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Ticket Cancelled and fake PNR without informing

Name of Complainant RAKESH GARG
Date of ComplaintJune 25, 2023
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Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by RAKESH GARG:

On 8th May 2023, I made a reservation for my children Mr. Rachit Garg and Ms. Divya Garg from Amritsar to Mumbai (one halt at Delhi) on Flight Number- AI 454 from Amritsar to Delhi and Flight No. AI 678 from Delhi to Mumbai. Subsequently, we received a confirmation email from Online portal that my tickets are confirmed and stated that PNR is awaited, after some time checking on Yatra Business application, it was started to reflecting PNR Number as stated above, which led us to believe that travel plans were in order. However, on 27th May, 2023 tried for web check-in on Airline portal , but that portal was showing that invalid PNR, thereafter I called to Airlines and shocked to know that the PNR Number provided me is fake PNR, that is not issued by them, neither they have issued this PNR nor they have received any payment from Yatra Business. a) When called to Yatra Business Support desk, I was shocked and dismayed to discover that my PNR had been auto cancelled without any prior notification from your side.
b) In case Tickets were not issued how PNR is issued and updated on portal
c) Since travelling date means 29/05/2023, Yatra Business Portal was showing PNR with confirmed status, no where mentioned that PNR is auto cancelled.
d) No communication received from Yatra business team in form of Email/SMS/Call stating the facts which I came to know on last day of travel, that PNR is auto cancelled.
e) As per Airline (Air India), they have not received any payment from your side, need the status
f) In case PNR is auto cancelled, why my payment was not returned to me after around 20 days, till today.
g) Lastly I have written one email to Yatra with facts on 27th May, 2023 to find out the facts, in response to the same, following answer, without giving any other details.

“Please be informed that, this booking – TA0805230172376 ,ATQ-DEL-BOM is auto cancelled please book it again at your end. Or suggest what can be done on this”

h) In response to the same, I have asked Yatra customer help desk to provide me alternate flights, as the fare is increased and there is no fault of mine, but the executive confirmed that they can’t do anything in this matter, Yatra help desk must have call recording of the same, as when call started, I have pressed that call should be recorded, as per auto voice option.
i) Thereafter on 28/05/2023 early morning I have booked alternate flights for around Rs. 47000/- for both the passengers against original price of around Rs. 19000/-
j) On 28/05/2023 I have received email from Yatra customer help desk at 5.40 pm on 28/05/2023, stating the same reason that PNR is auto cancelled and put blame on me that I should have intimated to Yatra Business Team, but without getting any intimation that my PNR is cancelled (which I known on 27/05/2023) why have not taken action. They have also called me on 28/05/2023 evening for tickets, but I was not in mobile range and told new flight is available at cost of Rs. 36648, but that flight was too late and also giving me option very late.

The cancellation of our tickets without any intimation has caused significant distress, inconvenience, and financial losses. We were unable to undertake our intended journey, resulting in the loss of valuable time, missed engagements, and wasted travel-related expenses. As paying customers, we have the reasonable expectation that our reservations will be honoured and that we will be duly informed of any changes or cancellations to our travel plans.
This unfortunate incident represents a clear breach of contract, a violation of our consumer rights, and a failure on the part of you to fulfil its obligations. The terms and conditions of bookings explicitly state that passengers are entitled to receive timely notification in the event of any cancellations or changes to their flights. By failing to provide such notification, you has demonstrated negligence and a disregard for the rights and well-being of its customers.
In light of the aforementioned circumstances, we hereby make the following demands:
Compensation: We demand adequate compensation for the financial losses incurred as a direct result of the ticket cancellation, including but not limited to the cost of alternative arrangements, accommodation, transportation, and any other incidental expenses. We have calculated the total amount of these losses to be Rs. 50,000/- plus interest. Failure to provide appropriate compensation within [reasonable timeframe, e.g., 14 days] from the date of this notice will leave us with no choice but to escalate the matter through legal channels to seek redress.
Explanation: We require a comprehensive and detailed explanation for the cancellation of our tickets without prior intimation. This explanation should include the specific reasons for the cancellation, the steps taken by you to prevent such incidents, and a plan to ensure that such violations of customer rights will not recur in the future. We expect to receive this explanation within [reasonable timeframe, e.g., 10 days] from the date of this notice.
Refund: We demand a full refund of the ticket fare for the cancelled tickets, as we were unable to utilize the services for which we had already paid.
Please be advised that this legal notice serves as a final opportunity for you to rectify this matter amicably. Should we not receive a satisfactory response or resolution within the specified timeframes, we will be compelled to seek legal recourse to protect our rights as consumers and to pursue all available remedies and claims for damages.

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  1. Hi, Greetings from Yatra.com! We regret the inconvenience you have faced. We would like to inform you that we are looking into your concern and will get back to you with an update via email/call at the earliest. We appreciate your patience in this. Regards, Yatra Care

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