Vr enterprises fraud company from Gujarat

Name of Complainant Mrunal prabhu
Date of ComplaintJune 30, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Mrunal prabhu:

Sir i was searching for a part time job and on Quikr i found a company VR enterprise for form filling jobs and offerd 20rs form per form and to fill 700 forms in 7 days with 90% accuracy and i submitted it in 5 days but they made mistakes in forms themselves and now they are asking for 4700rs to avoid legal court actions if i cant submit then they are warning about court and said i have to pay 74000 in court even a froud advocate also called me for payment and if i dont submit 4700rs then i have to appear in court sir i am from poor family i was searching job for income now i how can i pay to them please help me sir.

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  1. Same thing happened with me..they called me so many times till my registration..and then when i want their help they did not received my call so i did not complete the work..and now they are calling me and demanding to pay 4700 as penalty otherwise they will file a case..please tell me what to do..if so many people have this experience we can unite and take action against this

    1. legal advisor

      Aarti co no 9512508732
      Company name :- VR ENTERPRI

      Date :- 02/07/2020

      Legal Intimation email of rescinding the agreement.”

      1). We are an Advocate Associate hereby to inform you that, The ” VR ENTERPRI ” Company has send your file in Our Advocate Associate firm to proceed further because as your work status is Not Submit / Not Complete OR QC Fail.

      1)। हम आपको सूचित करने के लिए एक एडवोकेट एसोसिएट फर्म हैं कि, कंपनी ने कोर्ट में आगे बढ़ने के लिए हमारी एडवोकेट एसोसिएट फर्म में आपकी फाइल भेजी है क्योंकि आपकी कार्य स्थिति Not Submit or QC Fail अवस्था में है।

      2). Before providing the work, company had given you demo of the practical work, after confirmation of your’s company has done the registration. you had received User id and password had been sent in your registered email address. We have your agreement, acceptance letter, id proof and voice recording as legal proof .

      2)। कार्य प्रदान करने से पहले, कंपनी ने आपको व्यावहारिक कार्य का डेमो दिया था, आपकी कंपनी के पंजीकरण की पुष्टि के बाद। आपने अपने पंजीकृत ईमेल पते पर उपयोगकर्ता आईडी और पासवर्ड प्राप्त कर लिया था। हमारे पास आपका अनुबंध, स्वीकृति पत्र, आईडी प्रूफ और वॉयस रिकॉर्डिंग कानूनी प्रमाण के रूप में है।

      3). We also suggest you that once you pay this amount in good faith we will issue your NOC letter within the stipulated time of 45 minutes. Hence, we insist you to pay your outstanding to our client in good faith, so we can close your file from our end.

      3)। हम आपको यह भी सुझाव देते हैं कि एक बार जब आप इस राशि का भुगतान कर देंगे तो हम आपके एनओसी पत्र को 45 मिनट के निर्धारित समय के भीतर जारी कर देंगे। इसलिए, हम आपको विश्वास दिलाते हैं कि आप हमारे ग्राहक को अच्छा विश्वास दिलाना चाहते हैं, इसलिए हम आपकी फाइल को हमारे अंत से बंद कर सकते हैं।

      4). Your agreement is made with sole proprietor company for which you need to clear your dues. As per Act of 1996, article 14 depicted in an agreement.

      4)। आपका अनुबंध एकमात्र प्रोप्राइटर कंपनी के साथ किया गया है, जिसके लिए आपको अपना बकाया चुकाना होगा। 1996 के अधिनियम के अनुसार, अनुच्छेद 14 एक समझौते में दर्शाया गया है।

      Reply back as soon if you wish to close this legal matter.

      यदि आप इस कानूनी मामले को बंद करना चाहते हैं तो जल्द से जल्द जवाब दें।

      Thank you.

      I have paid 4500

      Plz recovered my am. From this fraud company.

      1. yesterday same thing happened with me
        while applying it on 24 of June they said me that they will give me login details on 25June but they didnt gave me any details so the lady who had call me for registration i msgd her on whatsapp that i didnt received any login details she read my msg but didnt respond me
        then yesterday a guy name vipul patel tried calling me but as it was unknown number i didnt received his call later on he texted me on whatsapp saying that as i had not submitted the work i have to pay penalty due of 4700 rs and he send me some sections number of indian law numbers were Section 73, Section 74,Section 75 stating that they will impose this section and will send me the notice by my home address if i dont pay penalty due within half hour they will register the case So in my panic state i arranged and paid them and then the guy again called me and said ki now NOC department will call you and will ask if you want to continue with agreement or want to cancel it. SO after 5-10 mins a guy name Awdesh called me and said if I want to cancel the 11 months agreement and settle the case outside the court i should pay them 12900 and if i want to continue the work i should pay them 15500. So I said them that first thing company havent given me my login details but still in panic mode i paid you then second thing you guys just showed me my agreement but didn’t mailed it to me and third thing i haven’t sign any agreement with your company so i am not going to pay you any money. Then they talked to me rudely and said ki they are going to open my file again and will send me the notice within 2 days then i should be present in the court on given date and i have to pay them 1,25,000 in court as per my section charges and said ki now they will refund my money i.e 4700 by DD so i said them ki refund me I will see you in court now and also I will file case against you as you mislead me about everything. Then by around 4.30 pm they called me again and said that lets take this thing outside court and for now you just pay me 6000 rs and remaining thing you pay me till tomorrow or else i will get the notice by message itself so at that time i stopped my panic thing and realize that this is fake cause the 2 people that is one Vipul and other Awdesh they didnt talk to me on normal call instead they were calling me on whatsapp so that i dont record any thing and also i knew mostly session courts are closed by 3 clock or 5 clock and it was almost 4.45 by that time and now no court will issue any notice then i thought if this is legal firm then they would send me companies login detail and company names account number but they gave me QR scan for payment which didn’t had company name to it then i read the agreement again which they send me yesterday and it didn’t had any cancellation or continuation charges mentioned in it So I talked to one of my friend as he is from film background so i explained him everything he talked to his lawyer and said that they can’t impose any charges on me as the agreement is not valid and signature is also not there on it. So i blocked their numbers and mail id and today also they tried calling me from another number but i have put it unknown numbers on block so i just received notification. and also now i will post everything on twitter with all the numbers so that no one else get mislead

      1. Ignore them dont worry unka jitna bhi mail aaye sab ignore kro and mails and numbers block karte jao dont worry they were going to send me legal notice within 2 days aaj 3 day hogya he abtak kuch nahi aaya he and vo logo ka call and mails aana bhi band hogya

      2. Bhai darna mat…..mere saath bhi hua hai ye…..call aaye to bolo case kar do….sab froud hai….darate hai sab….aur agar koi action hoga to sab saath hai hum bhai….mujhe call krna….mere pass full proof hai ki maine sahi kaam kiya with screenshot…..court mei dikhayenge sab….my contact no is 8010705550 (Ankur)

      3. This also happened with me on dated 24/7/2020. really fraud people. Same thing happened with me..they called me so many times till my registration..and then when i want their help they did not received my call so i did not complete the work..and now they are calling me and demanding to pay 4700 as penalty otherwise they will file a case..

      1. I waana talk to your lawyer … because we must take some action against these frauds….

      2. I received same call from from a guy he said I have to pay 4200 within 15 minutes
        I denied now they are saying we will file a case please help me should I pay it not because I have not completed the work am very tensed about this


      4. A guy named Nithin Gadhvi called me and said i have to pay 8500/- immediately before 3pm. orelse they will file a case. I paid them through phone pay to the QR code he sent me. Now, I realized its fake company and I blocked all of their numbers. now please what I have to do help me.

    2. Me too I think we must take actions against this…. It is pure scam.9569447954 this is my mobile number Parnika if u want to take action or any stand for you then I am with you.

      1. Same thing happened with me..they called me so many times till my registration..and then when i want their help they did not received my call so i did not complete the work..and now they are calling me and demanding to pay 4700 as penalty otherwise they will file a case..please tell me what to do..if so many people have this experience we can unite and take action against this. Liza no jisne mujhe call kia tha 72111 20646,
        advocate no – 8866065504
        advocate associate
        12:58 PM (1 hour ago)
        to me

        CALL ME THIS NUMBER :- 8866065504
        ************I got this notice****

        online form filling

        advocate associate
        11:50 AM (3 hours ago)
        to me

        Richa neekhra

        Date :- 24-07-2020
        Respected sir /Mam,

        We would like to thank you for availing (form filling) service from our company VR ENTERPRISE

        You are one of our valuable Freelancer. you have taken work on Dated : 15/07/2020 and We have noticed that ( you have NOT SUBMITTED your work ).

        Now as per The agreement which was done between you & VR ENTERPRISE ,we are hereby intimate you to pay the pending Due before 24-07-2020.

        You can also contact our legal officer to discuss the matter and the duration you need to make the pending payment.

        Please make necessary arrangements to make the payment and inform the company with the necessary details.

        Looking forward to hear from you
        Yours Sincerely,


        Legal officer

      1. Nhi de rhay bhai….maine mail ki inhe ki sab kuch genuine hai agar tumhara to apna pan no, GSTIN no, aur address do mujhe….mna kr rhay hai ki nhi de skte….totally froud hai

      1. Just ignore their all messages and block them they are fraud company same happened with me they also send me a message pretending to be a court message but I know any court would not send message as a legal notice 😂😂 but the thing is I don’t worry cause I have not committed any crime yes All those who got caught in their scam don’t worry coz you have not committed any crime

      1. Do not pay them. Give them a good piece of your mind. Tell them that you have already registered a complain in consumer court and now they need to answer. Why don’t you share their phone numbers as well.
        These people think that they are too smart but we have to be smarter. You too use the same tactics. Tell them that your family friend is a lawyer and now you will make sure they go to jail.
        Tell them that you know that they will send a fake message and all that nonsense but they will have to pay.
        Listen. This is not real. I too had to deal with these scoundrels and told them that they are robbers and under section 420 they should be penalised. Use the same words. Till now I have not received any notice.

    3. Dear All,

      Same thing happened with me. they have called to pay amount then they will not register the case i have pay then . even though case is file and while asking the receipt they are telling that you have pay the amount to your wife account they are telling that you have taken 2 account which is totally fraud. Now they are demanding 20,000/- to close the case and NOC. Please Help Me Out.
      What i have done is I have blocked all the mobile no and email id.

      1. yes. the company is fake because am asking their MOA DETAILS but they give me only the some excuses part and i argue with that girl and she lastly said that we are moving to legal procedures and i will to pay 180000 for this late penallty.

      1. Mere sath bi hua hai ab bol rhe hai apko 2dino me court me ana hoga nhi apke khilaf legal action lenge phir apko court ne 98980 rupees court me ake paid krna hoga or aap ke khilaf 74,75,406 case kiya ja rha hai please help me ager ye forad hai to

    1. Plz help me I am also unemployed and they form filling work is cheating me
      And saying to give 4700 for not working
      But I am saying that to advocate that I am receiving a call for data entry work and they say to gve 20 rs per form and he gve demo account so when I chek in demo capital and small letter mixaup so after checking I am again received call then I say that issue of mix-up letter then he say mix-up is not coming in your I’d so I am redy to work after that he take my interview and he said you have to clear 2nsd round and he say you have to tell them yes whatever he say then you get this work then and few minutes call is same but voice is too bad I am not able to understand what she is saying to me but I remember to tell yes in first round so that I am saying yes yes and yes after that agreement he say otp is coming you to fill otp it’s agreement is on call and agree also then he say to do work but I don’t have time to read it before approval on call ok. No issues but when I satarted to do work same mix-up of capital or small letter so I didn’t work in any single form
      And traing to call that no.and in this week they are also not calling me to know abt difficulty or work . Those I received that call many times and mail also now after 10days I received a call from advocate they presseied to gve 4700 plz help any body

      1. Don’t pay.
        Their numbers are

        All frauds from same group.
        You don’t have to pay them. Tell them that you have registered a complaint against them and now wait to be put behind bars. I was very clear that I will not pay them and no one else will. If we get together and stop these frauds then things will be better for us. Don’t worry. They just try to see whether you will get scared by their threats. Record everything and send them their recording. Say that now you will file a police complaint and get ready to go to jail.

    1. mere sath bhi yahi hua hai maine 4000 rs bhi acount me bhejha hai but or paiso mang rahe hai noc ke liye please bataiye mai kya karu

  2. I have faced a similar issue from VR enterprises. They asked for 7500 for the settlement of the case. now they are asking for 25000 more for either continuation of the assignment or termination of the agreement. I can’t pay any more money now.

    1. Don’t pay. They are frauds. Tell the fake advocate to first prove that he is an advocate. Tell him to send his enrollment number, license no and status bar. He will never be able to send you cause he is not real. Say that you have lot if evidence against him. Tell him to go to hell. Bard mey jao. They deserve every single word.

      1. Hello Lee

        I made a group who paid money to such fake company….we want our money back. A member also with us who paid around 2 lakh rupees…some paid 40000, 28000 and so on..

        How can you help us in this joint action. You can contact at 7597591028

  3. Same thing happened with me.
    They asked me for money
    I paid it then they further asked about the continuation of contract.

  4. mere sath bhi yahi hua hai maine 4700 rs bhi acount me bhejha hai but or paiso mang rahe hai noc ke liye please bataiye mai kya karu

  5. All are fake dobt worry i check this site just in a few days the police will hier all the staff i save all contacts recording and proofs and now my court will find you wait and watch fakers frauders

    1. Hello sahjeet,

      Police has caught them up the fake company people????

      Update us. I also paid a big amounts unknowingly..I want my money back with strick legal action against them.


  6. Same thing happened with me.
    They asked me for money
    I paid it then they further asked about the continuation of contract.

    1. Same thing happened with me couple of days back. I have completed the work given but they have maid mistake purposely and asked me to paid the penalty amount. Even i have paid the money. Now they are asking me to pay for cancellation of contract.

      1. Don’t pay. I really don’t understand why dud you pay in the First place. This is a pure fraud. They just threaten you. If possible answer their call and record it on the phone. Then play it back to them and tell them now you are filing a police complaining against them that they are threatening you. They will pee in their pants.

      2. Mere sath bhi aisa hua hai maine bhi unko kuchh paise transfer kar deye hai sir wah log mujhse aur pasie mang rahe hai bol rahe hai apke case ho gya hai apke ghar notice bhej de jayegi sir pls help me mujhe kuchh samjh me nahi aa raha hai ki mai kya Karu mujhe dar lag raha hai mere pita ji bhi nahi hai mere ghar par meri maa hai aur chhota bhai unka bhi bura hal hai pls help me sir

      3. If you want your money back then join our initiative action against V R Enterprise thru joint forum of victims…..

        Call 7597591028

  7. Guys I have traced a mistake in the company’s email…some people have received email from advocate Anil Gupta of Vapi Court and some from Anil gupta of Delhi court

  8. Same thing happened to my sister.she is very worried about and then she told me please tell me about this how I m able to get rid of this problem.

  9. Same thing happened with me. They have made some agreement and asked me to sign digitally. Agreement made on Stamp Duty Gujrat maked in Red stamp with Prime Cooperative Bank Ltd. Whether it is valid? One can not make agreement on Stamp Duty paid and had No legal status.
    Share your views because they are threatning me too.

    1. Today VR enterprise people called me took my Aadhar card and also they made the agreement Now I am stuck ….if anyone who got out of this fraud company plz text me on 8521194231 then I will call you becoz I am not receiving any unknown calls I am very scared I am a student and I don’t know what to do I feel very depressend and I don’t know what to do now becoz they have my Aadhar card photocopy. And I am very scared plz help.

      1. This i a complete fraud company they gave me 700 forms for 7 days 1st i was happy to having part time work immidietly & i start working from next day but when i starting filling form then 10 forms take’s 1 hour so i
        1st doubted on myself & get confused that i can finish it or not so i was keep going but there was 1 form form no 28 in which font styles of unique id is unable to understand so simply take the screenshot of that from & the person who is main head who call me & exlplain all the work i messaged him that there was an doubt so 1 st he start ignoring me all message be like seen & ignored seen & ignored i message him 10 time & then he blocked my contact
        Then i also got the same another fraud part time job call
        As for a resume he was asking me for my work experience so i tell the company name VR enterprlse gujrat
        Then he tell me that it is an fraud company’
        So i searched it on YouTube & it is really fraud
        So i stop working of that coz i m not going to recieve any payment if i so why i do work
        After the call & message me for leagal action i started ignoring all
        & after 7 day not any single call came..
        Now i free from this fucking vr eneterprise who play with my time work & emotions too coz i m a student

      2. Even if you do the job they will prove you wrong. They change whatever is right to wrong and make sure that 100 forms are wrong. Don’t worry. Do a few forms correct and take photos and keep. Then when they ask for money you need to email the right forms that you did. Say that you know they are frauds and your friend has already informed you about their scam. Tell them to go to hell.

  10. those who are stuck with them take a screenshot of every form you submit provide them with proof and if they don’t listen then you will be more than happy to take them in court easy

    1. bhai mere sath bhi same chiz hui ek agent vr enterprise ka mujhe phone kiya uska name Harinder tha sala kehta hai ki free registration hai aur apko 7 din me 700 forms bhrna hoga per form ka 20 rupay milega and total 7 days kay baad 14000 milega phir sale nay aadhar card manga mai excitement me sale kk dediya phir kehta hai otp aayegi aur kuch fake agreement bhej diya sala bhen ka lauda uske baad response nahi kar raha tha meri calls mssgs ka phir maine helpline no. par call kiya toh ek ladki phone uthai rudely baat kar rahi thi maine kaha ki mujhe yeah job nahi karni mera registration cancel kar toh kehti hai ki sorry apko cancellation charge pay karna hoga 4700 maine kaha jabh tera agent bol rah tha ki free hai sabh toh kis baat ka cancellation fees dui toh kehti hai company policy hai maine kaha ek paisa nahi dunga kehti hai apke upar legal notice ki jayegi court etc sey maine kaha karde jo karna mere pass call recording bhi hai agent ki and mssgs bhi hai inki gand mardengey bhai log yeah log kewal humare darr sey khelte aur yaar inki company hi fraud hai ek paisa mat do agar aadhar card ya kisi bhi chiz ki photo bhej diye ho toh tension mat lo bas apna bank account , phonepey etc mat dena inko call mssgs karne do block kardo salo ko inki gand fat kay hath me aajyegi jada call kare toh sidhe gali bako aur bolo aukat me reh warna police ke sath aakr teri aur teri company ki gand fad kar copy paste kardunga bas aur daro mat

      1. Fake. There is no status bar, no registration number, no license number. I was waiting that they would call me after the crazy message that they sent from a bulk purchase of sms but I did not receive a single call. I would have royally given them an answer they truly deserve.
        Tell them that you have filed a case against them and they will hear from your advocate very soon. Tell them that you know they are frauds and that they send fake messages. Advocate is also fake. Ask for his identity. He will threaten you but never give his identity proof. Fake scoundrels.

  11. (VR ENTERPRISE,gujrat) SAME THING HAPPEND WITH ME NOW, I SHARE ALL FRAUD detail with mob NO.S – ADV ABHIJEET 09638604367 , senior ADV. DEEPAL PATIL 6359617980, THEY ARE TOUTUREING ME FROM 25 JUNE . THEY SEND 3 SMS BY (SMSHLP) 1st sms legal internal case no. 7610846, 2nd sms intimation , 3rd sms US-420 of indian penal code , settle dues outside of court. continuing calling me. even today 15.7.20 also.

    in fair i had paid some amount also they are touturing me to more pay. i don’t have .

    1. That’s because you paid them in the first place. You should not have done so. Anyway. Don’t pay anymore. Tell them to send their office address and you will arrange payments at their office address. Then file a police complain with that address and phone number. They will never call you again

      1. Facing same situation with VR Enterprises.. God knows correct form ko bhi glt bta k pure work ko bekaar kr dete h.. Aj subh se mujhe calls aa rhe or mujhse Rs 12900 ki demand kr rhe agreement cancel krwane k ly jb mne bola ki mujhe kaam nii krni.. It seems like torture.. Ye log file ko alg alg step pe bhej k paise maang rhe.. I’ve blocked them bt still tensed..

      2. Sir aap kon h. Aap sabko motivated kr rahe ho. Or paise nahi pay krne ko bhi bol rahe he.

        Mere pass har 3din me SMSHLP ki site se legal sms aa rahe he ki case file ho gya h. Or ye aapko last intimation m. Ya to Paisa jma krwa do ya fir notice bej dange. Bahut scared fill kr raha hu.
        Pl share ur contact no.

      3. I was willing to work with this company and I have their work agreement 14000/- for 700 forms in 7 days but after knowing that these are froud people I didn’t do their work and they didn’t answered my call till one week and now they are calling for submission of work aftr a week and also now they are asking for money give refund of 4700 or else we will file a case against you now m stuck they said they will send legal notice at my home as they have my adhar card details. What should I do plz someone help me out
        If anyone of u have any solutions plz contact me as soon as on my mail id muniramohib@gmail.com

    2. I think you need to take to file a police complaint against them. Don’t worry. You won’t be in trouble. Tell the police that you did not know that they were frauds but now you are being threatened. One call from the cops will put them in place. Call from your number when you are in the police station so that they receive your call.

      1. mere sath bhi same aisa hi ho raha hai bahut calls aa rahe hai vr interprises se keh rahe hai 4700 rs pay karo nai to aap k naam p 1 week k ander leagle notice aa jaayga ab aap hi bataiye ki mai kya karu mai bahut tension me hu

  12. Same yahi mere sath hua… Mera varification karvaya uske bad bole ki apko next day se work milega.. Uske next day mujhe koi bhu work nhi aya teen din bad jis number s mujhe job ke liye call aur WhatsApp pr msg aya tha hamne contact kia t on dono jagh mai blocked thi.. Fir teen din bad Pahle mujhe email aya ki apne naam case ho gaya.. Aur kal inbox pr msg ki apke address pe send kae dia jyega court ka adesh.. Maine koi paisa pay nahi kia aur advocate ka number block kar dia… Na jane age kya hoga…

  13. Hello friend,

    Im also affected with this company. This company is total fake. Cyber police is working on my case against V R Enterprise. If you want help then contact me.

    Shailendra @ 7597591028

  14. VR ENTERPRISE,gujrat) SAME THING HAPPEND WITH ME NOW. THEY SEND 3 SMS BY (SMSHLP) 1st sms legal internal case no. 420, 2nd sms intimation , 3rd sms US-73,74 of indian penal code , settle dues outside of court. continuing calling me. even today 22.07.2020 also.

    1. Don’t give them any 1 rupees also. Don’t attend call. Block them they’ll send u sms by SMSHLP please ignore. I faced so much problem for vr enterprise.

      1. VR enterprises is fraud company he says pay 4700₹ otherwise i will file case on you so plz sir give me solution what i do now i am very dipress now sir plzz help me

    1. They all are fraud. No need to worry. Just relax and dont pay anything onwards. Their notice is fake, advocate is fake. So relax

  15. Dear Friends,

    I am facing same issue with same vendor i.e VR Enterprise or Virtual Forms, both are same
    they blocked my access and now demanding 8558 for the settlement of this case otherwise they will go for legel procedure.
    They called me lots of time untill i havent register and after registration they haven’t receive my call

  16. Inne abhi Virtual forms enterprise ke name se company ko run kar rhe h ….Inko IPC code tak shi se pta nhi h …kuch bol kar sbko draa rhe h yeh ..

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