Flipkart scam

Name of Complainant Ahmed
Date of ComplaintJanuary 10, 2018
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Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Ahmed:

FLIPKART FRAUDULENT & SCAM ACTIVITY IN DAYLIGHT fraudulent & SCAM Activity in daylight with their own customers. Flipkart is the No.1 fraud company, if you pay, then all your money is gone, they highlight their products at low price and once if you pay then all your money is gone to dustbin. Absolutely Rubbish Service.


Flipkart being the reputed has become the No. 1 Fraud Company in India from 3 to 4 years.


Many people do complain at almost every consumer complain website so if you read articles you will know but if you dont know then you are unaware but Indian people seems to have trusted this ‘online portal ‘ as their trust worthy because of their few transcatins but they will soon realise the FLIPKART as No.1 Fraud once they are Robbed & looted in Daylight.


but in reality ”FLIPKART” is A Big Fraud Based company and if you purchased anything then all your money is gone.

Never Pay a penny to flipkat.

Never Trust this Flipkart.


Never Buy Anything from Flipkart


Never suggest or recommend Flipkart Shopping to Anyone.


NEVER Order with COD because you wil get big soaps.

Never Order via prepaid method by paying with your secured card, If you pay, flipkart will cancel your order and you will have to wait for more than 30 days, you will automatically forget your money due to your day to day activities, But if you still remember your hard earned money then you will realise that your money has not been credited so you will again go to your bank to discuss details then the bank wil say that the flipkart has not been refunded so ultimately you will be bound to contact fraud flipkart again, they wil say that they had already refunded but as per bank’s authority they wil ask you if flipkart has refunded then show us the ”Refund Transcation Id” So will again call Flipkart’s executives and continue transfering your calls to supervisor and team managers they will then admit their mistakes but they will not send the ”REFUND TRANSACTION ID” to your email despite your several request, ultimately they will not give u complete Resolution so you need wait for another week atleast but then again you will call them to get your refund but soon they will disconnect your call and u have to sit back and give up. Thus you transaction with ‘Flipkart will be proved fraud. And your money will never been credited to your account. Thats how you wil give up completey. Flipkart loots in daylight,


If you have been looted & robbed by the Flipkart then kindly forward your phone number so that we will take action against Flipkart team. My Phone number is 8257013175


  • I’ve been looted too, these has been with many Indian Customers, some get stones and soaps. This also happened with many geniune customers also. We need resolution with compensation too for losting our time and money.

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Flipkart scam

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