Scam of selling boat earphones for 285 on shopify.

Name of Complainant Vaani Verma
Date of ComplaintSeptember 7, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Vaani Verma:

a new scam wherein an advertisement flashes on social media sites like Instagram, and on some newspaper article websites, which offers quality BoAt (the audio devices manufacturing company) Truly Wireless (TWS) Bluetooth earphones all at a heavily discounted price of INR 285 for all their earphones. Upon clicking on that ad, it redirects you to this site ( or, which are not the links to the official website of the BoAt company. This website has a timer countdown which shows the deal of all earphones at INR 285 is only available for a limited period of time, thus manipulating users to hurry up and buy the product. They accept all modes of payment, including cards and UPI, making it easier for people to pay. After the payment, they send you a convincing looking shipping number but no tracking details of the product, and they send you an email with a link to track the product. The link expires within a few days, the site on which the payment had been done ( has been taken down, and there are no traces of the product being shipped whatsoever. Lodging a complaint in this regard might help.

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25 thoughts on “Scam of selling boat earphones for 285 on shopify.

  1. Even product viz easy chair also has same criteria, no site wl be available further purchase even with receipt produced by co viz. chair* All r scammers

    1. Yes this website was there when I placed order for the boAt earbuds @Rs.411.82 (including taxes). I took screen shot after payment which showed order #2953. But as they mentioned I did not receive any message about delivery of the item.
      Chandrasekharan G

  2. I request the consumer complaint court to take strict action against this fraudsters and ensure that people who paid for their products, get their money back. I too have suffered.

  3. thank you for your article it help me to not get manipulated by the scammer
    they send mail with the same portfolio with same time ticking

  4. ive been scammed big time, i ordered airdopes but never recieved them, please do something about this scam and help get peoples money back and when i try to open the website it says not available, so please do something about this huge scam.

  5. I too got scammed here, I paid 900 rupees for a set of three earphones but later I got to know that the website was not legit, please know from others’ mistakes, had I been here for at least a second before I paid them I would have not lost my money, such people must be sued asap, Ive been a victim to my greed, others please do not get greedy and give them a chance to scam you, please exercise caution before buying anything for abnormally low prices. I hope no more people get scammed by them.

  6. cash on delivery is the best option .please dont pay online for these kind of unreliable shopping sites.

  7. Thanks guys , you save me from this scam .
    Strange URL style took my attention and investigated , its fraud .

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