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Withdrawal Not received because of their technical error & Zero Help from customer service

Name of Complainant Shubham Dubey
Date of ComplaintFebruary 6, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Shubham Dubey:

While sending money provider has wrote my name in account number section. So the payment is successful but has not reached to me. But because the account number he wrote doesn’t belong to anyone cuz it’s my name in letters, in this case sender will get refund from his bank. They should check & if they hadn’t received the refund then they should raise a dispute in sender’s bank after saying he exchanged the details & where he sended money that account doesn’t exist. So that his bank will give him refund 100%.

But 1xbet is not helping me with this, they should understand how valuable any amount can be for a user. They aren’t putting any extra effort even after knowing iam mailing since a month. It was not completely my fault, I wrote the details which 1xbet asked me to, they mentioned in the left side “account number “. While in the box it was written first name only. So it was also a technical error. Im just telling them to ask for a refund from their bank cuz account doesn’t exist where they sended money. But they are not replying to my mails now. Really disappointed, because of their technical error, it’s me who’s facing everything & they are relaxing.

I visited my bank’s branch they said remitter have to raise this issue in his bank for reversal of the transaction, reciever can’t do anything.

MY GAMING ID: 359341347

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One thought on “Withdrawal Not received because of their technical error & Zero Help from customer service

  1. Dear Shubham Dubey,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We’ve received your inquiry, and our support team is actively reviewing your case. Kindly allow some time for our specialists to thoroughly investigate and provide you with a detailed response.

    Additionally, to expedite the process, we recommend refraining from submitting duplicate requests, as this may contribute to longer response times.

    We appreciate your patience and assure you that we’re working diligently to address your concerns.

    Best regards,

    Alex, the 1xBet Team

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