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Defective tata firetv stick and balance deduction from binge app balance and tata play

Name of Complainant Gaurav Dhatrak
Date of ComplaintJuly 13, 2022
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Category of complaint Entertainment
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Text of Complaint by Gaurav Dhatrak:

Dear Sir,

It is a humble request to solve issue on priority basis. I am continously means every month facing issue with tata play binge fire tv stick account that even with combo pack it shows inactive account and unable to watch any single programme or video on it.

After calling customer care they always suggest for setting which is of no use and every time taking complaint and always take 3-4 days for issue resolution.

Please tell me i paid for ott content and unable to watch it . That means i am paying to such service which is not working properly and waste of money. I always requested customer care to check for firestick as it is in warrenty but they not notice it.

The warrenty of ott firetv stick will get expire in this month. If it is of firetv stick issue please replace it within warrenty.

Yesterday i face same issue with firetv stick. It was showing inactive account and do recharge for same.As my pack was valid till date 22 july 2022 with additional balance 450/- in account still it was showing that message. I again added 500rs to account.It was showing 950 Rs balance and still firetv stick was not working. So i modify pack with higher amount of 788/-combo pack still it was not getting work.
I call customer care,the same suggestion was given to me and told to wait for 4 days to solve issue. So as per firetv stick message of inactive account and recharge it i recharge it with 299 rs and it got started.

This shows that customer care taken recharge amount of combo from me and not renew ott service for firetv stick and this shows that froudant activity is taking place in tata play.

I always given tatasky team with good experince feedback but now i m thinking that worst service is now taking place.

Please look over below summary live example:

1. Firetv stick error occur yesterday that time my account balance was 450/- with active subscription till date 22 july 2022.
(almost 12 days combo pack of 648Rs (21.6Rs per day) was pending to expire.

My loss : 21.6 *12days remaining = 259Rs.

Dissatisfaction :unable to enjoy subscription of 648Rs combo pack till its validity. i.e loss of money with waste of time.

2. I modify pack with 788 Rs combo binge pack still there was message of inactive account on firetv stick.so after continuous recharge message on screen i unwilling press recharge firetv stick with again 299 rs. Then after that it got activated.

My loss : was that 788 rs combo pack recharge done but unable to enjoy programme entertainment on fire tv stick. Plus additional deduction of 299Rs was got deducted and still now it was not refunded.

Dissatisfaction : unable to enjoy subsription with paying money on combo pack and with active plan.

Additional 299 rs deduction still not refunded.

I spend money in ven yesterday:
259 Rs +299Rs = 558/- waste of money with time.

Please see the attachment of screenshot
1.deduction of money 788 rs +299rs debited details.

2.Error on firetv stick.(see attached screenshot)

I hope it will get soon reply with resolving the issue and refund of money charged extra.(299rs)

I again giving humble request to grievance officer.

Gaurav Dhatrak

Tata play subscriber ID : 1197060138
Register mobile number : 9405660575

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