas Pornour:

1xBet 2 Million dollars Lawsuit

One thought on “1xBet 2 Million dollars Lawsuit

  1. Hello, Abbas Pornour!

    There is a possibility that you did not receive the final decision of our department and the licensee by email, so let me write it here.

    According to our records: you choose the country by yourself, confirming your citizenship. This involves filling in all the data in the application form in accordance with the country you have chosen, its legislation, and the document you have. This way, we can be sure that during registration you have chosen the right country.

    We would also like to emphasise that the company does not provide services in Iran, so registration and change of country is not possible. However, we continue to provide services to those players who registered before the change in our policy regarding Iranian players.

    In addition, you are responsible for determining whether accessing the site and/or using its products violates the laws of your country and ensuring that gambling is legal in your place of residence. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that a user is not complying with our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend their account. We also reserve the right to cancel and/or void any bets and retain any funds in your account, including deposits, if your account is closed or suspended for breach of our Terms of Service.
    You can read the rules yourself on our website, however, it should be noted that all players have been made aware of the rules when they register.

    According to the Curacao Electronic Gaming Licensee’s response to us:

    CEG makes a decision in favour of the Operator (1xBet) because
    – The Operator, in the opinion of CEG, acted in accordance with the public information on its website, to which the Operator referred, and provided supporting statements.
    – The player was unable to provide any evidence that the Operator made any adjustments or withheld the winnings.
    – The player bases his claim on the (alleged) violation of the rule (illegal action). Even if this is the case, which the CEG was unable to establish, the relative aspect of illegality means that the rule violated by the offender should have been codified in order to protect the interests that were harmed.
    However, the rule on which the player bases its claim does not pass the relativity test in this particular case. Whatever the alleged violation or rule, due to the fact that it does not pass the relativity test, it is decided that the Operator acted in accordance with the rules and regulations concerning the issues related to the player.

    Our security department was fully guided by the company’s Terms and Conditions in blocking the player’s account. In this case, violation of our company’s policy leads to an indefinite block.

    We wish you all the best,

    1xBet team

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