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Online fraud by skilllync by offering courses.

Name of Complainant Somasekhar kodigudla
Date of ComplaintSeptember 6, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Education
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Text of Complaint by Somasekhar kodigudla:

The company Skilllync was a online platform and they offering couses and they provided course and they charged 1.5 lack and we gave documents for availing scholarship because more amount and without informing they took loan on my name 1.5 lack from Eduvanz pvt Ltd. And they were torturing to pay the loan and the their service was not good because they gave me false promises and lied while taking the course and not giving better service. They said cancellation of course is possible within 6 mnths but they didn’t responding and blocked my number and not working their mails also and I asked to skilllync to cancel the course and they were saying you took loan and you have to pay 1.5 lack and otherwise we will take legal action like that they were warning. Without my permission they took loan by giving fake employment details to the financial institutions. When I ask this they diverting topic and saying that you have to pay money otherwise CIBIL score is reduces and future loan also not getting. They committed fraud to many students in India more than 1000 students and they thrown into debt trap. Please help me sir.

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Online fraud by skilllync by offering courses.

One thought on “Online fraud by skilllync by offering courses.

  1. Hi Somasekhar, we want to assure you that our goal at Skill-Lync is to provide valuable upskilling opportunities that help students achieve their career goals and land their desired jobs. Our team member will be reaching out to you to get a better understanding of what happened and how we can help.

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