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Name of Complainant Beauty mart
Date of ComplaintSeptember 10, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Beauty mart:

We are one of the best seller of meesho and we have been selling online from last five years. We also sell on Amazon, Flipkart big companies from past 7 years but we never faced any issues from them. This complaint is about lost parcels, We were selling premium sarees on Meesho and we were geting 10-35 orders per day and we sent 70-90 products in that period. In which, we have raised ticket id:20421533,20922722,20923218,21118087,21283767,21456139,21456342,21591934,21592102,21903044 (28/12/2021)for orders were picked up by courier boy but order was still in ready to ship tab. Company gave me reason for this issue was panel slow down and within 24-48 hours orders will be shift it to ready to ship tab. We have received reply for this ticket (on 01/01/2022) was parcels were lost shipment (Attached below). As per Meesho policy, Meesho should release compensation of lost parcel within 60 days. Its been more-than 650 days but still getting answer that company will released within 7days.
1) Courier company are doing mischief with parcels and some time courier boy stole premium product from parcels and customers receive empty parcel. I am attaching video of recently happened incident in surat, in which courier boy was stealing parcels.
2) When I raised a complain about this, Meesho blocked my account without any clarification. Many union seller faced same issue and we will complaint this in consumer as “Mass Fraud activity by Meesho”.
3) I have met more than 500 sellers from last 8 months, i came to know that more than 200 sellers are having different problems like lost product, wrong product, missing return parcel etc. I made a seller union and they all are ready to take legal action against company.
4) Meesho company’s are advertising that company is 0% commission taking from seller but parcels are stealing, changing products from parcels which is huge commission for Meesho. We will make campaign about this tagline “#Not 0% commission but 100% Commission Meesho charge”.
5) Due to lost of this product, I am stuck into financial problem and i am taking daily stress. If company can’t solve this problem ASAP, I will have only option to do suicide due to Meesho is not releasing approved payments. If I will take any wrong action, Meesho will be only responsible for the suicide.
I have visited Meesho Banglore office for this issue but company staff not allowed me to meet concern person. I am getting answer in tickets are automated and every time getting same answers so i am ready to co-operate with company to clarify all my concern. If company can’t solve this problem in priority base, I will take strict action as mentioned above. If company will not answer this mail, i will have only opition left “Suicide”.

my contact number – 9904190511

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2 thoughts on “MEESHO COMPLAINT ( FRAUD )

  1. Dear Supplier, we’re genuinely sorry to learn about the issue you’re experiencing. To assist you better, please provide us with the details by clicking here: https://bit.ly/meelnk. Our team will promptly investigate the matter and take the necessary actions.

  2. We have delivered few products through our sellers account. Tow of them were requested return. We accepted the return providing OTP to the delivery boy. Upon opening the returned package instead of the original product we received wrong and very old damage product. We did not receive any kind of return receipt attached with the package and the package was resealed with a cello tape. It happened back to back in two days. and while generating complaint against this on the app, it was not proceeded. neither their customer care number is reachable. How could they take a return back from customer without checking the product? It is the clear case of fraud by the delivery boy and meesho app. And we lost our product and charged the return fees unethically.

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