Particle store (ashwin ram kannan) 77361 94875

Name of Complainant Junu
Date of ComplaintSeptember 19, 2021
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Category of complaint Mobile Phone
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Text of Complaint by Junu:

I have ordered a product through WhatsApp and Instagram store named particlestore (now its global particle store) owned by Ashwin ram kannan no 7736194875.
I paid its amount on june. Now it’s about 60 days no proper replay for delivery time. And not ready for refund.

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10 thoughts on “Particle store (ashwin ram kannan) 77361 94875

  1. He cheated me too, i loss my money now he is not responding for my chats

    He was saying item will deliver in 2 week now its 2 months and above,,,
    What shoud i do guyz
    Anybody pls help me

  2. Please dont buy anithing frm him he is a fraud,
    He never gonna delivery your product or never refund your money,
    So please stay away from him,,, he never gonna place ur order,

  3. I’ve also had the same experience with him . I’ve paid the whole amount and he did not delivered as he promised nor Refunded. Now it’s been 112 days .
    Iam moving towrds legaly .

    1. pls enlighten about the complaints on me. funny thing is why authorities contacted me on legal complaints. because no complaints are there. very simple. thats what even i say, proceed with the complaint / then truth will come out. i dont have stupids trying to leverage me with such comments. i have seen this as a habit with lot of people who black mail me saying i will post so n so . blah blah blah. so i dont care what u post. dont try to be a hero on my expense !

  4. with all due respect, people who think that i cheated. keep it as i cheated you! who trusted me and waited patiently have got the products. proofs are in my insta and whats app status. these post are just made to make leverage to get their things done. i am firm beliver of karma, ievery one shall get what they deserve.

    i have posted explaintiong video on it. you can check all

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