Telegram Part-time Job Scam

Name of Complainant Anbarasan A
Date of ComplaintFebruary 21, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Investments
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Text of Complaint by Anbarasan A:

I started on whatsapp. The lady messaged me with offer of Part Time Job where I’ll get 50rs per subscription. And for that I don’t have to pay single rupee. She gave me first task by sharing link of youtube channel which I subscribed and completed first task. Then she shared another youtube link for second task which also I completed. Then she said that for third task I need to chat with their receptionist named Mehak (telegram channel @Sharma147. Then I asked receptionist for the third task where she gave shared me a link of one website for registering. I registered there then receptionist asked me to complete authentication process by uploading driving license’s front and back photo. Which also I did. Then I got certified and then receptionist shared youtube channel link as third task to complete. I subscribed and completed the third task after that she asked upi id for processing the payment of 200rs. I gave my upi id and after 20-30 mins I received 1200rs payment. I thought this is genuine job. Then they asked me to join their telegram channel where they gives daily 25 tasks to complete and get the payment. In which prepaid tasks also was there which I was not aware about. I got the first prepaid task to do where 1000rs was the starting prepaid task for fresher people. So I paid 1000rs with the help of receptionist and then she allocated one teacher named @Dishiko (telegram channel id) who will be guiding us for the trading. Then shared some steps to follow to do trading of bitcoin. I followed the steps and completed that prepaid task and then I got paid 1300rs via receptionist. Then I kept completing other tasks which got posted in the group in which I got another prepaid task. Second time I again tried to opt for 1000rs plan for which they denied and informed that I can opt it for once as fresher only. Then they asked me to choose task of 5000rs or above. I chose for 5000rs and paid the amount to merchant through receptionist. This time the task need to be completed in group where 2-3 people are were required. This time teacher made 1 group and asked us to agree some terms and condition and then shared the same steps to complete the trading task. Which everyone did and then teacher asked us to wait for another group task and shared some tasks in which we have to choose one amount and need to pay to merchant via receptionist by sharing the code given by teacher. Then I opt for the lowest amount which was 6800 due insufficient money where other members wanted to opt for the highest amount. As everyone has to select the same option others selected the same which I did. Then we paid the amount and then completed the task by repeating the trading task by following the steps given by teacher. Then after completing the two task teacher asked us to wait he is checking whether there is another task. And after few moments teacher declared that todays task is over and we should speak with receptionist to settle our commission. Then we spoke with receptionist to settle the commission by sharing the code given by the teacher. Till that time all 25 tasks for the day got over and they said that next morning they will start at 09:45am. Due to successful reception of commission my trust on these people got strong and after completing second prepaid task I tried for third prepaid task which receptionist denied to allocate me by saying the seats are full and she will try for me on next day for which I agreed. Then in the next morning with more hopes I started to complete the tasks getting posted in the group. During completing the tasks receptionist asked me to do prepaid tasks for which I was requesting her yesterday evening. Then I asked her that still the prepaid has not been posted in the group then how can I go for it. Then she said that as per my request she booked a slot for me putting request to merchant. Then in few moments the prepaid task got posted and I thought to go for 5000rs and I paid that amount to merchant via receptionist on the upi id shared by her. After the payment same teacher got allocated and he told me that the members which whome I played prepaid task before have also chosen the same plan and are in the group also with me so they will be continuing with you today. Then our task got started where we completed our first as before and then teacher asked us to wait for next task and he shared the task where we need pay minimum amount of rs 50000 and more than that 2 also were there. By seeing this I got frightened but the rule was like if I chose to quit then they will blacklist me will not return my money. So I thought like yesterday I might have to complete only one more task with this amount so I paid that amount and played that task. After completing the task teacher again asked us to wait for another task and he allocated third task where we need to pay 90000 to 110000rs amount. Then this time one person from our group said that she need some time to manage the fund and same thing I also did. After some time she and I managed funds and paid 110000rs amount thinking that this one will be the last one task and completed that third task. After that teacher again asked us to wait for another task and he shared fourth task saying this one is the last task in which we have to pay minimum 250000rs amount. Then i said I’m not able make such huge amount they said Retention option we have arrange 250k with in tomorrow and claim your rewards, i thought if i paid reaming task amount they will transfer my whole settlement so i barrow amount from friends and paid this to once i paid next teacher send withdrawal code so i reach my receptionist but she told it’s a huge amount so check with Charlie ( Telegram ID – @Charlie_969) i reach him to process withdrawal he said need to some Data Tax of 20 Percentage which will around 220k I said I’m not able pay you can take amount from my settlement buy he said it’s a management Rules if you paid you will get all rewards otherwise you will banned i scarred after some time i try to arrange the amount again but partially only arrange so again i reach him and said this much only I have 100k then he said pay this first i will hold your rewards balance i will help after paid this Tax amount after some time he come back and said Financial team not releasing the amount ask to pay Security deposit amount of 500k i shocked and a thought of getting trapped in scam got in my mind I started thinking what to do. One thought was like to complete the last task and completing the prepaid task and getting the commissions but then I thought what if they didn’t pay me the whole amount with commission? That day I didn’t paid for the last group task. They asked me to arrange the fund and pay the amount till next day which I still not did. I don’t know what to do now? I have kept off the telegram application since morning and waiting for some solution which I still not got. I request you stop such scams to happen. Such scams are happening mostly on telegram channel and those needs to be stopped. As these people are doing fraud with lots of people and everyday so many people are losing their money in such scams

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258 thoughts on “Telegram Part-time Job Scam

  1. Hi… I also faced this on 20th were i lost 465000, i have reported to the cyber crime branch and also filed for against the required PPL. Please do it before three days so that they block the account you transferred to.

    1. I have also lost 2.5 lac today

      Filled a complaint in cyber crime do I need to file any other complaint?

      1. Hi, have you received any response from CYBER CRIME or any response from the bank side. Please let me know, since I have lost around 360000, now they are asking for more money to release the amount. Please reply what to do for recovering the amount.

      1. Hey hi…most spam website are registered with GoDaddy.
        Complain at GoDaddy and ask for compensation

      2. Pls reach out to ur nearest cyber crime police station and give the written complaint with required copies then they will assist u further

    2. I registered complaint in and I also called my bank about this froud. I called in 3rd day. Is my money get back. Please tell me.i lost 2 lakh rupees.

    3. How can you transfer such a huge amount and not.doubt that it’s a scam?
      It’s 4lakh 65 thousand that. You have mentioned.

    4. Today I got messages like same girl ,and when she said whole process , and I texted the code which I got in whatspp , and I liked youtube videos and sent screen shots, in teligram, igot 150 rps ,again I completed 3 tasks they credited 150 again , and they asked for vips like for 1k ,u will get 1300 ,and for 1 lakh they will pay 1L 60k ,
      Then I get to know it was a pure scam I caught that point , around 1000 rps I earned from them ? ? and another girl also messaged same I’m doing now also ,if any body wants her ID I’ll text uh ( 8th April, Saturday, 2023 today also they r asking me to complete the taks and I’m earning 150 ? ?
      And I never pay , nly earning small amounts is also enough instead of greedy small money is enough per day 600 ? ? ? they got fooled from me and I’m proud ? ?

      1. Bro, the money you are earning is not their money, it’s the people’s money who got scammed.

      2. Please find below the details of how they do fraud – Please be aware and do not get trapped!!
        Fraud Mobile no – +1 (778) 831-3370
        Msg from her:-
        Hi, I’m the HR Manager at Team Lease Service, are you still looking for a job?
        [1:38 pm, 11/04/2023] +1 (778) 831-3370: My name is jaya from team lease services
        [1:38 pm, 11/04/2023] +1 (778) 831-3370: Thank you for your answer. We have a job opportunity where you can work from home and someone will train you in the early stages.
        [1:38 pm, 11/04/2023] +1 (778) 831-3370: There are no fees to pay. Would you be interested?
        [1:40 pm, 11/04/2023] +1 (778) 831-3370: We are working with reputed companies in India to increase their feedback to Google. Therefore, we are hiring freelancers who want to earn extra income in their free time.
        [1:40 pm, 11/04/2023] +1 (778) 831-3370: Your role will be to write positive reviews for them on Google Maps and you will get a bonus and a salary.
        [1:40 pm, 11/04/2023] +1 (778) 831-3370: This doesn’t affect your current job, it only requires you to operate for 10-20 minutes in your spare time and it’s income increasing work.
        [1:40 pm, 11/04/2023] +1 (778) 831-3370: Ok ok, I will send you the pay packet.
        ✅Indian Citizen/PR/Foreigner (T&C)
        ✅Gender. Male / Female
        ✅Bonus: Rs. 3000-8000, billed daily ?.
        ✅Age: 20 years to 65 years
        ✅Basic salary allowance. Rs. 13,000 per week
        ✅Working hours. 1 to 2 hours per day
        ✅Payment of salary through online banking
        [1:40 pm, 11/04/2023] +1 (778) 831-3370: Before I hire you, for the registration purpose fill:
        Current job:
        Telegram username/number:
        Can you rate our client’s restaurants on Google Maps?
        -Open telegram and add our receptionist at
        – Send her a message (I want to accept payment and start working)
        I will give you the verification code for your reward.
        Your code is AW17-vON
        Send it to the receptionist and follow his instructions to get your payment. Once you are done.
        The receptionist sends tasks to many participants every day and you can match the tasks the receptionist gives you to get more rewards Can you do that?

      3. Yes they are bloody scammer also tried same trick 4 times everytime I earn Rs 300 and existed the group last time also trying to con me the same way i done 7 task and deposited 1000 rupee got 14500+ Some bonus , after receiving the amount i exited the group.I request you everyone donot be greedy and fall to such scammer

      4. Please give me her ID… I need some free rupees. Not gonna do the prepaid tasks.

      5. Yes I have also done same thing
        You give me another id I will fool them agsin

    5. i also lost 5000rs in first pre paid task 1 and next 2 prepaid task he asked me to select 36000 and i paid by taking money from my friend. After paid again he told to do recovery task for that 98k.after i got a doubt on this prepaid task trap after deep google search i found these complaint. i realized i am cheated and trapped.
      i went to police station to complaint. They are not taken any action they send me to cyber crime police station sstill i am trying to get back my money i am struggling a lot.

      1. i think u should be added in group and ur teacher is mukerjee mhanaty. i loss my money 6.5 lakh for scam and group person
        im faceing same problem first do ur complanit in cyber crime portel and next day police taken my complaint two days ago im doing complaint

      2. I fell for similar kind i did one pre paid Task 2,500 and few task
        Now i blocked them and exited the group

      1. Do they really compensate. Even I have lost money on 8th March 2023 for other scam for movie ticket ratings?

    6. Hello Radhika I also faced this today can you please suggest me what you have done? Further I lost my all savings

      1. I am also losting 152000 on 20 th april.lodge a complain in cyber what can I do?pls suggest.

    7. I got a message from whatsapp from a person introduced herself as Maya saying there is vacancy for online jobs and gave 3 simple tasks like following public instagram accounts. I did that and she gave a telegram account and told me to contact the receptionist called Nihaarika.I contacted her and she immediately transferred rs 110 to my bank account.And she added in a telegram group and told that the tasks will be given in this group and I should send screenshots in the group and also to her to get the payment. After one day at first they were given insta following tasks and later they gave prepaid tasks. First day I choose 2000 and after payment she yold me yo make a account in and directed me to a teacher called vip laxmanan and told he will give further instructions.He told some steps and I got 2500 back and I gained faith in them.And for the next time i again asked for 2000 and she told it is for one time only. So I asked for 5000.
      Again she told me to contact laxman and he add me to a group of 4 people. I think they were also scammers.After payment, he gave another round that we should choose one amount from 3 options. I choose the least of 6000. Then he told tasks are completed. And the receptionist transfetred me 14000 rs. I was very happy and once again gained faith on them.Next day first I choose 5000, and then the second order was of 35200. I paid it. I thought it will be the last round. But after that teacher told there is third round and I have to pay 119000. I told them that I dont have that much money and I need to back off.But they told it is not possible and after completion of all tasks only I will get the money back.At that time one group member told he need some time to add beneficiary. At that time I asked him to give exemption for me.And he reduced the money to 77870. And one of the group member suggested ne to take instant loan. I was not knowing he was also a scammer and I believed her and took instant lian and paid 77870 rs. I thought it will be the last round. But again he asked to pay 200000. I completely refused it and understood it is actual scam. I told them to give my money back. They told after completion of 4 rounds only they can transfer money. Then I called them and they were not answering my calls. After that one person called me and tried to convince me that they are genuine and I can pay 150000 instead of 2 lakhs. I refused and I asked him aadhar and pancard. He disconnected the call. After that I tried both receptionist, teacher and the one who called me. But no one were responding . please help me to get back my money.
      Below are the contacts of those I have mentioned above

      ‪+91 87440 69844‬
      (The one who called me)
      +91 86063 03278+91 86063 03278
      ( the one who messaged me in whatsapp first)

      1. What the actual fck…when things gets escalated we have to step out. Should have taken that profit and step out of it obviously it will be shady if someone is asking to pay more than 75k.

    8. Hi , I am also trapped by this gang and i lost 7.80 Lakhs with this fraud gang on 20th April 2023. Please help how to do complaint against them. Stil ther are alive with the same name and chatting with me to put some more amount to release your fund. They showing one duplicate crypto currency website and showing my amount of Rs.944427. I fi i need this i need to do compensation order or pay liquidated charges. Please do some help

      1. The scammers are doing same thing with me till today,they generate on other website named and chatting with same telegram account named crescent 008.they till today asking more money for release my fund.the also chatting with me with my mother language bengali.pls help any one how can I get back my earned money which is trapped by the bullshit scammers.pls help me.

      2. Don’t deposit any money…they r doing frouds…kuch bhi wapis nhi milega..baki bhi chala jayga

      1. same thing happened to me . i lost 1.75lk. Did you receive money back and did the bank helped you to recover?

    9. Can you drop out after the 1st payment? Cause I think I also fell into the trap. Haven’t lost anything yet..

      1. Keep completing the task and don’t invest any money. You’ll be benefited from that min 300-500 per day amt can be earned. Atleast I am getting paid without any problem SO FAR…

      2. Same here. 1st pre paid Task i did few tasks for the day i did. Then i blocked them from gpay and telegram.. only one thing I’m facing how to delete my account number and IFSC code from that scam crypto website. I m so sure they created

    10. I have never seen so dumb people who get to know the real story so late…. How could you not know that there is no concept of free moneyyy…. WTfook

    11. Some girl asked me whether I’m interested in part time job. I said yes and she introduced me to this youtube subscribe task for which I’ll be getting 50Rs per subscribe. I have been doing this since 2 days and earned 800 so far. They’ve never asked me or forced me to purchase any plan. They are just playing with your greediness and how far would you go..

      1. Same here. I only did 1st pre paid Task i did few tasks for the day i did. After i recieved the cash back.Then i blocked them from gpay and telegram.. only one thing I’m facing how to delete my account number and IFSC code from that scam crypto website. I m so sure they created

      2. Kindly send me the receptionist telegram link and password so that I can also earn

    12. SAP 2023 EASY JOB Telegram I also faced this on 5 th may i lost 23,900 I have reported crime Branch online iam not any received any reply or refund. Cyber crime branch need to ban those companies and punish them. Hope we will get reply please kindly help common people HARD EARN MONEY to save from this FRAUD CHEATING COMPANIES please kindly help cyber crime team.

      1. common people should think of that the money they earn by hard work is not the leaf of tree, how they are expecting from others that their money is free to serve you.

      2. today i went to bank for submitting FIR, i have transfer to ICICI bank accounts their account numbers are Kalol 200605500422 this account have 10lakhs, and 038105009812 Ashish devhare, punkekatraj 187705003636 and fast services 3184002101302867 is having 20Lakhs I, told to bank people to block this account and money too, those money is public money, most to them are lost their amount due to this part time job fraud people…

    13. Yes,i was also lost money nearly 40k + 1.28L from 2 scam groups in telegram in April month 2023.One is online store grap and another one is prepaid task.. i was upsetted and worried lot.Bce, i am already in lot of financial difficulties.Andha pannadai paradesi naigalai summa vidatheergal. From, Tirupur

  2. I have lost 465000 in this scam on 20th of Feb and i have reported the incident on cyber crime and also lodge the complaint against the required party with all the details and bank transaction to the cyber crime branch, please do the same so that it blocks the fraud bank

    1. What was the response from Cyber Crime cell / bank ; is there any progress ??, Today I Lost 4.5Lacs and tomorrow they will ask me for more

      1. I too lost the money 9k+50k+90k around 1.49lacs, wht shall I do recover my money back.

    2. Hi, do you received any response, or getting help from a bank or cyber crime for the refund of the payment? Or the amount we lost is lost forever.

    3. I just got it yesterday they texted me first in WhatsApp and asked me to get connected to a receptionist.

      1. How did you got the money when others are losing in the scam? In that case it is not scam or genuine ?

  3. You all got baited because of your greed. You will not get it back. Work hard and earn it. And don’t be greedy from now on.

      1. Hi I have also lost 4L let me know what you did to recover it. Is there any response?

      2. yes to do it
        1] write application for sr.police officer and attach ur online transaction screen short and credit bank details.
        2] submit the whatsapp a number and telegram number they drop msg for payment.
        3] submit Ur bank statement.
        4] plz collect Ur fir number becoz u have any time to ask for police about Ur case.

  4. I also called cyber cell and filed a case online too. Let’s see what report do I get now from them.

  5. I have deposited 62000 rupees already on the website and the same telegram group. Teacher and receptionist are saying I need to deposit 80000 more then only they will release the money for withdrawal. I am scared that I will lose 80000 more so I have not replied to them since yesterday. I’m not sure how to recover what I already lost. I was greedy and foolish when I received money from them I thought I can make money liking YouTube videos but I am aware now that I got scammed

    1. Dear Ashwin, same happened to me also. I am sorry to say that you are scammed. If you pay more you will lose that too. Inform the bank immediately that the recipient of the transaction has scammed you. They will help. My case is also under investigation from bank as well as cyber crime cell.

      1. What can the bank do? Its not like these people hacked all these victim’s bank account.

      2. Hi Shailesh..I got scammed too of 9 lacs..reported cyber crime and bank..what next
        Also,do u got any solutions

    2. Thay r like that 1st thay get trust pay little bit then get money and then said add more so can get all togather dont deposit more

  6. Hi everyone,
    After reading everyone comments, I think i have lost the least amount as compared to you all. All thanks for sto you people who have lodge the complaint in consumer forum which helped me to get safe from getting trapped from such scammed. I have lost 1700 in total after deducting what I have earned from them. In last transaction i have paid them 5000 INR and when they asked for 20000 as am amount to complete the task then I realised that something is wrong and then search with keyword on Google and found you guys in consumer complaint. I have not yet paid them and never will I pay. Also no informed them that I know that they are doing fraud. I have planned to visit police station to register the complaint against them. But I need guidance about doing so.

    1. Same situation, lost 44k till now asking 85k to to remaining amount. When things are going bad asking huge money i feel suspecious and search deeply im Google then found this consumer complaint. Now don’t know how to recover. Please suggest me any possible way.

  7. Hi All, is raising complaint with Bank or cyber crime website will really help us I also lost around 2L and complained with Bank..after all the investigation from bank I got responds that, beneficiary bank is not responding hence we are closing the request..I think cyber crime aslo will not help on it

  8. Hello @ All, These scamsters are rampant now. Here is one such number reached out to me for similar scam – 75800 78805. Indian Govt should ban these kind of activity or at least spread this information to general public.
    People believe me @ there are no shortcuts to earn money. Only politicians do.
    Anyways, thanks for opening this channel of information.
    This helps.

  9. Are you guys fools? Have you ever interacted with the person behind those WhatsApp messages to figure out who they are and which organisation they come from? Even tried visiting their office to check if it really exists? Was there a formal appointment letter or legal agreement signed before starting your work? And who transfers thousands and lakhs of own money expecting a stranger to pay back?

    It’s your own foolishness and greed which has led to this. What will cyber crime do for such foolishness of yours? Always remember, there are no free lunches in this world. If anybody claims that they are here to make you rich or offer you an easy paying job, then they are just fooling you to extract your money.

  10. I will call myself smart to not fall prey and infact dragged that naturally scam wapp messenger into believing that i will do what she says (the photo is of a girl at least.
    I started off with lot of questions including asking their email ids (for the company they belong to) ranging upto asking for receptionist so called to contact me on wapp and not via telegram.
    I knew the moment i got message that its a scam and did enough such research to avoid getting fooled.
    It starts with persuading communication into subscribing channels on Youtube and then slowly moving to request to join a telegram, sharing joining code and its a perishable greed that leads to we paying them rather they paying.
    There is no easy money but there are enough people who are behind easy money hence very fragile and easy targets!!
    I am feeling sad about 100s of people who actually claim to have such a whopping money! Oh god! Though its not 100% blame on scammers because they are getting paid to scam us. Beaware guys- Internet is screwing mankind already enough to start taking breaks from it! Practically and logically – there are no free meals!!!

  11. Hello friends, I gained Rs: 150/- by not depositing any funds.

    I too received such work from home jobs and thought just try one. I knew it will be fraud but then i wanted to check what is it. I just completed the task of the 1st day and got small bait (token) amount of Rs:150 from a girl named Anushka kapoor on telegram. She said that’s all for today we will continue it tomorrow. I agreed. The next day she said subscribe to some 5 YouTube channels and then the next 6th task is to buy from their merchant website and I will get back the amount with the commission (here i got this idea that this is fake work). Like i will get 300 + for the purchase of 1000. But I said that I don’t have funds in my account, I requested her you do one thing you send me a deposit and i will buy from that amount and you just send me my commission of Rs 300 only. She said it is not allowed and i have to arrange the funds and must complete the task to receive the payments. Then i said i can’t deposit funds now, you give me daily subscriptions jobs and i will save that money and with that money i will buy from the merchant website. This also she rejected. So after this there is no contact from her. In the end i gained 150 from them, means i made some profit.
    So from my opinion you better not to deposit or transfer any funds to such apps or websites.
    Be safe and healthy.

    1. I earned 450 because there was an option to bypass one paid activity, which I did. With that money, I ordered chicken popcorn and savored it before leaving the group.

    2. Hmmm,I have gained 890 rupees till now,and yet to receive 400 rupees but I think they removed me from the group as I haven’t made any investment…

  12. I am surprised to see people are transferring Lacs of money in strangers account without any agreement. In real world for a 10000 per month job, person has to go through lot of documentations and background verification.
    How can a account holder of 10 Lac or 15 Lac, can be so fool? Do you guys think someone will pay you Rs. 50 for a click/ subscription?
    They will make you think you are getting paid, instead you are giving your hard earned money. Why is there prepaid task, why they keep giving you task every 20 -25 mins, why cant all tasks together?
    Use your brain and to be frank, police cannot do anything. All money is immediately going to other countries bank accounts.
    Greed is killing us!! Every generation has seen cheats only the type of fraud is different!!

    1. Hey Ranjith, don’t get into such stupid thoughts , treat this as a lesson and just work hard and earn money .don’t fall into such scams again. be strong . Even my friend lost 7 lacs today ..u are not the only one victim. Try to post this incident in social media and make people aware of such scams .

      1. Him1st pre paid Task i did few tasks for the day i did. Then i blocked them from gpay and telegram.. only one thing I’m facing how to delete my account number and IFSC code from that scam crypto website. I m so sure they created
        I am just have a doubt please clear that is my account number and IFSC code is on that cryptocc website.. is there a threat will they hack my account.
        I haven’t sent my card no or any CVV
        Only IFSC code and account number is there please do reply

    2. Thay r like that 1st thay get trust pay little bit then get money and then said add more so can get all togather dont deposit more

    3. Hi I also lost 150K.
      You can earn money again. Don’t think otherwise.
      We have learnt lesson for life. You can complaint to Cybercrime online or by visiting nearest cyber crime station.

  13. I fall prey to this scam also yesterday. I lost around 139k. It was my mistake.
    I am sharing the names of the people with whom I interacted on Telegram (@hanuchou and @soniya1012). Please beware.
    Kindly let me know the next action steps please.

  14. Hi All
    I also fall in such scam on 18th March and I lost 67k. I have also lodged complaint in cyber crime branch and informed to Bank as well for reversal of my hard earned money.
    Now I don’t know whether I will get my money back or not. But they are demanding much money to refund this amount with 30% more compensation. But I refused to pay and complaint this incidents to cybercrime and Bank.

  15. Hi Guys,

    I also lost 150 K today any one got your money back please confirm the procedure to get the money back.

    1. Dial 1930 for cyber crime report
      Share all the details about fraud
      Share them from and to bank accounts
      They will freeze the destination banks for 3 days .
      File an FIR in local police station
      U may get full or partial or no money back .it’s depends on the funds available in fraudster accounts while it gets froze

      1. Bro, how can I get money black? I also lodge fir on police station as well as cyber crime.also reported in bank.

  16. I lost around 6.5 lakhs because of this stupidity.. please help. these scammers are taking our money on telegram!

  17. OMG!! I wish I had read this thread before I lost 87k!!
    Date – 21st March 2023, got scammed!!
    “Get Rick quick” scheme is like quick sand!!
    Sharing contacts below in case someone reads it and saves themselves in future.

    WhatsApp contact +94 71 336 1056
    [Lakshmi from Global chart company]

    Telegram contacts
    Name – Dhruv Receptionist
    Handle – @Dhruv16888

    Name – Anand Mentor
    Handle – @Nath246780

    so they add 4 people in a group and ask everyone to do the same investment
    This is done to create a sense of urgency and keep you hooked that it’s all safe!
    In reality – all of these people on the group are their team and YOU will be fucked!!

    Some names of the telegram group where they started raising investment rounds
    SAI BHARGAV – claimed to be a student and suddenly arranged 150k
    NAAES FAISAL – claimed to be doing this since a month when the tutor (Anand Mentor) shared the terms and conditions!!
    (To reel us in, keep us hooked and validate it that it’s all safe and sound and real)
    SWEETY – didn’t care about investment requirements suddenly going up from 5k to 20k to 65k to 150k
    Her reaction – “God! It’s a bad day!”
    & Then transferred 150k within 10minutes like it’s a joke??
    They all do this to entice you and force you into caving in!!
    Psychologically well crafted!!
    Please please don’t fall for it !
    I feel so stupid for losing 87k like this!!

      1. I believe it’s always either *fear* or *greed* coupled with a “sense of urgency” which blinds your senses to act responsibly!!
        In any situation, if you just take a pause for 5mins and think it through what they are offering you, prevent yourself from being triggered, you will yourself realise it and get out!! It’s a psychological game really!! Need to be headstrong!!

    1. Yeah man… The teacher /mentor tell u to send payment screenshot to him directly. That itself was a red flag…

      1. There are so many red flags when looking at it in hindsight.
        The issue is – we get blinded by receiving payments and caught up in greed!!
        And it’s no turning back unless someone shakes & wakes us up!!!


    3. You being an agrawal how could you be fooled
      I pid 1st pre paid Task 2500 i got 3480 i did few tasks for the day i did. Then i blocked them from gpay and telegram.. only one thing I’m facing how to delete my account number and IFSC code from that scam crypto website. I m so sure they created. I just scare Mera account details and IFSC code hai on that cryptocc website

  18. Even i lost Rs. 93000 today because of these scammers. They asked me to pay another Rs. 125000 to release the amount. The teacher said he can extend my time for the mission if i can pay an upfront payment. I realised it’s a scam and then stopped everything but losing hard earned money of Rs. 93000 is really hurting and i am unable to sleep…

    1. Its day 4 and i am still kicking myself. I am sending messages to those frauds who pretended to be my group mates trying to get something out of them like where they are based and how much they have made thru task and all.

  19. Even I received Whatapp message saying online jobs and for that they asked me to subscribe two Youtube Channels and then asked me to download Telegram and again they asked me to subscribe other channel. Now they asked me to share the details like UPI ID, Age and few other, so right after if we submit they want to credit us 150 rupees. But i started unscribing the youtube channels and i uninstalled telegram too. Also they have given one passcode and asked me to share the same passcode to one contact of their suggested in telegram so that i will get the pay of 150 and so on.
    But I stopped sharing upi id and realised that they slowly hypnotizeand drag us to different conscious.

  20. we must kill this people by own , no ill help Us this people don’t deserve to live all public should get together and find and kill them on the spot no mercy for this crooks


  21. Felt into same trap and lost lacs of my money. They reached out to me via WhatsApp and then shared telegram group links where tutor and receptionist talks to you. I filed the FIR and lodge complaint to cyber Crime also. Has anyone received their money or knows the end judgement in this or what should I do next? Please help me.

    1. I have been searching for last one week for someone who git their money back. Noone has recd any money yet. It seems police are helpless in this matter. The amt. we trfd have all gone to numerous other accounts.

      1. I raised ciber crime request as well as FIR…cyber crime request is transfered to district commissioner. I raised complaint with bank as well and got some action on that…bank asked me to submit dispute form. Will I get my money back??
        Anyone knows anything related to this?

  22. I’ve lost 5.6 Lakhs because of my Stupidity. Lodged the complaint. Please anyone got their money back?

  23. Today they named the telegram group as SPDB India part time.
    I received message from 9957470734. Still this number is active.
    I don’t know this is scam or not so I’m not spend any amount on this. I got 150rs for DEMO tasks.

  24. I lost 26000 today..not participated in next rounds..I got doubt..
    But so many loosing their money…
    They are running with our indian native IDs, looting us.

    First need to ban telegram in India.
    Serious action need to be taken on telegram

  25. Even i filed a complaint with Cyber crime Police station, North Bangalore. They are saying that there is 60-70% chance of getting back the amount. Also, it is not sure whether we get it back within a month or two. It may even take up to 1 year. Let’s hope for the best.

  26. These are the two i transferred money its better i asked the bank to freeze their accounts, lets see this telegram task will be over or not

    1. Account holder: Rithesh

    account number: 055452000005838

    bank: yes bank

    Amount: Rs. 51,0000

    UPI: 055452000005838

    2. Account holder: Vimal Garments

    account number: 048063300003202

    Bank: yes bank

    Amount: Rs. 420000

    IMPS REF: 307413630051

  27. Thank god I’ve seen this complaint box I’m about to get scammed with the same method they asked me to do a simple task and then transferred the 220 amount, Dear cyber crime I have the number of these scammers they all are linked with the same group 9559273510,+66802251212 telegram username @infoedge0988 = receptionist -alma, the link is =

  28. Hi … I’ve been participating in such scams for sometimes but only to get profit & not to get scammed in any which ways. How…?? I only do the sample tasks of liking/subscribing the YT channels/Insta handle etc. Whatever they pay 100, 200, 500 is my net profit. The moment they add me to the Telegram group for so called 20-25 tasks/day including some 3-5 prepaid tasks – i discreetly enjoy the group chat activities for few mins & then delete/exit from that group once and for all. Had I gotten even a li’l greedier, i would have been crying over the spilt milk like most of the people here on this forum doing right now . Sometimes, i feel you guys haven’t earned those money with honesty and hard work because an honest money earner/breadwinner would never give away his/her hard-earned money to a stranger like this. I can only pray & hope that you guys get your money back but most importantly what I wish for you guys is ‘Wisdom’ in hindi….’Saddbuddhi’. Greed destroy family, life & what not. Pls never destroy yourself again. Just do ‘Tauba…Dilse’ to the Almighty, Start from the scratch again even if you need to & earn money again & Never ever fall prey to such scams of easy money. May God bless you & ease your problems in no time. HastalaVista for now.

  29. Hello guys, I received a message today only, I followed the process and in my case it was receptionist Nisha. Thank god I didn’t lose any money as I got contacted from a US number and could not believe anyone from US can send me 150Rs. Lolz!!! I also blocked and reported them on telegram and whatsapp as soon as they asked my bank account details. I wonder how people sent few lacs and thousands on such scams due to sheer greed. Guys please send some money on NGOs and orphanages. Good deeds will save you from these scams.

    1. They actually send the money to your bank account – till date I’ve earned a total of around 3k from different telegram groups. The actual game starts when people couldn’t resist their temptation to double up their money in no time & end up transferring a part of their fortune blindly to these unknown stranger’s account. Also pls be mindful that Bank account details like Account #, IFSC code ARE NOT sensitive information and can be shared if required. What we MUST NEVER share to anyone is : ATM/Debit Card or Credit Card Number, ATM Debit/Credit PIN, Net banking User ID & PIN etc.

  30. I lost 850 rs today.1000 I paid minus 150 the gave me initially.Tried calling cyber crime,they are saying the may have to block my account as well.

  31. I have lost 5000 for same scam on 5 th april. complaint registered in cybercrime portal.
    I traced mobile number of person whose account my money got transferred ,he is telling that he also having task like transferring money on that basis he is getting commission.This is the biggest fraud network .cyber crime dept should provide awareness on this and strict action on these fraudsters.

  32. Today i came into same scam and lost 134K by merchant task.
    Initial started with 1k and then 3k and 30k and 1lakh
    Finally asked to pay payment taks of 5lakh to release the payment. I denied and still they asking for completing the taks or you will loose money. They cleverly playing the game to get money from people.
    I have lodged complaint again the cybercrime. Did any one got money back by some home from cyber crime ?

  33. Same process done with me, But I am not fool, I earn approx 4000 from them, but Not invested any amount

    They scammed by me

  34. latest scam here..

    Mission: 12
    Prepaid Missions
    Group projects (2-4 orders). The merchant verifies that the deposit has been paid.
    Merchant notification. According to market demand, we are recruiting different IPs to assist in cryptocurrency speculation, and the number of places is limited.
    The merchant has paid the deposit and the deposit will be refunded immediately after ten minutes. Prepaid fees are required! Safety is guaranteed!
    Please consult the receptionist for details
    1,000₹ cash back 1,300₹ (Limited places )
    5,000₹ cash back 6,500₹ (group benefits)
    10,000₹ Cashback 13,000₹ (Group Benefit)
    15,000₹ Cashback 19,500₹ (Group Benefit)
    25,000₹ Cashback 32,500₹ (Group Benefit)
    35,000₹ Cashback 45,500₹ (Group Benefit)
    54,000₹ Cash Back 70,200₹ (Group Benefit)
    89,000₹ Cash Back 115,700₹ (Group Benefit)
    129,000₹ Cash Back 167,700₹ (Group Benefit)
    259,000₹ Cash Back 336,700₹ (Group Benefit)
    The next Mission is at 16:30

    they doing scam daily..

  35. Look for below conversation It is clearly fraud. Please report such accounts. I also lost 4L to other scam. So I just take as much information from new message I get. We can’t do anything. We lost money by our stupidity :

    11/04/23, 17:20 – Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Tap to learn more.
    11/04/23, 17:20 – .: hi
    11/04/23, 17:21 – +92 302 3778373: Hello,nice to meet you my name is rama
    11/04/23, 17:21 – +92 302 3778373: Our company name: CRESCENT TANNERS PRIVATE LIMITED.
    I am a recruiter for CRESCENT TANNERS PRIVATE LIMITED. Did you interview for this position after seeing our recruitment information and being interested in our work?
    11/04/23, 17:22 – .: You deleted this message
    11/04/23, 17:22 – .: You deleted this message
    11/04/23, 17:22 – +92 302 3778373: Our work is carried out through the mobile online shopping mall, mainly to review and evaluate online virtual orders, so as to increase the sales of the shopping mall, increase the click-through rate, and increase the popularity and attention.
    Position: Reviewer
    Scope of work: I will provide a link to the internal work platform for you to register a work account, and you need to be responsible for ordering the products assigned by the help platform system to increase attention, rating and credibility.
    Salary (daily salary): Rs800-Rs8000++ can be withdrawn immediately after completing the work (working time is about 25 minutes)
    Payment method: bank transfer
    11/04/23, 17:23 – .: what do I need to do?
    11/04/23, 17:27 – .: where is your company located at?
    11/04/23, 17:29 – .: R u there?
    11/04/23, 17:36 – +92 302 3778373:
    11/04/23, 17:37 – +92 302 3778373: This is our proof of work, if you are interested in this, you can try it first, I will guide you through the steps, (you can consider continuing or stopping during the process)
    11/04/23, 17:38 – .: ok.
    11/04/23, 17:38 – .: But why +92 number ?
    11/04/23, 17:38 – .: This is something regarding Safety Shoes
    11/04/23, 17:39 – +92 302 3778373: Store account link: Copy this URL to your browser to open the registration prompt. If the user name already exists and cannot be registered, you can add a few Arabic numerals to the original work account
    11/04/23, 17:39 – +92 302 3778373:
    11/04/23, 17:39 – +92 302 3778373: After completing the registration, send me your registered username and I will teach you how to earn commissions.
    If there is anything you don’t understand, please give me a screenshot and I will teach you step by step
    11/04/23, 17:41 – .: what about this?
    11/04/23, 17:42 – +92 302 3778373: registration success?
    11/04/23, 17:42 – .: Seems like fraud
    11/04/23, 17:42 – .: leave it
    11/04/23, 17:42 – +92 302 3778373: what happened?
    11/04/23, 17:43 – .: Not answering questions
    11/04/23, 17:43 – .: If it is UP company, why Pakistan number.
    11/04/23, 17:43 – +92 302 3778373: We work with the world’s largest operational message center to send job listings to those in need around the world on a daily basis.
    11/04/23, 17:44 – .: What a safety shoes company doing in Shopping centre 🤨
    11/04/23, 17:44 – +92 302 3778373: Sir, do you know Amazon?
    11/04/23, 17:45 – .: this is fishy.
    11/04/23, 17:45 – .: not interested
    11/04/23, 17:45 – +92 302 3778373: Don’t worry, many people work part-time on our side to make money. We and Amazon are contracted and authorized merchants.
    11/04/23, 17:46 – .: Reporting account
    11/04/23, 17:46 – +92 302 3778373: Did you register successfully?
    11/04/23, 17:47 – .: not going to do
    11/04/23, 17:49 – +92 302 3778373: Don’t you consult me just to make money? I share the opportunity to work with a daily salary of 3000-20000 rupees, but you are hesitant. The newly hired employees are already making money. Why don’t you try it?
    11/04/23, 17:49 – .: Because your documents are suspicious
    11/04/23, 17:50 – +92 302 3778373: Are you distrusting our work? Or if you have any doubts, I can answer them one by one.
    11/04/23, 18:08 – .: Why leather company works for online shopping mall
    11/04/23, 18:15 – +92 302 3778373: Sir, now is the Internet age, who won’t take a share in this big trend?
    11/04/23, 18:15 – +92 302 3778373: Traditional business will only make us obsolete
    11/04/23, 18:16 – .: show me certificate for online wfh job
    11/04/23, 18:16 – +92 302 3778373:
    11/04/23, 18:16 – +92 302 3778373:
    11/04/23, 18:17 – +92 302 3778373: Sir can you tell me your age?
    11/04/23, 18:17 – .: nothing is written for shopping mall
    11/04/23, 18:18 – .: why not use official website?
    11/04/23, 18:19 – +92 302 3778373: Simply put, we are an online store that helps some e-commerce startups increase the exposure of store products. As a result, more people can search for the product, and more people can see it. For example, when opening a new store, there is no business at the beginning, and a large number of people are needed to buy it, which increases the popularity of the store and allows more people to know the store. In this way, the business of this store will be better.
    11/04/23, 18:20 – +92 302 3778373: Sir, can you understand me?
    11/04/23, 18:21 – .: Let me check on internet for similar kind of jobs
    11/04/23, 18:25 – +92 302 3778373: Good sir, the work is very simple, a mobile phone can be done at home. We look forward to your joining

  36. Was anyone able to recover the money. Does reporting to cyber crime help. I have been scammed of my life earning today.

    My 95,000 is blocked They did the same. PLease if anyone can help and guide on what to do next

  37. Guys I just lost 65k today due to these fraudsters…
    To my surprise on telegram they are having an entire group of their men only ….they lure you with their screenshots of other users earning money …believe me all of them are fake users …
    Never ever trust any user on telegram ….
    Telegram is the safest way for these guys since their number is never disclosed …anyone can create an id on insta with a dummy id
    My sincere request to all of you here is please suggest if someone has got their hard earned money back by any means after complaints??
    Do these cybercrime people help in any ways for catching these goons?????
    Please let’s make this forum better for the people like us who have been looted and are in a deep trouble …

  38. I have lost 4.5 lakhs on 12th March in this scam a month pass by but no action taken by police or the bank
    But did someone you can do such transaction if UPI only on paytm and other apps blocks you from doing transaction and *All the account belongs to yes bank mainly and paytm is the mediator*

  39. They are still out there, I just got saved myself from becoming their prey. After getting the initial refunds, I didn’t go for prepayment of higher amounts and they removed me from the group. For me, the receptionist’s id is and the mentor’s id is @Rahul_4331

  40. Feeling depressed after losing the lacs of hard earned money..Ciber crime and banks are not helping on this matter..Now I comes to know that will not get any single penny..Still accusing me that why I did that??feeling shameful and helpless?I don’t know,how to deal with this situation

    1. Dear Bro/Sis

      Life won’t ends here. Even I have lost 6.0 Lac. Can understand your feeling. Past can’t be undone but future can be crafted by our today’s action. Just restart past and start new a fresh beginning and start saving and start living your life originally

  41. [15/04, 10:38] +1 (406) 743-2930: Hello! Can I have to few minutes of your time? I want to share good news with you. are you free?
    [15/04, 10:49] +1 (406) 743-2930: A beautiful day I am from FCB INDIA Marketing Company. Do you want to do freelan ce work?
    I can pay 150 rupees for 3 subscribe on You Tube
    [15/04, 10:49] +1 (406) 743-2930: The job is very simple, you just need to follow the request I sent to your Youtube account and send me the screenshot so you can get paid.
    [15/04, 10:57] +1 (406) 743-2930: Are you busy now?
    [15/04, 11:10] Double 0 S3v3n: I can try
    [15/04, 11:10] +1 (406) 743-2930: Ok now let’s start the test, I will give you 3 task and you will get 150 rupees when done
    [15/04, 11:10] +1 (406) 743-2930: So do you have youtube and telegram on your phone?
    [15/04, 11:10] Double 0 S3v3n: Yes
    [15/04, 11:10] +1 (406) 743-2930: 1st Task
    YouTube search 【 】,

    2nd Task
    YouTube search 【 】,

    3rd Task
    YouTube search 【 】,
    Subscribe and take a screenshot, and send it to me.
    [15/04, 11:10] +1 (406) 743-2930: Subscribe to 3 YouTube channels and send 3 screenshots
    [15/04, 11:11] Double 0 S3v3n: Ok
    [15/04, 11:11] +1 (406) 743-2930: You will get your salary of 150 rupees after you finish your work
    [15/04, 11:11] +1 (406) 743-2930: Just subscribed and show me a screenshot
    [15/04, 11:11] +1 (406) 743-2930: Our receptionist is ready to pay your salary
    [15/04, 11:12] Double 0 S3v3n: whats next?
    [15/04, 11:13] +1 (406) 743-2930: Do you have telegram?
    [15/04, 11:13] Double 0 S3v3n: Yes I do
    [15/04, 11:13] +1 (406) 743-2930: Please go to telegram and send the code then you will get your salary
    [15/04, 11:13] +1 (406) 743-2930: open Telegram and add our receptionist account:
    [15/04, 11:14] Double 0 S3v3n: Ok
    [15/04, 11:14] Double 0 S3v3n: Whats my code?
    [15/04, 11:14] +1 (406) 743-2930: After successfully adding a friend, send her a text message, “Salary payment 150 rupees”.Code AL-15-20012and your phone number 918800752900
    [15/04, 11:14] +1 (406) 743-2930:

    Please send the code and phone number correctly and then show me screen shot
    [15/04, 11:15] +1 (406) 743-2930: After you message her, send me a screenshot
    [15/04, 11:15] Double 0 S3v3n: Ok
    [15/04, 11:26] +1 (406) 743-2930: Your comprehension skills are very good.
    [15/04, 11:26] +1 (406) 743-2930: Ok now you can settle your rs 150 salary with your receptionist
    [15/04, 11:27] Double 0 S3v3n: Thank you ☺️
    [15/04, 11:27] Double 0 S3v3n: Ok
    [15/04, 16:10] Double 0 S3v3n: Can you join one of my friends also?
    [15/04, 16:11] Double 0 S3v3n: ?
    [16/04, 09:52] +1 (406) 743-2930: Hello! Can I have to few minutes of your time? I want to share good news with you. are you free?
    [16/04, 10:36] Double 0 S3v3n: Yes I’m free
    [16/04, 10:36] Double 0 S3v3n: What is good news?
    [16/04, 10:37] Double 0 S3v3n: ?

  42. 📣📣 Tasks: 12

    Prepaid Tasks
    Merchant notification. According to market demand, we are now recruiting different IPs to assist in currency speculation, and the number of places is limited. The merchant has paid the deposit, which will be refunded immediately after ten minutes. Advance payment required! Safe and reliable!

    Please ask the receptionist for details

    Rs 1,000 cashback Rs 1,300 (Newcomer benefit)💯
    Rs 3,000 cashback Rs 3,900 (Newcomer benefit)💯
    Rs 5,000 cashback Rs 6,500 (Group benefit)💯
    Rs 7,000 cashback Rs 9,100 (Group benefit)💯
    Rs 12,000 cashback Rs 15,600 (Group benefit)💯
    Rs 25,000 cashback Rs 32,500 (Group benefit)💯
    Rs 33,000 cashback Rs 42,900 (Group benefits)💯
    Rs 54,000 cashback Rs 70,200 (Group benefits)💯

    Employees who are interested in participating, please report the amount in the group first, and then contact the front desk, thank you.📛

    The next task is at 15:15⏳

  43. Aasia:






    Task Management:
    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.

    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.

    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.

    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.

    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.

    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.


    Task Management:
    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.



    Task Management:
    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.

    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.




    Task Management:
    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.

    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.

    please contact to your receptionist she will assist you.

  44. I have some Telegram connect details of them:

    Whats app No: +1(740)-755-1128

    In their merchant task, they are asking to register some Chinese companies’ websites where they are collecting people’s personal information.

    Please take some action.

    1. Guys just read all of your comments!!! How can you be so callous and greedy!!!! Can’t you feel this could be a potential scam!!!! I’m now inside of such a group, possibly they will kick me out by tomorrow. Yes I was into another and they kicked me out today as I openly stated my intention for not paying them before I earn 2000/-. But the first one already paid me 650/-, the second one already paid me 450/-. Maybe will add some more from the second group by tomorrow before they finally kick me out.
      Interestingly, the payment is made by the same person from both these groups, which are seemingly not related. Fun part is, I’m using the same bank account and same details, yet they didn’t bother! What does this mean? They are minting your greediness and foolishness at that extent that they can’t even identify who are they dealing with.
      If you ever get your money back, please do post, so that some people would get relief and have some hope.
      Another irony is, most of you probably paid through upi (under 1L) to the bank account whose owners are other victims, they are not the ones who scammed you. Rather they are also scammed, in trouble and victimized by those scammers.
      Good news is, government is probably on it, but its really complex and complicated by nature.
      Keep posted if you get resolution.
      P.S. I just come to know someone I know in-person has lost his 2.8L.

  45. Hi All,

    I have lost 6Lakhs all my saving by falling under this trap, they are asking me to pay 200K to release my funds.

    Below are the details of telegram:-
    Receptionist:- @dp10102
    Teacher:- @Howard0027
    Asked me to create account :-

    Company where receptionist working and below is the response.

    @me:-Can you tell me the company detials
    from which company this trading is going on ?
    need details of it?
    @@dp10102 :- Do you want business information or our company information?
    @me:-both information emily?

    @dp10102 :-Merchant information is confidential
    Company name: Mullen
    Company website:
    New York Address: 387 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10016
    Mumbai Address: Bhanu Mansion, Bhavani shankar Road, Senapati Bapat Pawar Marg, Lower Parel, Maharashtra 400013
    MullenLowe U.S.
    Tomorrow needs an agency that lives ahead of the curve. One hungry for what’s next. One that looks forward when everything goes sideways.

    All the story what i have went through this SCAM:—–

    Created group and asking all of us to select the amount. Everyone in the group selected the amount and paid and shared the screen shot as well.

    Initially they told payment got settled but the merchant denied to pay the amount due to credit score was less than 100. I got huge amount so need to maintain 100 credit score it seams. But mine was 99 currently.

    They gave me below task to get 100 credit score.
    Prepaid amount:- 368000
    Refund amount:- 325280
    The system has matched the last credit score task for you. After completing this task, the credit score reaches 100, and the merchant will pay you within 10 minutes

    I denied to paid the amount due to lack of funds with me.

    Next day he adjusted my amount to 200K. @Howard0027 asked me to pay 200k to make the credit score 100.

    @Howard0027: I explained your situation to the merchant
    @me: but now how can i pay the amount
    @Howard0027: The merchant agrees to keep the task for you until tomorrow
    But you need to pay part of the mission funds first
    @me: yes..but i don’t have amount
    @me: how can i pay that much amount now?
    @Howard0027: You can pay 68k first, so that the merchant will keep the task for you until tomorrow
    If you don’t pay 68k, the task can be reserved for you to complete tomorrow, but the credit score may continue to be reduced tomorrow

    Until unless I pay the amount I will not get my funds back.

    Parallel I checked with all the grp people one by one weather you got the amount back or not they replied yes.

    But next day @Laxmikant Bhakre guy from the group texted me that he will pay 100K and remaining 100k i need pay.

    I asked him is it genuine or not?

    @Laxmikant Bhakre :- replied :- Not sure , he have been working for half a month with them.
    @Laxmikant Bhakre :- Every time I complete a task I receive a commission

    Then i got to know that completely fall into trap and realized to share with you all not go and fall under this trap.

    Can you tell me , how can i get my money back from them? I spend all my savings and browed from friends as well. I need to pay to all now…..

    They asked me to open account to check where my balance is available.

  46. Anyone out there help me by sharing your working code and your customer care telegram ID .I can help in getting refund for all of you.

    1. Please use below working code which was shared by Amy over WhatsApp.

      I am the HR Manager of Optimum Media Direction, my name is Amy. Are you still looking for a new job?

      +1 (509) 903-3733: ok, let me introduce our company to you
      +1 (509) 903-3733: Our company mainly does online work for Google Map merchants. Our job is to help merchants improve their search rankings and visibility
      +1 (509) 903-3733: Your role is to click on the rating on Google Map to increase the reputation of the business. You will be paid immediately upon completion as an additional income of Rs 5000-8000 per day.
      Dora: oh..ok
      +1 (509) 903-3733: Since you are a newbie, I can send you a simple test to verify first, I will give you the name of a business partner with our company, you can search on google map and send me the screenshot.You can receive a salary of RS 150 upon completion

      +1 (509) 903-3733: Yes, you are very efficient. Congratulations, you have completed the new person test.Please contact the company front desk to get your salary
      +1 (509) 903-3733: You only need to use telegram to search for the front desk@dp10102
      Send:my code is WZG18612 , please settle 150rs and provide more tasks

      Working code is WZG18612
      Customer care Telegram ID :- @dp10102

  47. I Fell into the same trap and lost my hard-earned money,

    This time it was the Timesjob commission party,

    Firstly they will lure you by giving away stupid tasks which don’t carry any meaning and your account gets credited with 150 rupees, then they play games by asking you to play pre-pay tasks, slowly increasing the stakes and you never get the money back.

    Trust me I also had suicidal thoughts, as the amount involved was huge but later on I realised there is no freeway, and no one gives you money for free. You have to sweat out to earn even a single penny, I have learnt the hard way and gave up my social networking interactions.

    All the members who played alongside were also created using some fake IDs as the grammar, and the annotations used were common. The last seen time was also the same.

    I ignored all these facts and fell into the trap, stay away from these rascals or goons.

    No short cuts, work hard stay happy and healthy

  48. I had placed an order for Kurtis and dress material of worth 1570/- rupees on 03-04-2023 and additional 30/- for express delivery in 2 days.
    Payment was also made along with order booking.
    Till today neither I had received the material nor any advice

    Their contact number is not available. the mail addressed to them by me also bounced back
    What should I do?

  49. I wonder how you all can just spend lakhs and lakhs on something that you should be earning from? Can’t you see no real business works like this? No real organization takes money to let people rate movies, tourist places, purchase virtual goods, or to boost some vague cryptos. Your greed and stupidity is what is allowing this scam to happen. The brain should get a signal after a certain cash outflow that something is not right. But you all don’t mind giving 5 lakhs, 10 lakhs, 20 lakhs, and even 50 lakhs to people you don’t even know. Unlike two years back, there are so many awareness videos and new pieces available. The scam lives because of you. Shame on the scammers and shame on you.

  50. I lost around 1.5 lacks on 20 th april by the scammers,the fraud url is,beware of those scammers for godshake.

  51. I just got my Bank Account Blocked, it looks someone complained. Although, I have done one paid task of newcomer and they made me pay increased amount but it looks someone who paid me has raised a complaint, what should I do?
    Is it crime to receive money from unknown person?
    What should I do?

    1. You can’t do anything. But you can prove it to the bank and explain them how you “earned” the money! No, you haven’t done any crime. You’re a victim here. These scammers are too smart and both bank account owners and those who wanted to earn are in trouble and getting victimized.

  52. Hi, I have lost 4.34L with this scam
    Every task they are asking put more money for settlement
    Group they are posting – Linkedhin Idea 2023 group and receptionist @Saanvi_AA. and Teacher @kush214,
    The lady who proposed wahtsapp No : +639604689824
    Are there any one got the solution, how to get back money?

  53. hi even i lost my money upto 20k , they are cheating people and making money from us using telegram , cant find the id also once we raised questions , they do block us ,,what to do can any one suggest

  54. Hi.. Muniraja aaj hi mere saath bhi hu hai fraud.. Koi foundit krke usmai h yeh sab hua hai.. I also dont know wat to do.. But anything u find just say it.nd i will find i will say u.

  55. I too lost Rs 30 K in this scam last month 16 th. Immediately reported it to Cyber crime through online portal and filled a dispute form in HDFC Bank. Today HDFC deposited provisional amount of Rs 30 k and it will be on hold till Investigation it seems. Hope it be deposited. Finger crossed.
    I still remember knowingly I got trapped. It’s a pure mind game they play. They tempted and didn’t allow to think twice.
    Is any one received provisional amount from thr bank after raising dispute on transaction and formal cyber crime complaint.

      1. Cyber crime reporting :

        HDFC Dispute form

        I have visited above mention websites and submitted within 48 hrs of transaction initiation.

    1. can you please tell If I delayed… will they return amount or not? also in dispute what did you tick? unauthorised transaction or what?

  56. Same thing happened with me on march 9 to 12 .
    I lost 2 lkh rs. Now i don’t know what to do . Where should i complain so that i can get back my money.
    Please help me out of this. I also borrowed money from someone to get back my money .

    Please help me

  57. Similar thing happened with me. But I didn’t loose a single penny, infact I’m in profit with Rs 6200/- by making them feel that I trust them. Received message from unknown number on WhatsApp and then liking YouTube videos to connecting with receptionist on telegram then making payment to their UPI and connecting with tutor on telegram and registering on fake crypto websites. For those who lost their hard earned money my sympathy is with you atleast this is i can do and please make sure not to deposit huge amount of money to anyone you don’t know. Take some times think then only make such big transaction and remember one thing there’s no shortcut to success.

  58. I think we can track them since there internal team use to post screenshot of the payment so that humko lage ki ye actually exist karta hai aur fake nahi hai. We have their account number name and other bank details we can track them but the thing is that we need Crime Branch/Police station help

  59. I have been a victim of 2 telegram scams. One by the fake company called called Frosch and one by the Youtube likes as reported by the first user on this list. Help me get my money back or at least to report the fraud

  60. I lost 80k on 27th April , then i complaint to cyber crime , last payment of 5k hold by cyber police
    Receptionist I’d @Alka6577
    Teacher id @Ajatashatru188
    Mobile no +91 99340 79877

    1. Hi Dear, I am also scammed by this website. They use to change it regularly. Want to ask you one question Are you still in contact with them . Pls contact me asap

    1. Have filed an FIR with local police and also with cybercrime immediately the day i transferred. Police say they have blocked the accounts in which i transferred the funds. lets see how things shape up.
      Share if anyone has received his money back yet.

      1. I have also reported to online cybercrime department. Should I file a FIR by physically visiting police station. Also for reporting it to bank would they require FIR receipt or online cybercrime receipt will be fine. I was scammed yesterday.

      2. Post filing complaint with cyber crime, u need to personally visit local cyber crime cell else they won’t process your complaint immediately as I observed in my case.

        Also go to local police for FIR. For me, local cops acted swiftly in blocking the accounts in which I transferred. Act quickly

  61. You people deserve to get cheated because you were greedy. You have no sense to verify the identity of the stranger with whom you are agreeing to deposit huge amt. always verify by video call before you proceed for any transaction. I bet scamsters will never agree for video call verification. You never deposit for any orphanage or NGOs but depositing for easy returns. You are the ones who want everything easy in your lives and think of the online world as the real world. Hope this scam changes your atitude towards you life. Success and money are always hard earned unless & until your ancestors have left huge corpus. Running here and there for cyber help will not work because these scamsters are hidden behind the telegram wall and govt of india is least concerned to intercept it since it is waste of time for them. God give these people brains

    1. I lost all my savings. not being greedy. Simply did the tasks they asked me to and I earned money at first. then I tried again and got trapped.
      I always had side hustle but then I got sick, I couldn’t hustle no more. I needed to make money to make sure me and my kids have a decent life.

      If anybody have any suggestions to get money back from scammers, please let me know how.

      Thank you

  62. Yesterday, I earned 750 rupees and today they ask me to deposit 3000 or 5000. I refused to pay. How someone can transfer such big amount in lac to strangers. Always be alert, when somebody ask for money online. It is applicable is not only in online but also in offline. Money is not easy to earn and if it is easily available then alert immediately.

    1. even police acted blocked where i transfer money to fraud account and recovered 25000 not sure when will give that money to me, but they are not giving FIR copy

  63. Its sad that the tech gang involved in this makes one person pay to another. when one files a case, the other person gets booked not the main gang so called company. its better not to work /play work from home job/ games.

      1. today i went to bank and blocked 2 account which are with ICICI bank transaction which i did 1. Ashish devhare 038105009812 and 2. 200605500422 kalol i told to block this account their accounts is having huge amounts… and those are public amount i told to bank people .

    1. Krishna, bank can return ur money, if it is stolen from your account or your bank account got hacked.
      If u transferred the money willingly by entering otp then they can’t return it. But u can complaint them and hold their money so they can’t spend it unless not transferred to other account.

  64. I was playing with them since yesterday and earned 10K as bait so far. will end it now as it will be my turn to get hooked and pay now.

  65. Has any one received their money back??? What are the cops saying

    At my end, cops say account in which I transferred are frozen and the accounts have funds in it. Not sure if I can I’ll get anything though

  66. I also fell victim to a part-time job scam involving video liking, orchestrated by a group called Omnicom Task Advertising Group on Telegram (previously known as Zebpay). Unfortunately, there are numerous other groups engaged in similar fraudulent activities.

    By the time I realized I had been deceived, it was already too late, and I had lost a significant amount of money. Nevertheless, I promptly reported the incident to the Cyber Crime Portal that same night and visited the police station the following morning.

    Here are some key points regarding my experience with the police:

    1. The police merely filed a petition and did not proceed to file a First Information Report (FIR).

    2. I doubt the police will take any substantial action in handling this matter. Instead, they primarily placed the blame on me for making the payment (which, I must admit, was my mistake).

    3. After making several visits to the station, they advised me to refrain from coming repeatedly. They mentioned that if there were any updates, they would contact me. Essentially, they implied that it would be better for me to forget about it.

    The police do contact the banks and request freezing of the scammers’ accounts. If there is a sufficient amount of money available, a refund might be possible. However, the scammers swiftly empty the accounts as soon as the money is deposited, subsequently abandoning those accounts and creating new ones.

    The failure to apprehend these criminals indirectly supports their activities. They remain safe and become even more resilient, as they continue to evade capture. It is crucial to recognize that these scammers are a tech-savvy gang engaging in global criminal operations, rather than simply being inept thieves.

    I have lodged complaints with Telegram regarding these scammers. Additionally, I hold Telegram partly responsible for enabling these fraudulent activities by maintaining open channels. Similar crimes can be observed on WhatsApp as well, where the primary identifier is the username.

    In summary, here are the key takeaways from my experience:

    1. Merely lamenting the situation will not lead to the recovery of lost funds. It is highly unlikely that anyone will receive a refund (unless someone has been successful in doing so, please share your experience here).

    2. Exercise caution in the future. Criminals continuously devise new methods to deceive people.

    3. Instead of fixating on the money that has been lost, redirect your focus towards earning money through legitimate means.

    4. Share your experience with others to raise awareness and prevent them from falling victim to similar scams.

    5. Seek advice from others before investing your hard-earned money.

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