Cancellation of online course content in skill lync and emi .

Name of Complainant Mathana Vignesh K
Date of ComplaintFebruary 3, 2023
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Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Mathana Vignesh K:

Myself Mathana Vignesh K, Iam from poor financial agriculture background and depend on father income only. At first from skill lync side , business development executive name called ugin Christ had contacted me through mobile stating the online course benefits and convincing a lot to join in the post graduate program in complete passenger car design and product development. I clearly explained my family situation to him. And I mentioned him that from skill lync financial department they asked me to say that if any one ask your salary means pls say Rs 20000. And I was shocked and can’t understand what going on. So I make call to ugin Christ ,He gave me a assurance that you can cancel the course at any point of view. I have audio proof also. And he not even said a single word about lender(liquiloan) or eos process. For this also I have a proof. I have joined the course in month of October 2022 and paid my first emi of Amount Rs 8000. But I have not attend any project or further classes. Before that I face a family problem . And so I have not attend any class. And I try to contact my account manager ugin Christ ,he is not reachable. From skill lync side and loan lender liquiloan they give a torture to pay emi. I send a cancellation request mail in the month of December 2022 stating my family situation and so iam not interested to continue study. So pls do cancellation of course content and emi. But from skill lync side they try to convince me and just like neglected my request. I send each and every documents of my father health report from past to present doctor’s prescription to Mr.Jasim from skill lync. But they not accepted my request. It’s our rights do our cancellation at any point of view by having valid reason. So pls help me from this.

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Cancellation of online course content in skill lync and emi .

4 thoughts on “Cancellation of online course content in skill lync and emi .

  1. Hi Mathana Vignesh K, thank you for bringing this to our attention. One of our team members will reach out to you shortly to understand your concerns and resolve them.

  2. Iam here to inform that from skill lync side they had called me last week Saturday and I explained my concern to them and I request them to initiate course cancellation and emi .They informed to raise a ticket regarding the same. I accepted it, But I already raised ticket in the month of November 2022 regarding the same but it has closed. Now also I raised the ticket and said my concern to them and waiting for their positive response.

  3. From liqueloans, they give a mental torture to us by sending threating message. It disturb my whole family mental and physical stability. At first without my knowledge or sign, skill lync use my data and getting loan from liqueloans. I informed this to skill lync also but no support from them. My father is heart patient , it really disturb him. Skill lync should avoid this kind of work and relieve me from this burden.

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